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whether you call it a corn dog a hot dog on a stick or a little piece of in heaven like I do today is all about delicious a little piece of heaven too much oh ho ho I don't think so when I go to the fair which is not every year I am guaranteed to have at least one hot dog on a stick they're that good they are so delicious one of my favorite things ever and we're gonna make them today and it's pretty simple actually I did have to change the oil from the pot that I was going to use to the deep fryer at Max's request so the old pots no good just saying more people have a plot that they can cook oil things in because that's what I do I'm here for you now I will now take hot oil and pour it into this but I'm okay with it he says do this I do that though I will say the recent steak leftover mashed potato quesadilla that people seem to really like and ended up trending on YouTube when I suggested to Max we're gonna make that mac said and I believe this is an exact quote okay but what do we do if it doesn't work and then he realized the harshness of his words they went I didn't really mean that and I didn't so look who's eating crow today big-ass mouth full of crow over there so I can't say anything he's just a big-ass crow eating no shirt wearing nipple ring kind of guy back there by the way I made that comment about Mac look it was really hot the other day when we shot really hot and Max is in the sign and I'm not and he took his shirt off and people have been asking for him to taste stuff so at the moment he had no shirt on I had pieces taking my hand as a joke I go why don't you come over here right now and taste this thinking he'd just be like I don't have a shirt on and then I made a joke saying you don't want people to see her new nipple rings anyways my wife his mother texted after she watched the episode cuz somebody commented about the nipple rings she circled it in red went WTF with like 14 exclamation points and question marks there are no nipple rings he has a ring he does not have a nipple ring let's make corndogs shall we we start with a little batter nonsense and it's all downhill from there so we start with the dry ingredients 3/4 of a cup of cornmeal 3/4 of a cup of flour 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt I like mine a little sweet put in a tablespoon of sugar and for fun because I'm a huge fan of it but a 1/2 teaspoon of chipotle chili powder not traditional but certainly delicious and we mix and a whisk is perfect for this and when your dry ingredients are mixed put together the wet that consists of 2 things 2 eggs 3/4 of a cup of buttermilk and we mix this and then we'll add this toward the dry ingredients like this and mix this to combine it you're not looking for pancake batter I'm gonna tell you that right now it needs to be a little bit thicker so it sticks well to the hotdogs and when we've got that we're then gonna put it in a glass in this case a beaker from the biotech company I used to work for by the way I'm sure I paid for it don't anybody say didn't and then it goes this really makes the easiest way to dunk the hotdogs perfect now the dogs hot dog time now look Hot Dog on a Stick corn dog on a stick implies the stick and a dog and I've got a decent skewer skewer yes I've got a decent skewer here to make good ones that makes any ones that make weak ass ones a weak ass one is just gonna do this you're gonna be unhappy get a sturdy one of course we're just gonna insert it into the end I don't think there's anything special about this we'll go about half way got a nice handle we got a nice amount of security inside I could just dip these in our batter and then throw them in the oil but we want to elevate the flavor a little bit so what are we gonna do we're gonna throw them on the flattop heat changes things folks I've said this a long time peanut butter and jelly in a sandwich is delicious that st. peanut butter and jelly in a sandwich that you grill like a grilled cheese is majestic heat changes things in a positive way so we're just gonna lightly give these hot dogs a little love on the flattop so I'll skewer the rest of them and then we'll we'll give them a little old color stick in beautiful and repeat and when you've got them done the way you want let's go to the flat top and down we go look of course a hot dog is already cooked that's the nature of it all we want to do is give it a little color a little love on the outside because that will help amplify the basic hot dogs and it's fun to do this see that little little hole that let's drink that's what you want and you can smell it the fact that you can smell it means all the right things are happening and they're gonna intensify the flavor and just do this I mean part of me wants to say this is an option the other part of me wants to say no shouldn't be an option should be freakin mandatory everybody has to do this but you're gonna do what you're gonna do is Kelly would say Kelly being mrs. cookin guy oh we've got a little bit of color take them off and you put them on a paper towel why paper tell Sam well because you don't want any of the moisture that may be on them Moisture is not gonna help the batter stick so we'll just let them cool slightly give them a little paper towel rub down and when they're cool enough off we go into the next step and the next step is a little dusting of cornstarch put some in a bowl that's such a mess and here's what we want we want these things to be lightly dusted with this because this is just gonna help the batter stick perfectly make it even don't be happy it's an important step and as important a step as this is I can hear the comments already I will not even suggest anything to anyone because quite certain you've got to cover yourself notice I'm staying away from any suggestive language here max no clumps evenly evenly spread cornstarch now we're ready for the batter here we go our oil is at 350 degrees our dog has been lightly grilled corn starch and skewered our batter is here and now we just dip all the way in all the way around so you can get beautiful little twirl on the way out and into the oil there you go and that my friends is gonna take about oh I don't know three ish minutes here you go let's do another one let's get two in here okay this one comes out and it goes give it a little turn there we go now we're talking now we let those do their thing till they're golden brown I mean look you know what a corn dog should look like just go to my song and you're gonna have to give them a little