(Finebros) So…have something a little different. (Finebros) We’re gonna have you play this game. Oh boy. -Is this Flappy Birds?
-(Finebros) It is. I thought this was illegal now. I gotta tell you something, I’m
really bad at this kind of stuff. -I’m a disaster at this.
-(Finebros laughs) My grandchildren refuse to play with me. (Finebros) It’s a very simple game. Good, that fits me. (Finebros) The keypad right in front of you, yep, you just tap it. Yep! Oh! Okay…Whoa! (laughs) That didn’t take long! Not so high, Richard. Oh, god! Oh, god. I’m not gonna–I’m not gonna
sit here all day doing this! (Finebros) Ten more times. Ten more times?! Are you outta your mind? Whoops! (laughs) What’d you think was gonna happen? This is torture, you know? (laughs) What is this crazy game called? Suicide? Oooh! Ugh! Ooooh! Dang! Ooh, down! Ooooh! So close! (sighs in frustration) So close! Damn. (sighs) (fake sobs) (Finebros) Okay, time to really focus. (Finebros snickers) Come on, now. (Finebros breaks into laughter) (sighs) (sighs) Ooh! Whaaaaa! (laughs) Aaaaaah! You’re so dead! Aaaaaaaah! (laughs) He dies! It’s the most difficult game in the world! Ugh! Ai! Ooohh! Come on! I–(stutters) (Finebros suppresses laughter) Yeah…chicken (bleep). And the rat’s ass I am. (Finebros) Come on, Don. “Come on, Don. Come on, Don.” It’s bull [bleep]! -Oooh!
-(Finebros) You got one! You got one! I did? Oh! Okay, got one! Oh, gee. I got a point! (Finebros) Yesss! You got one! Don’t try to make me feel good. Whoops! Whoops! Whoops! Whoops! Wh- -Oooh!
-(Finebros) Oooh! So close! Aaaah! I made it almost to the second pipe! Boom! Boom! Boom! How long will you continue torturing
me and embarrassing me? So people can go, “God, those
old people, they’re terrible!” Up, up!!! (Finebros and Libby laugh) Yes, gentleman, I’m not a game player. I hate this! And I hate you guys! Alright, that’s it. I’m done. -(Finebros) One more time.
-No! -(Finebros) One more!
-No! You can’t keep me doing this. Forget it. I’m trying so hard to do something so simple and it’s so difficult! You want
to shoot that little bird, break that big screen up, you know? (laughs) (Finebros) Okay, so that game is called Flappy Bird. Flappy Bird. Huh. What a clever title. (Finebros) Would you say that you like this game? You know what? I actually did. It’s just addictive! I’m more of a Jungle Jewel’s kinda gal. No. It’s boring! All it did was frustrate me! I’m not a game person. Theater is the most exciting game there is. (Finebros) What is the one word you’d use to
describe how the game makes you feel? Old. Frustrated. Anxious. Uncoordinated. AAAAH! Four pounds of [bleep] in a three
pound bag, that’s how I’d describe it. (Finebros) Well, recently, this game
became the number one -free downloaded game on phones.
-Wow. Big deal! It’s free. (Finebros) People complain about this
game, even though they download it. (Finebros) They say it’s horrible, but they can’t stop. (Finebros) Why’re they still playing
it if they’re that frustrated? Addiction? Cause they don’t hate the game. They hate the fact that they haven’t gotten it yet. I love thorough bred horse racing, but it’s very frustrating cause I
keep playing and I keep losing, so maybe, maybe there’s a comparison there. In the back of your mind, you always
think you’re gonna beat it. And that’s the appeal, you know! You go, “Oh, I can do better than one!
Oh, I can do better than two!” They’re so into games,
with their little iHop things and whatever it is. Any game, they’ll play it. (Finebros) How much money
do you think the creator of the game makes off of the game? $5,000. I think they make a thousand bucks a day. I read about this. $50,000 a day, he was making! (Finebros) It was reported that,
at its peak, he was making -$50,000 a day.
-(laughs in disbelief) Time to get back to HTML. Wow! I gotta come up with a game like that! So then that proves how far we’re falling. How is that possible? Me and other people, we work
so hard for so many years to make small amounts of money,
and these people come up with these silly games and, all of a sudden, they get money all over the place! I think it’s disgusting. He wasn’t making as much
as the guys who created Google. So, what’s he? He ain’t nothing! It’s pretty impressive, though. (Finebros) The person who created
this game is from Vietnam. (Finebros) And he’s an independent game developer. So the money’s all his? (Finebros) But he had to deal with all of this hate cause people were downloading it,
but they were also saying it’s the worst game ever. They
were being racist against him, and even death threats came because of this game. (laughs) You’re kidding! He’s
getting death threats for a game?! People are crazy. That’s ridiculous. Stop trying to understand
people and you’ll be happier. But that’s their own fault! They’re downloading it! It’s not his fault! I wonder, uh, back in my day,
if there were any people who hated Bingo or Monopoly
and the creators of those games. We didn’t have the social media
to hear their expressions. I think people feel that they’re
free if they hide behind a screen. Ask yourself: Is that who I
am and who I want to be? (Finebros) So, if you were him,
and made this game, and all of this happened, what
do you think you would do? I would laugh all the way to the bank. Take it and change my name. I’d love to deal with that problem! Wouldn’t you? Good gravy! $50,00 a day on a game?! I don’t know. I kinda come from the peace and love generation. I would be so floored, especially with the hate. (Finebros) His decision, despite
all the money, was to stop letting people download the game. I admire him for that. I would’ve thought that he
would’ve done it and kept it going for the money. The nutty people who are harassing
him won and that is not right. He’d had enough. You can walk away from things too, you know. Don’t blame him. A guy who really
tried to be pure about it, to have a lot of integrity
around it, to get slammed– I think I would’ve crashed and burned too. (Finebros) So what would you
want to say to the creator if he was watching this? I think to hell with them all. Just make your games and enjoy it! I’m really sorry that the world sucks right now because I thought we
would’ve cleaned it up by now. We have a real talent. I love Snappy Fish. I really wish you’d put that back on. I love your independence. I love
the fact that you just went, “F you all. I’m taking my
game down. You people…” But you gotta remember people are people. All that hatred wasn’t really directed at you. (Finebros) So…do you
wanna play the game more? No. Absolutely NOT! No thank you. Got Candy Crush Saga? (clicks tongue) -(Finebros laughs)
-I kick butt on Candy Crush Saga. Thank you for watching this
frustrating, but really fun episode of Elders React! Let us know in the comments
what game we should play next. Have a good day. Don’t ever suggest to me a game
like Flappy Bird ever again.


  1. i would love to see the elders play red dead redemption, and compare it to the westerns the row up on.

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    are you ready?
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    there I said it.

  3. I don't care for Flappy Bird. It's frustrating to be enjoyable. I just tried the Flash version and made it to 7.

  4. O-M-G 
    They are terrible at this game this isn't even that difficult i made 4 in first try and my best is 61

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  6. Is this why it's called flappy bird…because of the frustrated arm movements made on crashing repeatedly into the first obstacle!?

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