EASTER EGG HUNT – Hidden Surprise Toys – Shopkins, Yowie Surprise Eggs, Puppy In My Pocket

Hi guys, it's me Emily >> and Evelyn >> from Two Sisters Toy Style. And today we're going
to do an egg hunt. Yay. So we have all
these beautiful eggs here and we're going to have
to find all of them. So let's get started. >> Yay. We got all of the eggs. >> We got our baskets
full of eggs, so let's go open them now. That egg hunt was so much fun. We got all our eggs
and this um Easter bucket. We're gonna take them all out
and we're going to open them. So let's take them out. Now we're going to open them,
and I'm gonna open this one first. >> And I'll go open
this pretty pink one first. >> Let's see what I get. We got Yowie. This is our very first Yowie we ever open
and I think they're so cute and they actually have a.. >> I got a purple Yowie. These are so awesome. >> Yeah, they're so cute. >> And it have names. This one's Boop. And that one's Squishy. No, that's Squish. So they're really cute. They're made out of chocolate
and they have animals in them that are really adorable, and I am really excited
to open my first one. >> Yeah, and we'll eat some
of this chocolate. >> Yeah. Whoa! Mmm, really good chocolate. Look at this. Look at that. Okay, gonna open it. Okay. Let's see what we got. Oh, these are actually so cute. I think this is a turtle. I got a tortoise. It's so cute. I got a tortoise
and he is super adorable. We like Yowie because they educate children
about endangered species. >> I'll open mine. What is this? Is this one of the Yowies? Aah, it's one of the Yowie. How cute. >> That's different because this is an actual animal
and this is a little bit like a made-up animal. His name is Rumble and he's a kangaroo Yowie character. >> Let's open the big one. We wonder what's
in the big ones. Ahh, Shopkins season 4 crates. >> Yay. >> Let's open them. You want me to cut yours? >> Yes, please. >> Wait. Okay, here. Yay, I'm so excited. We hope we get some good ones. Really good ones. Oh, I got duplicates. >> I got duplicates. Eew. >> I got these duplicates. >> And I got these duplicates. >> I got Ice Cream Queen and she's a duplicate. And I got Sasha Belt
and she's a duplicate. >> I got Edgar Eggcup
and this is a duplicate. I got this Miss Pressy
and this is a duplicate. >> Let's open our next ones. >> I got Puppy In My Pocket. >> I got another Yowie
and this is Ditty and also um Yowie chocolate
is nut free and gluten free. I'm just gonna keep this here.
>> Wow, here is so dark. There. >> Do you want any chocolate? >> 'Cause I'm kind of full.
>> Yes, please. >> Here. >> Thank you. Mmmm. Mm mmm. >> These are our first Puppy
In My Pocket carrier cases. Okay, let's see what I got. Oh, I got ew, a little fishy. I forgot what they're called,
but It's so cute. >> That looks like Nemo. >> Yeah, it's called Nemo and now it can,
it actually can stand. >> I wanted that too. >> And they come with a pamphlet
and on this side it um it says the
information about them. This is a clown fish. Look how awesome it looks. I love love love
the black details. What did you get? What did you get? >> I hope I get. Ooh wee. >> Oh, you got a chocolate? You got Peanut. This is the one Evelyn got. >> Oohh. >> Susie, that one's Susie. I got that one before
but then it got messed up. Oh, it's so cute. >> This is Suzette, a toy poodle. This is Peanut, a Maltipoo. >> Let's open this one's now. What did we get? >> I got–
>> I got Shopkins. >> I got a Yowie. Yowie's are so good
for egg hunts. >> And Easter. >> Mmhmm. >> Yay, I'm excited. I hope I get the D'lish Donut. >> Yeah. >> I got duplicates. >> Oh, can you give this to me? >> Yeah, I'll give that to you. I got Licorice and she's
a duplicate for me and she's a food fair edition, and I also got Patty Cake
and it's duplicate for me and she's also
a food fair edition. >> I got a..
>> You got a platypus. Aww, that's so cute. >> Look at the adorable
platypus I got. >> What did we get next? I got Puppy In My Pocket. >> Yay, I got this one. >> I cut the chocolates. Evelyn, what did you get? Oh it's so cute. Yay. >> Yay, I got new ones
that we never got. >> Oh, I got this little guy and I also got this one. This is Daisy, the beagle, and she's holding a rubber
ducky in her mouth. This is Brandy, a St. Bernard. >> I got Nilla Slice and this one is
a gummy ultra rare new, and I got banna split
and this is also a new one. >> Let's open these ones. >> I got–
>> I got a Yowie. >> I got blue Yowie, aww. >> You got Nap, and I got Rumble. It looks weird. And also, Yowie's have a free app, and we're gonna put the link
in the description box below so you can go check it out. Oh mine is cracked. Oh, I forgot there was chocolate
at the back of this. Let's open them. Ahh, I got an anteater. You got another one of those. That looks like a stink bomb. >> So cute. >> This is my giant anteater. >> I got crack a Yowie character and he's a crocodile. >> Our next surprise egg. Can't open it. >> I got >> I got a Yowie. I got another Nap. >> I got this. >> You got Boof again. Let's move this. Okay, let's see what I got. Wow. Let's see if I get
chocolate cause I did. Look at Evelyn. She's really loving
the Yowie chocolate. Let's open them. And there's actually
24 characters you can collect. Ah, I got a panda. Aww. Here's it's pamphlet. That's a Llama, I think. >> I got a little white Llama. >> I got giant panda. Look how adorable she is. >> I got alpaca. Like this cutie pie. >> Let's open these ones. I got another Yowie. >> Me too.
>> And I got another Rumble, and you got a Crag. This is a weird. I like it. >> Hey, this one is this. >> Yeah, she got the toy Crag and then she got
the rubber Crag one. Get it off. What did I get? Oh, I got the the uh
Lalama guy again. >> I have the big panda. >> Ah, that's crazy. I got an alpaca. >> This is my giant panda. >> This is our last surprise egg
and before we open this, Yowie has a website
and it's called yowieworld.com. So if you want to learn
more about Yowie, you can go and check
out that website. So let's open the egg now. >> I got.
>> Ahh, I got um a Rumble one. >> I got this. >> You got a Crag. Okay, let's open it. Let's open them. Ah, I got a looks like a bear. You got the one I wanted. >> I wanted this one. It's so cute. >> I got a brown bear. >> I got a fennec fox. >> It was awesome hunting
for all these surprises and we really love the Yowies and we're definitely
gonna get more. My favorite is my turtle and I also really like
Evelyn's fennec fox, and um Peanut, it's really cute. >> I like this that Emily got. This one, this one and that. And this. >> Yeah. So please comment down below which one
is your favorite. Thanks for watching. See you next time,
please subscribe and >> bye.
>> Bye! >> Yowie Surprise Inside was
provided by Yowie. This video contains
our honest opinion of the product. We like Yowie
because they educate children about endangered species. Please click the link
to subscribe to Yowie. Hi guys, it's me Emily >> and Evelyn >> from Two Sisters Toy Style, and look what we got here. We got Shopkins
Mystery Edition 2.

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