Eliminates Fleas And Ticks And Your Home And Your Pets With These Effective Remedies

eliminates fleas and ticks and your home and your pets with these effective remedies pets at some point may come to have ticks and fleas their presence may be very annoying as the insects break off the animal as well as appear to other surfaces Texan fleas can also cause some diseases to people and thus it is very significant to take all the needed measures in order to eliminate them promptly particularly if there are children at your home if you want to know if your pet has ticks or fleas it is very significant to check them often very carefully in the areas behind the ears anus and around the neck these insects adhere to the animal without noticing and start reproducing incredibly fast these remedies have been proven to be very efficient the greatest part about them is that they will not cause any adverse effects on the animals and you will be able to get rid of them very quickly avoiding any damage these insects can cause alcohol and oil take a bowl and mix two parts of alcohol and at a boil when you return from a trip aboard check the pet in the spots indicated above and if you see insects then sunk a cloth than this mixture over your pet and slide until it comes off when extracted burn the tick with a match carefully apple cider vinegar put some ACV over a washcloth and apply it on the indicated spots with alcohol and oil citrus make a mixture of some water with citrus lemon orange or grapefruit and then pour the mixture into a spray bottle and base your pet with it fleas remedy garlic and yeast make an infusion of pennyroyal and add atomizer in it then add a hint of garlic or yeast spreading it over the pet alcohol and detergent make a mixture of 1/4 cup of alcohol and six drops of liquid detergent bathes your pet with this shampoo infusion of pennyroyal make a mixture infusion of pennyroyal and atomizer into it spread it over the pet to kill fleas spread a moisturizing cream on the wound if the pet has been bitten by these insects as the infection of the bites can complicate the pet's health I hope these tips can help you do you know any other effectives remedies which worked for you please share with us don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel

10 thoughts on “Eliminates Fleas And Ticks And Your Home And Your Pets With These Effective Remedies

  1. or you could buy a flea collar like a normal person for 10-15-20 i had a dog she had lots of fleas and got the flea collar and it worked

  2. this are not good animals lick and clean their self and the laundry detergent and soap are bad detergent burns you my friend made slime with it and her hands where red and burning for weeks

  3. This is bullshit if u use alcohol it makes the tick regurgitate its fluids back into the host making them sick

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