Earn Yearlong Rebates with the PestPartners 365 Program

Managing your costs, as well as your customers’
expectations, is no short-term challenge: it’s an ongoing pursuit for any pest control
business. That’s why Syngenta created PestPartners℠ 365, the first program to offer yearlong savings.
Unlike a typical one-time rebate or bulk order discount, PestPartners 365 lets you save money
on every order throughout the year. Saving is simpler than you think. Just place
your initial purchase of any product during the qualification period. That’s where you
lock in your rebate level for the program year. You can choose from a wide range of
any Syngenta products to lock in one of five available rebate levels — and the more you
order, the more you save. Then, throughout the year, your rebate level
will be applied to additional purchases of Syngenta products. That’s all it takes.
No paperwork and no obligations. For even more savings, lock in a qualifying
base rebate of at least $500 during the Early Order Bonus period, and you’ll get an additional
one-time Early Order Bonus rebate. When you add all this up, there’s really nothing
else like PestPartners 365. It’s the first program of its kind that helps you plan your
product needs while keeping costs down throughout the year.
Start calculating your yearlong savings today.

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