Elsa and Anna toddlers DRAW on Barbie's NEW Car! Does Barbie allow them? They draw cute things

oh this bird i Ju can girls whoa outside you notice very well a we love your new car not such a lovely day outside let's play at the playground okay else yeah I'm gonna go on the slide first you can watch over there okay be careful on the slide you don't want to go to a doctor yeah no no no I won't LC yeah LC I know it's my turn to go on the slide yes it is we had such a lovely day outside yeah I know oh I love it when it's nice outside yeah me too hey there's Anya going down the slide yeah let's watch hi mommy look I'm so high that was a great slide Anya yes it was can you slide on our bellies no you're gonna fall see there lots of rocks on the ground you could get hurt oh yeah you're right tomorrow you don't watch it ouch let's let's go down the slide together okay let's say you're gonna make a train girls yeah all the first it's inside since I'm bigger well I want to be for SWAT girls with your little fighters for this fine else you can go first I'm gonna go first that doesn't really matter who goes first okay Arnie on your turn okay that was so much fun yeah of course it was girls hey girls you brought this bucket to play in the sand was it but she didn't use it here you go oh yeah let's take it out but come on oh you need some more space we'll move here thanks mommy okay I'll do it first hey LC ah it's your turn to put some sand inside I like putting sand in the bucket let's do it together finish wait there LC aah we can dump these rocks on the slide that's a great idea but what if mommy sees us don't worry she won't come on let's get it for what else yeah throw it okay that was so cool hey Anya and I'm just gonna do it one more time yes II would love rocks inside mommy I hear something coming I think it's a car hi girls how do you like my new car oh we love it Barbie because I like pink so I like your car well I like it so yes I know we both oh and a few girls I came here to tell you something what it fits Oh Barbie we love your new car did you notice it matches with your skirt Barbie yeah else I you noticed very well and it also matches my heart on my shirt oh yes it does Barbie yeah your calm is so pretty Barbie yes it is glad you like a girl so can I tell you what I wanted to say oh yes yes my car is special you can color in doodle on it and then I can wash it off so how would you girls like to color and design my car don't worry we can wash it off really how would you like to do it yes Barbie can do I even their happy face yes anything you want this is special paint we could just wash it off can we do uh um um a snowflake – yes anything you don't need to ask me yes but she's really say back yes she actually did mommy so can we come around her car okay you can girls just respectable to her car okay yes we will we welcome all right have fun okay girls before you start drawing I'm just gonna tell you that these are the only markers you can use they came with the car and their special washable markers all right yes Barbie we will come on so Elsa where where should we start um I think we should start on this side okay girls workers I'm pink because it's cuz it's other color like my dress I want the blue one cuz cuz it's like my dress – I wanna draw a snowflake I'm still not sure about this else yeah please don't press too much no I'm not Barbie is it okay if we do it – yeah sure you're my friends go enjoy and I want to draw a flower hey I'm drawing a flower – Anya and I'm gonna draw tiny one I'm gonna verlo a room now now I'm going to use the black I'm gonna do it around my pink flower around the petals that's actually a really nice flower on ya but thanks money like these ones that I drew in purple whoa those are so pretty mommy Amish I can draw like well I'm older than you and I can draw better can you pass me the black now please okay here you gloves now what about you you're not drawing now I'm gonna finish the flower that Anya did and – there it looks very pretty now I'm gonna join girls look what I drew I drew a snowman a snowman that's hot kind of looks like Olaf money yeah except he doesn't have the big smile like Olaf yeah I'm just gonna join I draw something out flips – I'm gonna draw with the purple now and it's snowing beside this is one minute I drop I know rapes okay I'm gonna draw some grapes Barbie is it okay if I draw something on the – sure as I said I will wash it don't worry I'm gonna write your name okay so first comes a bee and a r-b-i and a Barbie and I gonna draw a little heart over here I am oh you silly Elsa it looks good you're gonna draw some alpha dogs I'm I'm gonna draw a happy face polka dots will look pretty on Barbies car and one here then they do what you want over there and get here smile they're nice pretty dots yes it looks like a ladybug I'm gonna cut batty more it looks so good hmm and I draw some dots around it I don't know why I just like doing kids stuff this is so much fun right Elsie Ananya yes it is hey Barbie soon your car will look like a pink ladybug haha love that idea with the polka dots good job Anna now it's my turn and I'm gonna draw where should I know oh yeah a heart there's a bit of space here okay I'm gonna draw a blue heart Elsie yeah well I'm gonna do ah I think aren't I'm gonna color it in I'm and I'm gonna draw a tiny heart beside it and one more over here there that doesn't really look like a heart but it's okay okay if you want I can outline it for you else eeeh oh thank you mommy not better yeah that's much water nice pink heart there now can you pass me the purple Anya okay here you go well thank you Barbie can you move over I want to do the other side sure actually I'll just move the car let me take me a second I'll watch you from the side girls I'm gonna curve it like new this time I drew a fish it's purple just gonna color and its tail a bit oh I know I'm gonna draw jellyfish beside it I know you don't like this Anya but I'm still gonna draw it here are all its tentacles here's it stop there they're a bouncy squishy jellyfish oh I'm gonna draw a big fat tentacle and I want to draw blueberries like that is the blue because blueberries looks more like a spider that could be a spider I'm gonna draw a big black spider and I will stun the blueberries this is gonna be its big fat body and this will be its head and I'm gonna draw some here big legs coming out you I don't like spiders but I don't know why I'm drawing it anyway there's a big ugly spider hmm what should I draw and I'm gonna draw a little web over here there look at this big fat spider girls oh it looks kind of scary mommy I'm scared of it this is not a real one and I also drew a spider web in this buck this poor little bug is gonna get stuck there soon oh that looks very sad all right Bob your turn I know I know I know I can drop a happy face yeah those are cool that's fine what else can I draw black and the smell and its nose I know yes I'm gonna draw wavy lines nobody thought of drawing wavy lines I'm the first one to think about it after can I use the black washer sweetie let me just finish a bit more lines here and here you go I know I can draw some shapes like circles triangles rectangles and the diamonds now triangle there it looks like a pizza it looks kind of like a rectangle I know it could be a rectangle now I'm going to draw a square that looks more like school there and I need to add some legs girls come over here what do you think of this bird I just finished wow it's so pretty mommy I can draw a bird like that yes I really do think it's very pretty face I girls ooh and some extra details some seeds for it teeth on the ground well yeah because the birds eat seeds yeah I think we're finished but yeah how pretty it looks whoa look at it so pretty and the bird is the best part yes I know I know I really know it looks so pretty yeah let's see the sides – I'm gonna mean and also is the last drawing Westford drinks mommy and I really like your shapes Elsie ah that you drew on the Carl thank you mommy and the spider looks really cool that are not drew yes my mommy drives very good well and my mommy yes I don't really know how to draw very well but I did my best what about the polka dots yeah I like the polka dots – it looks like a giant ladybug right girls yes for me you are right it does look like lady book oh and alcea and the wheels look like it's legs right yeah that's so funny so are we ready to go to the car wash now Barbie sure of course in fact let's go now follow me I know this way to see the kids washing Barbies car go to our Channel and watch the next part

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  2. barbie has a new pink car it looks shiney and clean they did draw some adorable things and barbie went to the car wash to get it clean

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