Early Look at Pets! Roblox: Adopt Me! Hatching Eggs

hello and welcome back to another adopt me video and this video is going to be another early look at pets and adopt me so I am plane in a youtuber server that I was given early access to the game that you see me playing with the pets and all this stuff will be available Saturday guys so I'm so so excited for that so you are thirsty go ahead and have a drink so guys so my first video I made on the early look I you know hatched this adorable snow cat oh pretty the cat just turned into a preteen no way okay pick up I just yeah I hatched a my little snow cat here which is an uncommon now that starter egg that I got in that video I unhatched off camera here and I couldn't know their cat can you believe it guys I love cats so much and I have two cats I am so happy but yes here is junior cat here that is a common and then he I have the uncommon snowy cat so I got a ton of names for this cat and the cat the name that I am gonna go with is snowy so actually all I have to do is add a why we have snowy so there you go it changes the name for you so adorable snowy needs some sleep now so we did get a request to look at all this stuff I did place it from cheapest to most expensive here with the cat ears being $19 and the most expensive item being 450 which is this bed that pets and babies I can sleep in so I thought that was pretty cool now I do realize oh look it's no sleeping I can't I still just can't get over those guys I do realize that this Royal egg bed here is probably better for an egg actually to hatch oh and I should say what I want to do in this video is hatch more eggs I just wanted to to show the furniture here and you can change a lot of colors of a lot of stuff like the beds something like this you can't the bass you can't that egg the Royal egg you cannot I really personally love this princess bed in this oval I think this is the oval bath and oh you want to go camping snowy okay but I did kind of want to start to hatch another egg here Oh someone else' wanted me to look at VIP here but VIP is exactly the same as it used to be it's just closer to the door like I said which is super handy okay so it is nighttime oh this is so cool look at this one you're in here at nighttime now it's a daytime oh my kitty needs a shower now I don't think I could do showers here that's okay I'm gonna put you back in my inventory Snowy you're so cute so yeah here I have the common kitty and the uncommon kitty unlocked now something that I did not do is talk to Sir whooping ton him and Doug had their brain swapped so Doug is still thinks that he is a dog but he's really a human I see okay okay so yeah we want to hatch some more eggs here so I am going to buy this Royal egg for nine hundred and ninety five dollars and see what pet we are going to get absolutely love that you have to take care of the egg before it hatches into an animal then you take care of the pet it's just it's really really awesome yeah let's see what the egg looks like if you put it in here yes see oh that bed is absolutely perfect for an egg oh here we go my royal egg is thirsty so here have a drink from here thank you guys so much for all the names that you gave me my royal egg needs a shower now I'm gonna put you in this little oval bath because I think it's so adorable here we go I think for my next egg I'll buy the second tier egg OOP the egg wants to go to the playground I will put you in a stroller or do I want to take one of my vehicles what does put you in the stroller what would you like to do here we can go on the swing I could take you on the swing here will that work oh yeah it does yeah so I've been holding on to the egg on the swing oh yes I'll have to also train my animals there's so much to do with this guy's it's so awesome because I'm forgetting you can also train the animals but since my one cat is a preteen I'm guessing it can maybe learn two more tricks my snowy cat pickup we could do that this is almost ready two-on hatch since I'm in here let's get out my snowy we'll get out snowy here and train snowy alright let's begin okay go snowy Pizza lay down oh she's sick get a pizza that was cute lay down no pizza I want pizza that is so oh my goodness guys oh my goodness I can't with this good snowcat bounce oh I think she's learning another trick here let's go outside and see the tricks that you have now learned snow he can now bounce oh my gosh the animation sit which was the first thing that snowy learned this is what a nice touch adding the tricks like this and laid down oh my gosh good job snowy so that is awesome I just wanted to look at that okay pick up we are gonna go back to the egg as much as I love having the cat out but we want to unhatched this egg Royal egg is thirsty so let's go into the pet store I'm not sure I think that this will unhatched it we shall see oh my goodness – we'll come in here where the board is so go ahead we'll egg and drink yes what am I gonna get what am I good again what am I gonna get I got a red pant oh I saw this one on Twitter people were super excited about the red panda look at how cute the red panda is okay so what severity on the red panda I got the ultra rare panda okay you are thirsty go right ahead and