Elephant Attack: Circus Animal Lifts Car Off The Ground

COMM: Three elephants from a travelling circus have a cooling dip in the sea at this beach
in Denmark, and tourists are lapping up the spectacle. 00:29
COMM: Soon though things get out of hand. The circus employees decide it’s time for
the elephants to return to their enclosure, but they have other ideas. 01:00
COMM: Some order seems to have been restored until a worker appears to strike one of the
elephants, and it decides to fight back. 01:20
COMM: The elephant makes light work of this one and a half ton car. 01:37
COMM: Eventually the elephants were brought back under control, and even performed in
the circus the very same night.

100 thoughts on “Elephant Attack: Circus Animal Lifts Car Off The Ground

  1. The most unbelievable thing is that people (even with a pram!) keep staring the anxious animals instead of keeping the proper distance or leaving the place. They just get mesmerized by the sight of these abused creatures. This could be the reason why circuses are still so popular. People should be educated… 🙁

  2. I couldn't belive this happened in Denmark. Why wasn't the guy who hit the elephant arrested for cruelty and the circus management for abuse of animals? Elephants are for the wild not for circuses.

  3. Dude elephants can cause way more damage than any animal in the world n yet ppl act so calm around them .. it doesn’t make sense

  4. La revolte des éléphants. Normale. C’est une honte. Celã n’arrive pas assez souvent. S’ils pouvaient tout casser ! Pauvres bêtes prisonnieres. P

  5. What a power.
    And this was a medium sized elephant.
    No wonder when elephants get too water holes in the bush…everyone steps aside.


  7. Elephant attack often happens during festival parades in the Temples
    Please see https://youtu.be/wq7ct1O2vvA

  8. How stupid can people be…………. Wild animals don't belong in a circus.Ans standing there and watching the animals with your baby, then you must be really stupid !!

  9. The guy in the white shirt had it under control, that Muppet with the cane should have stayed out of it. Completely agree with that beautiful elephant

  10. Elephants can be cute but they can also be very dangerous and can run up to 25 mph for a couple of seconds or atleast a minute and weigh up to about 13,000 lbs!

  11. It's illegal to have elephants in circus shows in Norway from 2016… should be illegal everywhere..to the mom with the baby carriage 1 meter from acting out elephant .. how is it possible to be that dumb? and not move away from harm's way.. even elephant never attend to hurt baby .. that baby is like an ant to it.. and could hurt it even it not try to..bad mothering skills right there.

  12. There it is on video the ENTIRE world to see! Especialy the guy who hits the elephant! Is this guy going to be charged with anything? & If not, WHY not? As someone has already stated, there he is in broad daylight, what does this jerk do to animals when no one is around 2 see? & One more thing, what is it he hits the elephant with? To me it looks like some sort of steel tool? NOT a rolled up newspaper, in other words, that HAD 2 hurt the elephant, by his reaction, looks 4 sure like it hurt enough to anger the elephant!
    I could go on, & on, I hate seeing crap like this going on, & if the elephant had seriously injured someone, the ELEPHANT would be punished! NOT the idiot who hurt the animal, which caused the REACTION to begin with!

  13. This video has a lot of dumb humans, after seeing that mom trying to touch the elephants and that elder almost being stomped…
    I have lost some brain cells.

  14. Why did the man in the hat with reversed visor, wanted to hit the animal? Apparently thats some type of animal abuse.

  15. This is sickening. Hitting the elephant like that. Totally un-called for. It was going in…. He knew exactly which man to go after…..Too bad he didn't catch him. The worthless f***

  16. worker : strike's that​ elephant
    elephant​ : you​ don't​ know​ who's​ your​ messing with​ boi!

  17. This is why I'm glad our country has banned animals being used in a circus. One of the only things out government has actually done right

  18. Idiot woman swats at the few ton animal instead of moving the stroller to safety. I'd never let her near a baby again. Also–what genius thought keeping African elephants in a circus environment was a good idea? Asian elephants are bad enough, but African ellies are bigger and more temperamental.

  19. Why can't you just let them four elephants live why did they have to be in the circus why did they have to be hurt

  20. I don't feel sorry for the workers these animals should not be in a circus with people hitting them and making them upset. These animals just roam free unless they are in a sanctuary

  21. Stupid people there's a bunch of people standing around them and shouting and circling them too idiot women even have prams right next to then

  22. south african elephants..where im from..you dare hit them..then you should get whats coming..you with crowbar..sies jou etter.

  23. Elephants. The Hulks of the animal world. Huge, insanely strong, just want to be left THE HELL alone and do elephanty stuff, like roaming and eating plants and stuff. And when ya don't the message: SMASH

  24. “… and even performed in the circus the very same night”. Circus operators are just garbage people. Thank god that Denmark have since banned the use the elephants in circuses. It was about time!

  25. Jesus Christ for anyone doubting the strength of an elephant, watch this, to be able to throw that car around with such ease is terrifying, Bulls and Rhinos can do this too.

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