Electrical/Solar Hack, Pest Control & River Relaxing

well clearly I’m in a different spot out
here this is pretty nice case you’re wondering how I found this
place or how I got the idea to stay here remember my Parker video when I was at
the casino the blue water casino it’s actually right over there on the others
the dam that I actually filmed with my drone and as it turns out I started
watching some of the drone footage and I saw this land right here
I saw the aerial shot of this and that’s what gave me the idea to find the access
road you can kind of see some cars and motorhomes out there that’s California
out there look at it this way that that’s how I found this place and I
don’t unfortunately I don’t have any information about it I don’t even know
who owns the land I can’t even promise that it’s BLM land
but clearly there has been camping out here before there’s a few fire rings by
the Colorado River here and an old abandoned restroom bathroom up there
vault toilet so I don’t know this isn’t one of those places where I will be
providing GPS coordinates because I just don’t know sometimes you just find
something and you’re not sure but if you get what you want out of it and what I’m
looking for right now is just a little peace and quiet
a little alone time relaxed time I would like to do some things not trying to
make this sound mean but I would like to do some things without being constantly
having a knock at the door or interactions I just need a break and
then I’ll be right back to normal tomorrow so that’s what I’m doing before
I get too settled here one little tip about boondocking out in the desert it’s
not really like snake season right now I think it’s just too cold for snakes so
I’m not worried about scorpions or snakes or stuff like that but certainly
creepy crawlers and some spiders and stuff like that and other insects and
bugs from the desert can be an issue and that’s why I travel around with this as
four times like these to keep the bugs from getting into my RV I’ll show you
what I do so the only part of my RV that’s touching the ground are the
rubber tires right so what I do is I just build a little barrier around the
tires with the spray essentially it’s okay to hit actual
tires I’ll hit on that side then we’ll go behind it like that we’re just
building a little bug separation between my rubber and they’ll never come up the
tires because it’s a insect killer there’s also been times or I’ve actually
if I go into an RV park and I’m staying there for a couple days I’ll spray the
cord that’s plugged in so that ants don’t crawl from the ground into my
compartment I’ll even spray the outside of my
drinking hose with this so that they don’t crawl up and go into that section
as well but just creating a little barrier between my RV and the ground is
a good thing it makes me feel safe I guess one of the things I want to do is
replace this plug for my RVs connection here sorry about the low light I just I
tried to fill them over in the Sun and it’s just too bright and blinding and
warm over there so I’m gonna do shade instead but this plug actually when I
was in Florida what would happen is some of the plastic yellow in here started to
melt and these are all corroded in green and there’s black around the edges it’s
just I think that there’s a lifespan on these guys luckily I’m blessed with this
cord is unusually long for an RV it’s over 16 feet long so even if I had to
cut part of this and I’m gonna open this up and see if it’s corroded in here I
don’t know yet but it’s easy – like I said when I was in quartzsite, I got the
replacement plug for 19 bucks and since I’m installing the same exact one this
should be an easy just there’s four screws right here so I’ll take those out
and we’ll have a look at the innards here forgot to mention there’s also one
screw up here so you got four down here one up there unfortunately we’re doing
this the nomadic fanatic way which is one of these screws is completely
stripped in there for some reason before I even put the screwdriver to it
completely stripped so I’ve got most of them off I am NOT going to be able to
reuse this no matter what so since I can’t get that screw out we’re just
gonna and that’s what we’re left with in there so all I have to do is remember
how this is all hooked up and rehook it back up before we get too far here you
might notice this little Center thing is in you can’t get a screw in there and it
was baffling me for quite a moment until a light bulb went off in my
head and realize that these all can just pop out so you can actually get screw on
it yeah how about that before I put this back into the new connector here let me
show you why I’m actually gonna strip this back and start over first of all
the white negative here has a nice little cut right there showing wire you
do not want any exposed wire below where it’s actually shaved off there so that’s
bad plus also see the positive wire here the black wire with the green turquoise
colors on the tips and back in here you really don’t want any of that so because
I’m just doing this project the right way I’m gonna cut back some of this
insulation chop these off down here re strip them and we’ll get some fresh
good-looking wire to go in my new plug so I got it all hooked back in here you
can see what’s going on in there the cool thing about the new ones is if you
forget where the wires go it you’ve actually got a black screw for where the
positive goes and this one’s clear for the negative and then neutral goes up
here so that is nice but the interesting thing about this I thought it was gonna
be an easy swap well positive and negative are swapped on this one as far
as the screws we’re at but they put the right wire in the old one just in case
you saw that video and you’re wondering this looks a little different this is
the way it’s supposed to go but yeah anyway gonna hammer in these it
might be easier also to pull these out and screw them in and then put them back
in which is what I’m gonna do now and then we’ll seal this guy back up alright