turn to help them all the way around and when they're golden brown and beautiful to come out come a quick trip admire them and set them down to cool a bit I'm happy as a clam happy as a fricking about to eat a corn dog clam ridiculous day may have the way huh hmm um the the batter has crunch but then the texture of the dog itself is not weepy because we gave it a little love on the flattop you don't have to do that I'm telling you it made it better and by the way the little bit of chili powder in this is outstanding it's not like I'm eating a Mexican corn dog I'm just eating a ridiculously delicious one but for hot but I have an idea for a couple other versions shall we try them and this next one involves cheese American slices best melty cheese ever check out how this is gonna work so we'll take our slice open it up put it right there now we'll take one of our grilled dogs and we'll wrap it tightly and then we'll pick it up and we'll give it a little one of these because we want this cheese to stick now look I realize it's separating and that's okay don't worry about that when you've got it like this guess we should probably finish off the bottom right somebody will bitch me out for that and I don't want that's enough so how much do I need I need this much give this its own little roll there we go now the same deal with the cornstarch it gets a little cornstarch on it because for sure nothing sticks to cheese right it's too slippery just do this whole thing it's not nearly as disgusting when there's a slice of cheese what makes this when it was a raw dog am i right and the guy's done including the end we shake off our hands you bring the batter over tilt it so you get it even and yes I should have used the taller thinner glass but I can make this happen and in we go Wow I hope this works and when you're cheesy guys done Odie comes let's cut him open and have a look there we go look at the melty cheese in there how's that look Mac and now a cheese a corn dog bite from the tip the end the end Oh there's a lovely cheese under note damn it's got a little jacked up on the side I don't know what happened maybe a leak cheese or something but okay I got another cheese idea slightly different dog put another cheese idea and this one begins with a bratwurst not a hot dog who says you can't use a bride so let's open this guy up no these are these are fully cooked by the way that's the way to go oh he'll come and of course we want to dry them off a little bit because water is not our friend in any of this we know that so here's my thinking we take the bratwurst and we stuff it with cheese I have a block of cheddar here that will go inside here of course not all of this that would be ridiculous but the question is is how do we get cheese into this we could cut it open butterfly it cram some cheese in seal it up or or we could use a drill look I know the last time I used the drill out here for food purposes to remember what it was the pineapple it didn't go well and oh not what I expected I do feel good about this and I've cleaned this drill bit off so I need to try and make a hole it won't go the whole way so I'll go two sides how are you feeling about this good I think all right it's gonna be fine here we go ready so it's just a simple matter of oh boy it was that for reverse okay now we can do this okay now I know it's not making Oh bratwurst it's not making a very big hole I am trying to clean out essentially roto-rooter in the center of the bratwurst I have no idea if this is gonna work right now I give it about a 30% chance it's ridiculous okay now I need to cut a piece of this cheddar to fit in there clearly I can't do too much because the hole is not that big will this piece of cheese go in this take tuned and we'll show you on the next Sam the cooking guy kidding it was very American Idol right don't they do that they get right up to the point of who gets booted off and then all right it's actually working Oh sort of let's skewer it let's cornstarch it take it over to the batter and then we'll go the cheese is so excited to come out that's there you go there you go little guy so a little bite the cheese was a pain in the ass this thing started to explode implode whatever but here's the lesson the bratwurst instead of the dog is ingenious it's like a thousand times better bunker down here I need that thing all day long should have just done that since dinner bratwurst corndog and call it a I'm not around with any of this other but I still have a cheese to do just cheese straight cheese it's for the vegetarians in the audience are there any put your hands up I count one over here and I got Julie from Alabama the two vegetarians watch it kidding there's more let's just get on with it this one is simple we cut a rectangular piece of sharp cheddar cheese and put a stick in it we give it a cornstarch treatment it gets dipped and in it goes oh look what's happening what is that thing it just exploded and came off the stick it's completely off the stick it's just now she's just melting in here you ready it's a fail just see that this maybe you got to freeze the cheese first fine I've never done I've never done any of these the first time I've made a goddamn King corndog in they must what do I know I don't know anything look at this okay imagine you go to the fair I'll have any cheese stick please and they hand you this piece of there you go sir what's wrong with it that's how they always come out are you morons apparently we are that's our work look at this I made this comparison is the first time somebody's watching this channel and this is what they see that piece of oh I'll have it there's nothing there oh it fell on the ground let's have a bite Oh it's just not say was Max's idea today was Max's idea it wasn't my idea look I can't know how to do everything I certainly can't make a conscious on a stick and I struggle with a bratwurst on a stick and hot dog on a stick okay I got that but but that worked it's freaking delicious the chili powder though I just can't get my head off of this and this I can't I'm upset we're supposed to shoot a podcast right after this have watched a podcast yet because if we do it will be the bitch cast just meet complaining for a half an hour I don't want to do that so we're not going to I want to be in a better mood I still like you a lot every one of you thank you even our vegan vegetarian in Alabama thanks for being with us you guys thanks for watching and liking and Road to a million unless of course this brings us back to Road to a hundred thousand you never know

