Electric Dog Fence – How Do I Repair and Fix a Break in Dog Fence Wire?

Hi. Welcome back Charlie’s still playing
we’ll just keep her busy a little bit while we show you how to join the wire
okay here’s one I prepared earlier we have a seven strand copper core in our
wire so it’s a very strong wire. The coatings we mentioned high density
polyethylene now to join it basically just expose a little bit of copper and
to do that don’t get too excited with the pliers just give yourself about in
the old language about an inch just crimp into the polyethylene, the HDPE. Now this is a little bit trickier because it is a pretty tough coating and
there’s a good reason for that as well so then what you do is you just strip
that off gently and try not to… Neverwork with animals children or or wire on
camera okay then twist the ends off a little bit don’t get too excited about
that that’s fine. Now to double it make sure that you get the twist basically
butterfly twist the wires together and twist them just a butterfly twist there
now the real secret Alright we run some of our wire across here and we’re just gonna
hit it with that shovel and I’ll show you how strong it is and I put that on
the ground put my foot on it all right so if you’re doing your
gardening you’re not going to break the wire that’s pretty important because if
your wire breaks down you get your dog your dog gets loose so I mean that’s
gone through. A little bit through the housing but definitely hasn’t gone
through that copper See it’s all kinked up. Okay here we go
hasn’t done any real damage so that’s gonna last you in the garden beds. just a butterfly twist there now the real secret is tie a knot in the end get that
nice and close to the copper so you end up with something that looks a little
bit like that what you do then is you get some plain old PVC tape and give it
a good coating I usually start at the join wrap it in one direction all the
way to the end and I’ll keep going past the end a little bit and then fold it
over and then wrap it back in the other direction hang on I just got to do my
job I’m failing. This way or that way? this way good girl all right then we go back
a little bit and as you know when you seal this off just just pull it and as
it shrinks you just wrap it around and that’ll shrink down nicely hey folks this
is Kevin this is Ollie just on the subject of wire how long ago did you get
your system Kevin we’ve had our system for NINE YEARS! and absolutely magic and the wire has been? Fantastic. No
problems whatsoever. No Problems whatsoever to wire but here’s the thing it’s been sitting on the fence
for the last nine years okay and Kevin’s just popped in to grab some more
batteries for one collar and buy two more collars correct unfortunately he
lost his dogs to some snakes on the property but he’s fixed that problem and
we’ve we will talk we can talk about how to manipulate the wire to keep the dogs
away from the bush but with the wire the coating the HDPE coating has a 20 year
UV rating so if you’d bought PVC wire would you have had to buy more wire by
now? Definitely. Alright good so happy with the wires going roll and thanks
very much Ollie thanks Kevin Have A great day all right see you mate let’s go for the
pool again shall we come on good girl okay off we go for a swim.Yup there she goes super diver when you seal this off just just pull it and as it shrinks you just wrap it around and
that’ll shrink down nicely now the next thing I do then it’s a make sure that if
anything pulls on the join it’s not gonna break apart so that’s what the
knot does and also if you ever get another break you want to have a bit of
a slack in the system so I would fold this over and then get one more piece
and come back in the other direction so you end up with something that looks
like that if anything pulls on the join those slack bits will pull apart so I’ll
show you that again it’s not hard fold it over grab one of the wires and then
you’ve got that sitting on the fence you want to find the joint easily just get
your PVC and give it another couple of wraps pull that off grab yourself a good
old cable tie and cable that tie that to the fence and look if that breaks down
over the next 10 years give me a call and I’ll send you a new joint okay quite
easy and you can join my joining to your joint no not kidding I’ve been back to
properties where the wires been sitting on the fence for nine or ten years and
the joins are still 100% so there we go that’s how to do a joint
okay back again so just quickly recapping on what we’ve just shown you
I’m extending this fence we have to cover it around this dam because the
dogs now I’ve decided to go round this Dam so we’re extending it so I’m going
to cut into this loop can’t here up at the transmitters beeping like crazy to
let you know there’s a break in the wire and I’m going to join the first one
first so you take the two wires one wire goes up into there and the other wire
comes across into the existing section to protect the dam so just crimp around
the high-density polyethylene coating take off the housing I’m not gonna rush this because it take
longer in when you rush it. Okay there we go okay no need to twist them but get them like
that butterfly twist them together tighten it up a bit you can cut off any
loose ends tie a knot in it that’s generally the key to make sure it’s not
gonna pull apart quite easily grab your normal PVC tape quick wrap around the
top get passed the end fold it over wrap backwards pull it off
seal it fold it over fold it back again so it’s all traveling in one nice
straight long line I’ll show you that in slow motion on the next one
and then a couple of twists and that’s complete so that’ll sit there for years
even though this is inside a dam she’s gonna get covered in water it doesn’t
matter that’s that’s pretty 100% waterproof okay the next two wires have
disappeared here’s wire number one wire number two okay put those together point
them in the same direction grab your pliers strip the end if you break a
couple of strands of the seven strand copper core don’t be too concerned if
you break more than say two or three I’d probably start again it does take a bit
of practice I have been doing this for over 15 years and I still don’t get it
right first time okay so I’ve exposed the copper same again dead easy butterfly twist tie a knot there we go add
a bit of tape the HDPE goes great in water so it’s something that you can
bury and you can also leave in the Sun which is the benefit you don’t have to
bury our wire because it does have that 20 year UV rating it’s not just UV
stabilized it has a UV rating so we fold it over and then grab one of the wires
go back in the opposite direction and then wrap it up alright that’s done done and dusted
we’ve extended this fence by putting another loop up that way and just join
in to the original loops these will just get covered up by some leaves we don’t
have to get too excited no one’s gonna walk through here and
that’s all nicely protected and buried under the footpath as well alright back
to the other video so there we go that’s how to do a join now a little bonus tip
as you’re going around your property I usually do an expansion joint which
means that you just simply get a little bit of wire like this fold it over and
then get a cable tie here you put one cable tie around the fence there and
cable tie it onto the fence and then get the other cable tie so you’re
making like a bowtie on the fence now if you get anything that pulls on the wire
those expansion joints will just let go and the wire won’t break also if you do
get a break in the wire you’ve got a little bit of slack in there because if
a wire stretched along the fence like that and it breaks you can’t actually do
the joint because you need slack in the system too to get that sort of fold in
there if you would like to have a chat about a quote then give us a call on 1300 THE DOG one three hundred eight four three three six four and we’ll probably
give you a call for a chat about your dog in your particular property what we
can do is match your dog to the property

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