there we go all put back together looking fresh looking clean no corrosion
or anything that was a I almost said simple project it’s never simple when I
start doing something but in the end we got her fixed up I got a lot more
projects I want to do out here in the desert so I’ll kind of sneak some of
those in here and there between doing stuff alright back over here in the Sun
just to help the shot here for you guys I don’t do this very often but sometimes
if I’m gonna be parked for the entire day it’s a little warm I’m getting lots
and lots of solar right now I mean more solar than I know what to do with what I
can do and what some of you guys can do is tap in your main RV system into your
solar system so what do I mean I mean I’ve got solar on the roof
and then I’ve got five batteries of storage with an inverter this in order
in order to get power through all the outlets and to be able to use everything
in my RV this needs to be plugged into what we call Shore power but what if I
plug this into my inverter which comes from solar basically I will be able to
use all the lights and everything off of solar while I’m here it’s really cool
it’s really easy to do what I’ll do is I will swap my 30 amp prong connection
with this adapter which is basically 20 amp but we call this 110 or 120 volt
plug that into my extension cord and then we’ll go inside what I was gonna
say is we’re going to plug this end into the inverter in my RV so basically
that’s what we’re doing but I actually don’t have to because if you know me I
actually have this yellow cord which comes out of my compartment here is
plugged into my inverter so this is solar power right here so when I plug
this in what I will have done I don’t know if you heard my microwave click on
in there but basically I’m running my entire RV as if I’m plugged into Shore
power but I’m running it off a solar and we’ll go inside and take a look at
something so again as you see we are fourteen point one volts it’s 20 amps
coming in here with the Sun here at the Colorado River that’s a lot of Sun right
but this means essentially I can go over to this big massive air conditioner
right here and I can turn on the fan there we go we’re getting a nice cool
air blowing this way blowing that way let’s go back over here to the readout
now we’re dropped to thirteen point seven but still bringing in 25 amps with
those two panels some of you have asked me can I run the air conditioner well
guys guess what I cannot run my air conditioner the reason why I cannot run
my air conditioner is because this pure sine inverter here is only a 1000 water
I believe I would need to have a 4000 watt inverter here in order to run my
generator which is not to say I don’t have the battery power to do it but I
certainly don’t have the capability to do it with the system right now so we’ll
just reset it 1000 watts is really what I’m limited to peak so I can’t run the
microwave and I can’t run the coffee pot and I clearly cannot run the air
conditioner but you know what just having the fan on low like that really
really helps in here keep it cool on the plus side I have all of my normal
outlets in here working so anything I wanted to charge right now or power it
is important to note that since I am basically plugged into Shore power here
my converter inverter it’s going to be operating inside here so what does that
mean this is going to send the trickle charge about one to three amps voltage
to the batteries from the batteries which might not be a good thing if you
think about it if you wanted to you could turn the breakers off but that
defeats the whole purpose of being able to use the outlets and use the fan from
the air conditioner but just so you know you are technically charging batteries
with inverted power from the batteries so your yeah just so you know okay it’s
nice and convenient and was reading over here now yeah still thirteen point three
volts and 22 amps coming in here at the river
not bad huh you know it’s just another option kind of a pain in the butt to
hook it up that way I never intended to make it work that way in an easy way
actually it was very important for me to make my solar system separate from the
on board system because I don’t need to keep the other part of the system
charged all the time it operates the lights inside the RV and the the water
pump itself to pump the water to the shower and the igniter for the actual
water heater other than that it doesn’t really matter I don’t do this too often
it’s just kind of a convenience thing also if I’m no if I absolutely no one
would be boondocking somewhere for more than a week which has not happened too
often in my life but if that happens having it set up this way actually makes
it so that my fridge is gonna run off of electric because all I do is I set it to
automatic and then since it knows I’m plugged in to power what it thinks is
normal Shore power actually it’s solar power being inverted for it but it’s
going to cut it off and not run it on propane which saves my propane for my
oven and my water heater and my stove that way I’m running my fridge off of
solar instead out in the desert which is kind of cool I set it up that way I know
a lot of people don’t do it that way it’s a couple chords I got a plug-in to
make it work but you know it’s kind of nice also
this spot I’m at right here this is the Parker dam here and I thought about
going down to the water because there’s there’s no signs that say no swimming
down here whereas the casino over there there are clear signs that say nope not
allowed so it’s really steep right here to the water but maybe we’ll just go
walk around and see if we can find some access what just got my sandals and they
actually opened it looks like three of the five dam locks are now open so the
waters gonna be a little higher and move it a little faster downstream still
gotta find a path down there though well there’s the water guys we’ve got some
palm trees down here by the river’s edge found some nice spot to jump in the
water you save you they could bring us up

