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(intense music) – What’s up guys, I’m Hector and welcome to the Chemical
Guys Detail Garage. On today’s video, I’m a
go ahead and show you guys how to simply remove any
pet hair that you guys have embedded onto your fabric, or all the way around in your
carpet or your floormats. Today we’re going to be
working on this beautiful Tacoma that goes off-roading
almost every weekend, and as you can see this
owner owns a husky. Huskies are very known for
shedding a lot of hair, so we’re go ahead and
take care of that problem for him today. The tools that we’re
gonna go ahead and need is going to be just
simply our pet hair brush. It’s made out of rubber, it will never tear apart
any fabric or carpets, but nonetheless, will
never scuff off any leather or plastics, all at the same time. So we’re gonna get started with this one by just simply starting by
vacuuming everything out, removing all the loose hair, or any debris that we
have all the way around, following along with the pet hair brush, so we’re gonna go ahead and
take care of all this problem. Let’s get started. (vacuum whirring) Now that we’re already vacuumed, I want you guys to go ahead and see that there’s still gonna
be some hair embedded onto our fabric. Simply by grabbing our brush, we’re gonna go ahead and
brush in one direction. And look how easy all that
pet hair starts falling apart. Removing from the surface, but nonetheless it’s not
affecting any of the finish. (brush scraping) We’ll pile it up in one section. And you guys can do this
side to side or up and down, I like to brush in one direction just so I can gather most of
the pet hair in a small ball, or just in a small bundle, and then just vacuum right after. (brush scraping) (vacuum whirring) Repeat it one more time just so we can get the most of it out, the remaining. (brush scraping) We’ll move on to the seat now. And look at all that pet hair
that it’s removing as well. (brush scraping) Don’t forget in between the cracks. (vacuum whirring) Now that we removed most of this pet hair out of this whole surface, our seats, our upholstery, our carpets, it’s time for us to go
ahead and protect it. So simply we’re gonna use Fabric Guard. Fabric Guard is gonna be
one of the best products you can apply into the fabric, carpet, or floor mats that are fabric, so you go ahead and protect that. It prevents from spinning or summing all the kind of liquid or
substance that go ahead and start landing into the vehicle, but nonetheless, would also
go ahead and prevent it from getting a stain or
all those kind of things in that matter. Simply, shake up the product, (spray bottle squirting) and just light mist over the surface. We’ll let this light coat
set for approximately 10 to 15 minutes, we’ll come back within
the next 20 to go ahead and do a second coat a
little bit more heavier just so we can go ahead and
reinforce that protection one more time. All right so it’s been about 15 minutes, and we’re gonna go ahead
and do a secondary coat a little bit more heavier
than the first one, just to ensure that we
covered all those areas that we didn’t fully go ahead and cover within the first application. (spray bottle hissing) And that’s how you go ahead and clean, remove any pet hair, but nonetheless protect
any fabric of your vehicle. My name is Hector. If you guys like this video, make sure you guys like, comment, share, and subscribe to our channel, and please let us know
what kind of other videos you guys would like to
see on the next chapter. Once again, my name is Hector. We’ll see you guys next time. (energizing rock music) (relaxed instrumental music)

14 thoughts on “Easiest Way to Remove Pet Hair in Seconds – Chemicals Guys

  1. To be on the chemical guys team do you need good hair?
    That’s another Chemical Guys vídeo with a 100% perfect hair rate ?

  2. You can get 99.99% pet hair out with the shop vac. I have a lab akita mix rhat leaves behind a ton of fur every time he is in the car. I can get get it all out by just running the shop vac back and forth.

  3. Great video Hector – you should add this to the next DIY class – I’ll be happy to provide the pet hair! Regarding more videos – #1 – how to best clean and protect vehicles that are using decals for advertising (don’t say it I told him to wrap instead) and #2 – how about a little “get to know you guys” video?

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