22 thoughts on “Earth "Cats on the Briar" (Official Audio)

  1. This song reminds me of my summers in Michigan – a bunch of old friends getting together at a rustic little lake house. Nothing to do but swim, barbecue, and exchange stories around the fire, beer and whiskey flowing late into the night.
    Earth at their earthiest.

  2. So excited to listen to whole albu, it's kinf of reminds of "The bees made honey in the lion's skull", "Hex" or "Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light" … OMG! i'm feeling it's gonna be another MASTERPIECE. Thanks EARTH and DYLAN CARLSONis the Best One. Just keep shining, Dylan.

  3. A dusty road, tumbleweeds, an old empty town with a black muscle car parked in front of a bar with a sizzling neon sign, wind pushing sand gently, a warm orange sun disc behind some old pines at dusk… Earth at his very best. Godaaamn I can't wait…

  4. I just made the front cover of "Full Upon Her Burning Lips" my desktop background, to remind me that life will be better on May 24th.

  5. Sounds swell, though it sounds like Carlson just took some riffs from the Bees and the Angels albums and mixed them together. Not that i'd be against that – they are my favorites. 🙂

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