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  2. A little study of Google Maps and I pretty much got it figured out where you are in this video.  Not a lot of land between the Colorado River and the AZ/CAL state line, and you're on some of it West and down stream of the dam. Nice spot!

  3. snakes & scorpians do come out during the day when it is hot—-so I would still be carefull—& carry a "snakebite kit" at all times in the desert

  4. When I use solar in that way I always switch off the converter at the circuit breaker panel so that the batteries are not trying to charge the batteries. I do not think it hurts anything, but since the inverter has about a 10% efficiency loss it consumes amps out of the battery that just get dissipated as heat in the inverter. To make the battery last longer, I flip the converter off. I tried to run my fridge off of solar in that way, but it draw's a lot, looked like 24A DC. I have 300A of AGM battery storage so worry that 24A DC would use up too much and I went back to propane for the fridge. Makes me want one of those lower power compressor fridge systems, but they are so expensive. Thanks as always for sharing.

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  10. I run my AC from my inverter all the time while free camping, it's awesome. (2000W, but the AC does have soft start which makes all the difference) I would definitely change the wiring so you are not charging your batts from your batts, that is horribly inefficient.

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  30. There is no positive and negative in ac current… there is neutral (white wire) and ground (green wire) and hot (black wire). ground and neutral are two very different circuits… peace ✌?

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  33. Eric, nor being critical but the shore power cord is A/C so there is not a positive or negative aslike you have on the DC side. On the AC side there is a Hot (black), nutural (white) and a ground (green).

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  35. Eric, Vinnie from North Bay Airstream gave me this tip for insects – keep a kitty flea collar in your exterior compartment that houses the propane and refrigerator vents in order to make sure that spiders don’t get in there and cause havoc. Could probably be used in all exterior compartments. Lasts several months with no spraying!

  36. classic case of high resistance causing heat
    buy some "DeOxit"
    clean the new plug blades, coat with "DeOxit"
    IF you buy the KIT with the spray,
    you can spray the RV park outlet, before you Plug in
    makes a world of difference .. reduces resistance, which is the cause of the poor connection and heat
    some RV park 30amp outlets are just worn out
    when your site has a loose one, go tell the manager, its bad and needs to be replaced for you to use it

    GREEN is ground NOT neutral
    black is HOT 120vac.. NOT positive aka DCV
    White is the Neutral

    black and white go on the side flat blades
    the green goes on the Round Ground lug

    turn off only the converter circuit breaker, or put a switch on the converter
    its a power drain loop, no such thing as perpetual power
    its just siphoning from the solar battery charge

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  38. A lot of power pedestals at camp sites are so old and corroded that you could stick a perfectly good plug into this bad socket and you will experience overheating due to resistance in the old corroded socket. I keep a dremel tool with various micro wire wheels and clean off any corrosion from my plug that might develop while plugged into a bad socket. A sheet or two of 1000 grit wet or dry sandpaper to further polish my plugs contacts.

