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so once you're done bin subpoena huh baba was known in the lying in the ass huh Wow I'm going in now it's just to apply and Frodo using light feathery strokes hi everyone its mystery and welcome back to my channel all right so for this video I'm going to teach you how to achieve hashtag key like Oh LM gonna slap bio is super conscious like the things I think he liked and I hope to be honest in the Hodag Amaro no monkey laid before very eventually kappa not good in the my youtube video tutorials and pertain to my magazines not at all wonder that person each other monkey like your natural looking McKey life if you're ready for this tutorial let's get started surprise so as you can see well that honky night and I look kinda weird they are very important in Quiles happen especially for your girls guess I said mama cat ions can be natural without our key light I'm not saying I'm again de but apparently something not who love better Hindi shut up Osgood noise you know nature didn't look but if you have Eli on trial a fan on mascara hi Paula home a lipstick right well a hunk right now I know well normally to them and I alright so in my case I've already done my full makeup but it's not heavy makeup and then later on Dominion is BB cream mine on false eyelashes matte lip think it's about that damn promising potions and then right now cheek blush and and continuing to of course bet on well as happen is the key light so I'm going to show you how I do make it like and then I'll give you some tips and some of the products that you could use per gram achieve you perfect key light so right now they co-clinical smv panda Gugu me mala hair special dinosaur bruh it's your option to manually if you want to have that clean eyebrows forego some image of boshy already buchanan Colinas you may my egg this here so dependency uncanny preference more but freddie's should our ability teach you how to create that natural looking and clean eyebrows or connect to a simple lamp we just need this tool okay it's a razor there but this one is specifically you is for the eyebrows and you debug in a gamut anticipation here is coming on facial Eureka when you shave with the movie shaped eyebrows more purpose more is to just remove the excess here Yuma unwanted hairs John okay so we will not be using this because I have a new gadget here which will make the hair removal easier I got this from Nara pH so they sent me this also tool awesome gadget last month and so this is how it looks like so it's like a pen okay so it is battery operated so this one is triple a very include the same battery do some box so bug in an Masha fire hissing sound so much scary at first but mission mask I'm actually feeling you so if it isn't scary oh so much ahead when I scratch or will sue God again very easy you can see very mean sha this in the clean so fanatical moonlight Sahara Banco Palmas mijita me knew you I think hmm see it's really clean as compared to this one sure so you have a line a line so that's it sangguk on election law and with adheres so means and about may exist here who desires in quality pettiness angle collinear and they won't be longer uses AHA movies nominal killing the landing ages here ito there's sometimes meanwhile here sighs I'm so wallah all right so after grooming I'm eating a tire actually there are a lot of products you can use fire machines you owe money monkey life I'm going to show you some of the products that I really really recommend first one is the Scooby this is important CPU mug guru much cocoa brush the eyebrow hair okay I cannot do my key light perfectly without this one so this tool so next it is so I have yourself a killer product so most of them are local eyebrow pencil it's the most common tool for the eyebrows case a cheaper zealot must modeling anything but be less give me think you know so this one is a plain pencil and Russians oh Lisa and or guys I know so you need a separate spoolie if you'll be using this pair of this one a month Kate marination Hazama studied in a rush it's not a spoon with a brush in a comb for to the hair ameri-ghen tidy – retractable pencils Hawaiian Omotesando pencils married entire retractable eyebrow pencil so like this one this one is for me me soul and my name is nominee piston talaga Shah Maran Deena hoody tall from I think this is from naked glory organics so it's a measurement Mahabali both has its own fooling me we also have Omid free apparel wax this one is from people even as you can see gamma gamma conditions ahead favorite goodies dog man this one in you've been helpful mate and then you have here the powders if you want to just set it this image Alito sir kill a turtle maganda chance a Meganium carpet yeah if you're going to use pomade you magnatum param eyebrow palette you need to have the brush an angled eyebrow Taliban for this one man audition brush knows I'm a very know Allah Allah next we also have you mama I brought a to taste like this maybe not applicator in your ears from a mullah fine fine so forth this one is from Cathy doll talking happy favorite d'Elegance a one whole day fighting tomorrow and Gilliam oh my goodness my condition at that angle the post natural looking is a very small longer than a game on a tiny bug in a plane bush and it's like you're creating false hairs you know wash on here so we also have brow gels like this one so this one is from Caroline can I'm gonna browse around myself you eyebrows know especially if you'll be using brow pencils super your most natural looking and pecorino volumio eyebrows you must have at least your color that matches your hair a little lighter as compared to your hair color so you know okay so now I'll be showing you how to use these products in crazy a perfect key line ever okay so most artists are you with the pencil so I'll be using this one from every banana it's there brunette ever original pencil okay so can see each other yet we have your mirror I wanna younger going is so when Bobby and pencil yo you sure the gonna go is given a warm come on ashes with the same money Kimiko butter he needed so ground pony so this is the color guys first step is to start here start here in this area going towards the end of your can I put that pad so you let him come on the most part okay follow the natural arc of your