Ellen Welcomes Delightful Kid Dog Rescuer Roman McConn

If you help rescue over 1,300
dogs and look like this, chances are you’re
gonna end up on my show. He was just named ASPCA’s 2018
Kid of the Year, take a look. I would like to thank
the ASPCA for naming me the 2018 Kid of the Year. I care so much about
helping animals and shelters because I believe they deserve
more than a life in a kennel. It’s very important for me
to help these animals get out of shelters and
into loving homes where they will be loved,
treated how they deserve, and made a part of the family. From Augusta, Georgia, please
welcome 7-year-old Roman McConn. Hi! All right, well, I
love what you did, so congratulations for winning. How did you feel when you won? I felt very excited and
tons of other happy things. Yeah, lots of happiness inside. Uh-huh. So you’re seven years old. Yes, I am. When did you start
helping animals? I started helping
animals when I was four? Uh-huh, and what made you
want to start helping animals? So when we lived in
Texas and I would see that there were
dogs outside of PetSmart that were just in crates
with a tiny bed in them, and I wanted to get them– for them to get adopted. Right, OK, but a lot
of people think that, but they just kind of go home
and go on with their lives. But you decided you wanted
to do something about it. I did cause they don’t
need a life in a kennel, I mean, they should
be running free, but I don’t mean like
running free free. Yeah, yeah. I mean like, they just– In a yard– In their home. Yes, they should be
at somebody’s home. That’s so great
that you do that. So you help– you make videos to
show how cute the animals are– Uh-huh. –right, and talk about
why they deserve a home. Mm-hm. There’s all these
videos that you’ve made with all these dogs,
and so you go to the shelter and make the videos? Yes, we make the videos for the
dogs so they can get adopted. Right, and then do you only
do dogs or other animals? We do other animals, because
I actually I once made a video of a guinea pig. Oh, really? His name was Niblet. Niblet, and did
Niblet get adopted? He got a home as
fast as a dog would. Oh, that’s fantastic. [AUDIENCE CHEERING] I love that you’re doing
this, you know that, because I love animals
and I love that someone your age already is starting
to care about animals, because there’s a lot
of animals in shelters that need homes right now. Tons of animals right now. Yeah, a lot of them. So why do you love
helping animals so much? What is it about animals? Well, I love helping
animals because, well, they get a life in a kennel? What kind of life is that? It’s not a good one, no,
and they offer so much love, don’t they? They make you feel happy. Yes! They make you feel like your
house is complete with a dog, or your family is complete. Yeah, I know I
sometimes look at kids that don’t have
pets in their homes and I’m thinking
that’s not right, they should grow up with pets. Everybody should have a pet. I mean, it doesn’t have to be
a dog, but it could be a cat, it could be– it could be basically
anything, as long as it’s just not something
that came from a breeder. Yeah. [ELLEN LAUGHING] [AUDIENCE APPLAUDING] Yes, because we first should
empty out all the shelters– Yes, and then go
for something else. Yes. I mean, not to rat on
breeders but they’re just not really in need right– I under– yes, I understand. So what did your friends
say about this when they saw that you won this? So my friends say
that they really like it when I took it in for
show-and-tell in my class, and they all wanted to help. Yeah, oh, that’s good, so
you’re inspiring other kids to do that. Uh-huh. That’s great, and
you have a new goal. What’s your goal? So my goal is to get every
dog in the US adopted. Every dog in the US? Every dog. Well, that means we are
going to have to help him. Everybody has to go out
and rescue a dog today. I mean, everybody. Maybe one or two. Yeah, or two, if
all of you can– if you have room, get two, and
if you don’t, just get one. Well, I have a gift you can
bring to show-and-tell as well. You’re gonna get the first
ever Ellen Show Dog Rescuer Award of the Year. Cool! Yeah. [AUDIENCE CHEERING AND
APPLAUDING] That’s for you. That is so cool! Isn’t it good? All right. Thank you! You’re welcome. It’s heavy, I’ll put it here. And one more thing,
my friends at Cheerios think that you’re setting a
great example for other kids with your Acts of
Good, and I couldn’t agree more so we’re gonna
give you a check for $20,000. [AUDIENCE CHEERING AND
APPLAUDING] All right? [? OK! ?] Oh my god. All right, I want to hear
about your Acts of Good. Go to our website, tell
me what you’re doing, and we’ll be right back. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
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