  39. Hi Eric Happy New year. Love the tips, and here is one for you. When the fridge is running on solar electric it uses about 23-25 amps. So always change fridge back to propane when mid day sun is gone. Also I use a 2000 w inverter and have it wired directly to the fuse panel so all outlets work as well as microwave and coffee maker and AC. But AC will only work with lithium batterys and a soft start kit. Min lithium is 400 amp hr for AC. will give you abought 4-5hrs in early evening, then save the rest for coffee in the am. ;}

  40. Eric, as always a fun well produced video which I enjoyed. For the record I'd like to offer some friendly constructive criticism strictly for educational purposes.  1) When referring to the shore power AC wiring and plugs and receptacles, the terminals are not Positive and Negative such as in DC circuits, the AC is alternating polarity 60 times per second and the pins on a 30 amp 120 volt RV plug are properly identified as the HOT (Black) and NEUTRAL (White) and the Equipment Grounding Conductor (Bare/Green). A 50 amp 120/240 volt plug would have L1 & L2 Hots, White Neutral and Bare/Green Equipment Grounding Conductor.2) You mentioned something to the effect when dry camping and your solar and Inverter are up n running your Inverter (12 VDC to 120 VAC) could provide power to your battery charger (120 VAC in to 12+ VDC charging out) and it in turn can charge your batteries. DO NOT DO THAT instead have your conventional charger OFF (IE NOT powered by the Inverter) when dry camping. Of course a Solar Charge Controller serves that purpose then. REASON BEING the Inverter draws energy from the batteries, but its NOT 100% efficient due to heat losses and likewise the battery charger fed from the inverter isn't 100% efficient SO THAT TYPE OF OPERATION DRAWS MORE BATTERY ENERGY THEN IT REPLENISHES and if kept on it will eventually discharge NOT charge the batteries.     Keep the great videos coming, thanks for all the help and info you provide.John T from Indiana, BSEE, JD, retired Electrical Engineer

  41. Eric, one sure way to avoid the green corrosion on wire and connectors is to use a liberal amount of Dielectric Grease. It seals up all the connections from moisture and corrosion. Long ago dielectric grease use to be the lip balm of the automotive industry and somehow people have forgotten about it. Safe and enjoyable travels, and thank you for your great videos!

  42. Eric, regarding plugging your solar into your RV, I do the same thing to get my 120 outlets to work. I only have two 12 volt outlets so I have to do that. What I do though to prevent charging my batteries with battery power is to flip the breaker to the converter in the RV off and that turns off the charge going to the batteries. Works really well for me.

  43. Hi just find the fuse breaker that run your inverter and shut it off then you are not in that loop of charging your battery's.

  44. Hey Eric, i love your videos bro. But I have to say please be very careful what you "teach" about electricity… What you just say in the video is all wrong… And can result in accidents when noobies will make it in their rv or houses. There's no such thing as positive or negative on AC current and you called neutral to the ground one…
    Cheers ??

  45. I went with the zantrex 2000 Watt sine wave inverter it has an ATS built-in so I can run all of my Outlets just like I'm plugged into Shore power it also has a remote to turn off the inverter so my Outlets are not always hot or on.

  46. White=Neutral… Theres not a Positive and negative when talking AC. : ) ALso, sometimes the screw for the Hot (black) will be gold and the Neutral (white) will be silver and Ground (green) will be, well, green.

  47. If you are not using the solar power for the RV, what are you using it for??? A lot of people have a 30 amp female plug in their compartment that runs from their solar. I think when I set mine up it will be that way, solar separate.

  48. Hi bro! Fyi.
    The blk insulated conductor is the phase or hot conductor and its ungrounded.
    The wht insulated conductor is the neutral, not negative, nuetral. It is a grounded conductor.
    The green insulated conductor is the equipment grounding conductor.

  49. Finally, we learn how to use the solar as if plugged in at a park. I always knew there had to be a way.

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