eyebrow like that okay and Lucas appeal use light feathery strokes but I'm a mimic my own hair strength suicide by that but McGee and beauty lay so using your pencil use this as your guide so the commercial egg is a base and no small and then the end to base now eyes and then there so I can join on the path you he like okay don't wanna show you line again is gonna be so much I don't you expand so once you're done then subpoena hubbub at what non-aligned in the answer Wow bugging you now is just to apply and the product using light feathery strokes nightly pretty Dominic lines of ass case mag Elena oh here's a line and then light feathery strokes now okay so once you're done using a spoon which is and hold it whom the hair that was by removal at the new harsh lines need to a negative on my cell I live just comb it keeps moving harsh on Astrid I just like that so for this partner man he must have fun going we measured up at doing by round square okay emotionally given shape now it's now a long ayamaro fading effect Vito so that Benito neck 15 you eyebrows modesty turning again must bouldering cool a or you shape yeah so d2 Charmaine shape very Vito faded okay so he'll bowel like yourself and Mitchell cutbush shaft legal ocean on 2020 now apparent here okay bring dishes up at Muharram box by or made by the right angle joining the new degree nearing 20 longing and okay and then using is fully just brush it apart Russian is a very light key case you can see in there and heard in enamel again I must help me color it you can you know is heavy in a color you don't feel it you can feel for pattern recognition and diamond shine from light to dark we are in dhina dhin totally supported our case it was when I didn't show the king when the kinematic was event natural analog normal day you know you know I know my landing here children eyebrows okay their event this movie again just brush it off there so that is my key light so you can see that is the difference this one looks really really natural like mom shiny shamaa shyar don't heavy federal how much mr. Burnett darkens I did not know Pilates Marin dimension so usually I go home then I don't find product managers in a darkly impersonal okay so barking tail has compared in sauna Fortnum elapids in young knows key brow gel to set it some supposed to feel you must men eat no one gives me peace and then asleep but I gonna get by you want none Caroline I don't know why that a minute is not here if you can find you problem is minute is not mine now must minute you want miss me get back so I'm going give Musha EDD gets a ballot so immediately gets a black you want just coat the hairs like that here it's longer yes so fire button again Amanda Peet on you here mold for effecting enamel epithelium eyebrow hair is not a la pagina want a very very like doncha skin more kasich upon demon dragon brow gel attendee see aha so Penelope tanka me Mahal naturally he name oh I see me drawing shadows the skin reading hearing is na ha so that's why a la mouche brush uses ponies and apply brow gel okay so this is a natural-looking keloid so if you want to highlight or accentuate it you can apply concealer so major lighten up concealer so your lemon like that and then you say and then using a sponge they were shot yeah okay so calm of events in you must knock pop your eyebrows oh I say in the leg on Cena very like my concealer say learning Somali Nishant ignant and mass noticeable right if purple Indiana understeering or her longing for a natural doc you don't have to really overdo your eyebrows gilliland natural-looking them okay I'll be finishing the other brow and then I get back all right so the first name of my high school Gilligan is dignity I need you love it keep looking at the mirror looks really natural so if I get a guru saying in the key light look oh I forgot to apply concealer paladin's happiness supergirl iguana consider param Akash wrong so so a video every day kill a coal Michigan and complicated about needing a human with no super expensive products and genomic : is everyone in eyebrow pencil and caroline.browne gel so epic pin examine mozilla less than 200 passes that my shipment ultimate key like goals always going to be more tips go hopping bikini lay on very simple on told us first you must have the right tools and products so for me it was not gonna talk is enough now second is Boca Machado money gets an apartment in compensated Somanabolic he life panel did it pick a little pointy curling is gonna kill a so brung the end it's in so Kayla and mimic and loud in that way Nisha made him oh oh boys attach evening natural looking like 19 beat the leg among the ruling so Highland Light long for an application very very light commercial month being healed it's a bug applies no eyebrow powder um it's a just goodness in your net ID key among applying and castor oil eyebrows or you can use the beach survey lash from skin potions to see making effectively something that is so Brown while a from Harris eyebrows but on the salon support not all the steep was in Cal balls but when I trade using castor oil that's how I knew each severe lash whom are bad your hair go giant occurred on the Hanuman a tiny here's Pete also weighing in sober so breaking up on doing math today thank you so much for watching this video Sabrina enjoy good night Shari saying your you want a simple tips Co on how to achieve hashtag killing goes I hope you share this video to your friends family at see them as a pain in your uncle anger now eyebrow revamp the list of your products as well as the prices will be included in the description box so potentially check you later after you watch the video I do hope you subscribe to my channel as well and hit the notification bell but I like updated semi back videos and if the enjoyment with you on the top needs to give it a thumbs-up and my comment cars llm cuando man you either know or coming among civilian is a chest or anything so see you again on my next video bye

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  1. Learn a lot how to eyebrow natural looks! Dapat pala sa baba muna at wag maglaline sa taas. Yey thank for this video. ?

  2. yaaaay! thankyou Miss G medyu nahihirapan talaga ako magkilay hahaha salamat dahil may tutorial ka for kilaygoals haha ?

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