2 thoughts on “Elaine Ostrander (NIH) 2: Genomics of Dogs disease: Dog Genes Tell Surprising Tales

  1. This is quite fascinating, I recently ran across the UC Davis Veterinary canine testing, but they did not have Yorkshire Terrier, but I did email them to be sure I was reading their website correctly, I appreciate if you would consider doing a specific dog when you get enough information in your database, specifically, I was wondering about the Parti color, which, in my opinion is a form of albinism, but Im no scientist, it's just that I have seen many birth defect in these fairly new colors and this is something I would like to learn more about. Is this a lack of malanin due to a possible inbreeding of closely related family members? Thank you again. Oh, and the school my son recently graduated from UC Merced is constructing a state of the art genetics dna type research laboratory or something of this nature, I hope my 14 year old leans over there and studies genetics, it's very mind blowing, we love animals so much and the more we learn to help them stay healthy the better, you may test my yorkies who are very healthy please let me know if I can partidipate, [email protected]

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