31 thoughts on “Easy Cheesy Homemade Corn Dogs | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

  1. Dude I am totally unsubscribing because of that cheese dog fail. Just kidding, that shit was epic. I was happy to see I'm not the only one who has totally fucked up frying cheese before. Carry on, sir.

  2. In Australia they're an institution! Depending on what state your're from they are called; Dagwood Dog's , Pluto pups and Battered Savs (Short for savloy and don't have a stick in the middle). When you can them from a food stall at our state shows they are dipped in hot tomato sauce (sort of ketchup)
    or you get them form the local 'fish & chip' shop
    and are part of an assorted order of ;
    deep fried chips,battered & crumbed fish,pineapple fritters , potato scallops, mini dim sims, kabana, large spring rolls, beef croquettes, calamari rings, seafood sticks, chiko rolls,fish cakes, lasagne toppers, pork riblet, etc

  3. There were just so many accidental sexual innuendos, I literally couldn't stop laughing. Sam's the man.

  4. Put chili on a corn dog. Chili dogs awesome. Chili and cornbread awesome. Chili and corn dog with cheese is amazing.

  5. Please stop the bitching, bro. Experimenting in the kitchen is what it’s all about. You almost discouraged that by showing how bummed you were that the cheese one failed. Attitude should be that’s ok! Try a different method to achieve your deadly cheese on a stick until you succeed!

  6. This was the funniest episode yet, your reaction to the cheese on a stick when it went to shit. I cried from laughing so hard, love the channel!!

  7. Hey Sam. Ive watched almost every episode of yours and I just wanted to say I love what you do. Plus its appealing. You should make a Chipotle fried chicken ranch wrap. I just made one and it was amazing

  8. I love how angry Sam gets about the Cheese on a stick.

    Brat on a stick though… that was a brilliant idea I plan on trying later this week.

  9. Hey Sam and Max. I really enjoy yalls channel and I’m a huge fan! I plan to take my husband to Not Not Tacos And id love to meet you if possible! My husband is in the military and we live an hour away from San Diego in San Clemente, id love to meet you while eating a wonderful “Not not Taco” before we move back to NC in 12 weeks. Let me know if this can happen !

  10. ah no use crying over exploded cheese, my dude. at least i didn't hear you yell at astro at all in this one, so thats something 😉

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