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How to Make Stuffed Cat toy from Socks This is a cute little kids craft that is easy to make at home Kids love stuffed toys. We have used socks to make this stuffed toy. Things You Need… Toy Stuffing, Socks, Sketch Pen, Pencil, Thread & Needle, Toy Eyes, Craft Wire, Adhesive, Scissors, Color Pencil, Golden Pearls, Color Paper Draw the lower body portion of cat on the socks. Sew the drawn outlines as shown here. Now cut the socks as shown here. Make a small cut to insert the stuffing. Insert the stuffing from small gap and give body shape. Now sew the small cut. This is how the cat body looks like. Now draw the shape to make the face of cat. Sew the outline. Cut the socks to get the face shape. Insert the stuffing till you get the face shape and sew it to wrap. Now, sew and fix the face on the lower body portion of cat. Lets draw the shape to make a tail of the cat. Sew the outline of the tail and cut it. Fill the stuffing material and wrap it. Sew and attach the tail with the body of the cat. Draw the shape of mouth on paper and cut it. Apply glue and paste the eyes and mouth on the face. Take a craft wire and insert the golden pearls into it. Fix this pearl chain in the neck of the cat as shown. Take a brown paper and cut very thin strips from it. Apply glue and paste the thin strips to make the moustach. Your Pretty Cat Using Socks is Ready! Hope you loved watching our cute Kids craft. Thanks and Happy Crafting!

100 thoughts on “Easy Sewing Project : How to Make DIY Stuffed Cat Toy From Socks | DIY Socks Crafts & Toy Making

  1. saw you vid on reddit, I think if you stuffed it from the neck and sewed the head over that seam it would be a little more efficient

  2. são bonitas mas não gosto de fazer boneca, faço muito pano de prato e toalha de mão com barrados e aplicação.

  3. Русская народная пословица гласит"Меньше слов, больше дела".Это про Вас, дорогая!Belarus

  4. Parabéns amiga por seu lindp trabalho amei d paixão valeu apena assistir sei vídeo mt criativo nota 1000 mil

  5. Cute and easy. Very nice. One suggestion: there is no need to cut an extra hole for stuffing, unless you want the hole under the head. Just leave the space across the kitty's chest, between the front legs, open and the slipstitch nearly to close later!

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