Embracers on Embrace and Our Pet Parents | Embrace Pet Insurance

I love working at Embrace because it’s the perfect combination of both of my passions which are people and pets. It’s not only co-workers, but my support network. It’s my friends. They’re good people. They all care about each other and care about their pets. We all love each other and we all love working with each other. That’s what I really love about Embrace is that Embrace loves you. Such a great group of people and they’re fun to be around and I know that comes from a commitment to the culture from leadership. I would describe Embrace as family. Passionate. Purple and passionate. Caring. Progressive. Loyal Life changing. Forthcoming. Exceptional. Team work. Generous. Fun. Compassionate. Awesome. Awesome. Cause I love coming to work every day. I don’t mean to go all cheesy on you, but it’s really a magical place to be. It’s the epitomy of what it’s name is. Embrace embraces those that it serves. Our customers are so special because they truly care about their pets. It’s really easy to bond with them because you feel the same way. They’re not just customers. They’re really an extension of the Embrace family. They’re passionate about their care for their animals, for their their furry family. It’s so nice to communicate with them and see their post on Facebook and see their pictures with their pets. It’s really fun talking to someone who is equally as obsessed with their dog or cat as you are. They’re our kind of people. We know how hard it can be when you have a sick pet. So when we’re able to help them in that situation, they’re so thankful. They’re so happy that they had someone to call and they did the right thing. I think it creates a really cool connection between the company and the customers that’s very unique.

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