ELSA’s Barbecue ! Elsa and Anna toddlers at BBQ ! Picnic

hamburgers and hotdogs so delicious Elsa now I'm gonna put it on the hamburger very good oh there's a beans like the juice I'm scared of bees now everybody has juice girls Elsa what are you doing here you like it guys thank you is she okay sure Ariella we have plenty all done LCI look over there Anya's coming Aaron's coming hi Anya are you excited for the barbecue of course I am yay come on let's go play hi Elsa hi hi on a high Kristoff it's nice to see you again you could just sit on some chairs over there oh ah ah this chairs are so comfy yes I agree hi Ariela hi hi girls I'm excited to play of course I want to eat a hotdog how about you um mine will have a hot dog me too I love Hey hi everybody I'm here where can I sit Elsa any chair you'd like over there oh I'm so exhausted I swam a lot today who I like resting now hi everybody oh what a beautiful day oh who are you girls over there hi hon hi what are your names my name is Elsa my name is Anya and my name is arianah oh that's a very nice name it's even cute now I better find a spot to sit this one's good yeah sure feel free to sit wherever you want well I'm hungry like a wolf is the BBQ ready Elsa yep I'm gonna warm up the barbecue right now okay so first we need some bread outside where did you help no this is hot it's dangerous you can't come here yep no there it is where do you want your hands burned no but just where Brian til well you're not as big as me just go run around in the grass play there's plenty of grass there okay let's go on go play Ariela okay back to cooking hey girls I have an idea maybe we can just make the circle and play with our toys okay I'll fly and tell the food is ready I'm starving yum yum yum all right guys so today for the menu we have hamburgers and hot dogs and now for some yummy hot dogs I know some of you love them now I'm gonna cook them now it's time to cut the cheesy cheese now I'm gonna put it on the hamburger now some lettuce come on Elsa we are hungry come on oh those tomatoes look nice and fresh Elsa yes indeed you are right and the first one is ready they're all done who wants to eat the first hamburger all right there it is who wants it it's nice and juicy though I wanted I wanted Elsa because I said I was really hungry and I'm still hungry I want it sure go get it I really love it even if it's too big I'm still gonna eat it because I'm very hungry so delicious Elsa very good hey Elsa do you have some juice I'm very thirsty sure Kristoff we have some apple juice I'll go get some okay here's some juice is that enough oh yes it's enough Elsa very good hey guys did you notice that else I was wearing a cook hat it's so nice you like it guys thank you I love it too guys there's a bee in there oh there's a bee in sight the juice it was to really like it I'm scared of bees once they stung me and it really hurt it's okay honey it's okay the bees gone see there's nothing in there it left phew that was close I hope no more disgusting bugs come in the juice oh come on honey it's not a tiger I'll just shoo them away come on okay come on just sit okay I'll sit okay you are Lord and now everybody have juice there okay I'm gonna see if they're ready but first let me put my protective glove so I don't get burned and now I'll keep on looking Hey LCI Ariela I'm starving do you wanna go see Elsa cook but mommy said that we're not allowed to go over there it's dangerous yes this is what she said no but we will be very careful girls okay let's go Wow look at them they look so delicious girls Elsa what are you doing here I thought I told you not to come close together or just watching what's the problem yes but you never know something might happen maybe you could touch it by mistake yeah but when is it gonna be ready Oh Elsie I told you not to come here what happened didn't listen to me come here LC yeah LC are you okay I'm sorry LC I was my idea I'm so sorry and so happy tell SIA is she okay or e okay I'll see ya you should have come here else I told you not to come here specifically why didn't you listen to her yeah that's right Oh LC yeah let me see what happened where did you get her Chelsea ah I got hurt on my elbow sadly I need to put cream can I see it okay don't touch mom no I'm not gonna touch I just want to see no I just see a bit of redness it's not a problem we're not gonna go to the doctor don't worry L see ya oh I'm glad you're alright and it wasn't anything that bad yeah I'm sorry L sia I know I had a bad idea will you forget me LC yeah it's okay Anja you are my cousin I will forgive you it was kind of my fault too because I wasn't careful and I touched the barbecue okay mommy bring the cream please just dance till L see I won't hurt at all this cream is especially for burns just a bit more let me spread it okay I'm done else yeah no you're all right sweetie it was just a little burn you are lucky it wasn't – a really big one just don't go to anything else like a stove or something hot don't go close to it okay sweetie yes I understand you are right – mommy I just wanted to see how you cooked okay it's good that you understood but I better go get the hot dogs and get them ready cuz or else they'll get burnt good they're not burnt I just need to get them flipped first there one is ready I just need to make a few more let me get some more is this one mine Elsa yes that one is yours okay can I have some ketchup please down stop sure area law we have plenty I'll go get some here's some ketchup mmm this hotdog is very delicious mmm are you agree with you wanna thank you guys I'm really glad you enjoy my food mommy can't eat over here at the small table yes you can of course girls let me just see if they have everything ketchup juice yes you have everything all right you could eat have a good meal yeah we I love barbecue do you yeah easy okay I'm very hungry

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