Emergency Alert System USA under Attack

haha these standpoint for more information ah this is urgency action notification all broadcasts nation and cable systems shall transmit this emergency action notification message this nation has interrupted regular programming at the request of the White House to participate in the emergency learning system during this emergency most stations will remain on the air to provide news and information to the public in assigned areas this is a LCS will continue to serve the Texas area if you are in on this local area you should mail duty stations providing news and information for your local area you are listening to the emergency alert system serving the Texas area do not use the telephone the telephone lines should be kept open for emergency use the president has authorized me to make the following announcement as he is being transported to an undisclosed safe location at this time as may already know tensions between the United States North Korea and China aren't at the breaking point which we fear may lead to nuclear war let me stress another nuclear attack is not taking place on this side however as a precaution the president has ordered the evacuation of all cities with a population over 250,000 as well as all communities within a 100 mile radius of a strategic military installation once again these evacuations are only a precautionary measure let's face the facts America the situation is more desperate than ever we are doing everything in our power to stop this from escalating any further but even this period of tension does lead to more we'll come back fighting as one nation under God thank you you system all broadcast stations and cable systems may now resume you oh the president has ordered the evacuation of all major cities including Texas all residents are strongly encouraged to take the following actions as soon as possible remain calm prepare an emergency supply kit that includes the first aid kit flashlight operated radio spirit matarese and one blanket for each member of the family changes of clothes for each member of the family one gallon of water per person per day for 14 days and enough non-perishable food to feed their family for 14 days unplug all sensitive electrical equipment including televisions and computers some of gas water and electricity before leaving evacuate using only one vehicle per family if possible if there is space in your vehicle offer to take neighbors who do not have a vehicle leave that special only service animals are permitted into public shelters evacuate using a market evacuation routes only do not attempt to take shortcuts if you do not have access to a vehicle head to the nearest bus stop or train station all Metro have all canceled regular service to assist with this evaluation do not protect the pickup loved ones from hospitals or nursing homes these facilities have plans in place to reunite patients with their families if you have friends or relations who live more than 100 miles from the city with the population over 250,000 you should consider staying at their residence otherwise the National Guard is in the process of setting up shelters long mark evacuation routes follow all instructions from police and National Guard stay tuned to local media for further updates you ah [Applause] the North American Aerospace strike near Pearl Harbor play with 50 minutes heart attack attack mornings that's what I'm against the United States with benefits internships behind immediately violent no success to Miriam filming Stanley look as much space between the battery powered radio producer Thursday in the shelter you believe yourself implement declared safe with Excel believe yourself you may be exposing yourself to radioactive follow the byproduct of nuclear explosions along ex-plosion the wall of may result in sickness or death steak young local media for further you oh request of the United States government the North Korean missile and route the Pearl Harbor Hawaii has been successfully destroyed all resident of what you may know leave their cell to repeat the missile and route the Pearl Harbor has been destroyed all resident of what you may know leave their shelter stay tuned to local media for further updates you ah [Applause] [Applause] North American Aerospace the dirty routine heart attack morning match against the United States has been protected with the protective detective conveniently you knew we were thinking Shelton exist interview basement for three their windows Oh No space between us alone scientists battery-powered radio spam filter danger shelter pencils if declared safe within soup if you leave yourself to baby it's pretty often Thank You thickness snake ladies and gentlemen the President of the United States my fellow Americans as you know our attempted by that technique had failed there are currently 15 Chinese missiles headed for the United States and five others headed for Mexico I would like to apologize at myself and my advisors were unsuccessful in defusing the situation the only advice I could give the American public at these times to play crazy yourself Brayfield monstery for forgiving and [Applause] Uriel to the basement for three rooms mouthing than mine much space between you and the side you hello hello hello can anybody hear me hello okay dear Americans more than 200 million Americans died in the nuclear attack from China North Korea and Russia and on the earth are just only 1 million people left the war between NATO and China North Korea and Russia has given the earth a mass of danger our sciences are working on Iran cleaning North America from the radioactive the six-month was the deadliest month of the year but we hope after cleaning those radioactive a new world of the open happiness and through all people who died they will be forever remembered they only luckiest country on this world is Africa thank you for hearing me

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  1. Leave pets at home no i will not leave my beloving pet at home my pet will come with me

    if something happens like that

  2. John isn't the voice the EAS uses, it's tom.
    You aren't supposed to say "texas area". You need to say an area (such as a city) that's in texas.
    Also my left ear is enjoying that speech.

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