drink oh my gosh guys I can't these pets are just so cute okay one of the other ultra rares it looks like a unicorn that you can get and what's this is that a dog I can't tell but oh look at the tail on this one so cute okay red panda I am so happy you were so adorable but I want to hatch another egg so part of me wants to try this medium egg here it has a 2.5 percent chance for a legendary and 12 percent 12.5 for an ultra-rare so what was the chance on this 30% for ultra-rare ah I see maybe I should just keep buying the Royals it's hard to say huh guys you never know though you could get a why not let's just buy this medium one here so what's to say by pet egg for 750 and now we'll take care of this I can't believe I got the ultra rare red panda way too cute I'm gonna unhatched this pet egg and one more royal egg and I'll keep track of how many needs it needs before it will unhatched so so far the pet egg has had to need perfect my egg wants to go camping and sleeping which should on hatchet I am so excited ok here we are we're camping and you need to sleep actually I don't think I've ever been holding on to the egg when the glowing thing happens let's see here whoa guys that is so cool I got a fox oh my goodness ok the Fox is so adorable oh my goodness let's go out it's pretty dark in there let's take you out the Fox is a uncommon so the same as my snowy cat oh look at the Fox look at the ears oh my goodness the ears and the tail so cute here's something I haven't really done is how the animal follow me around walking right beside me oh my goodness let's do that with the red panda cuz I didn't really look at the red panda like that oh there's the red panda come on red panda I love how they walk right beside you oh right panda needs a shower but we are going to get one more egg here and it's gonna be another royal egg so from what I've seen the Royal egg needs more needs completed before it unhatched is because I am out six needs and it still has not hatched and I believe it needs two more so it looks about eight needs you need for the Royal egg the pet egg was six so I'm assuming that cracked egg will be even easier time almost tempted to get the cracked egg because it probably won't take very long thirsty here we go here we go what are you gonna be royal egg what are you going to turn into ah let's see let's see I can't see what is it I got a Shiba which is a type of dog oh my goodness oh I love that there's different breeds of dogs that you could get what kind are you what type of rarity another ultra rare I got two ultra rares from the Royal egg in this video that is so cool guys I can't I can't just take you okay we are going to crack one more egg I was just gonna do three but I'd like to see how long it takes it is only a 350 you get a 1% chance of legendary 6% ultra rare 15 rare 35 uncommon and 45 comments so most likely probably get a common but you never know okay here we go my egg wants to go to the park this should arch it here by the looks of it so you have four needs for the egg so it goes 8 for the royal six for the pet egg and four for the cracked egg now I'm gonna guess I think the starter egg I can't remember cuz I didn't keep count I think it was probably close to the cracks egg for amount of needs but I could be wrong about that here we go what are we gonna get from that crack gonna get what are we gonna get no way guys okay so it got my first duplicate but I got an ultra rare from that cracked egg no way but I got two red pandas I have twins twin red pandas too cute so I can't believe I actually got an ultra isn't that funny you never know how you never know cuz you still do have a chance with the cheaper eggs to get a legendary even or ultra rare rare you have a chance so pretty awesome I can't believe that so yeah guys I love this now let's take a look at all of my animals he wrote my little red panda is hungry here's the board I have two ultra rares I have one no two uncommons and one common so I got a comment from my starter egg snowy cat from a royal egg trying to figure this out I definitely I got one red panda from a cracked egg and one red panda from a royal egg this little dog came from the Royal egg and I believe this came from the pet egg but yeah awesome oh my goodness so let's take a look at all my pets in here here is the red panda an ultra rare way too adorable let's drop you down here yeah you are way way too cute look at the tail I love the tail wagging so cute now let's take a look at will go well I guess this way here is the Shiba dog look at how the tails curled isn't that adorable now let's put you down you could drop powder press our is your tail curled oh it is curled I see it has a little curled tail and its tongue is sticking out guys its tongue is sticking out stop your beads so cute okay so there is that dog let's bring out my Fox that I got Fox is so adorable super pointy ears and a very fluffy tail and then my snowy cat which was my first pet I got love my snowy cat that which is the oldest out of all the pets here look at you so cute and then my on my cat which is just a common which is the one I did get from the starter egg thank you so much again to be thinking new fizzy for letting me take a look at this update early guys I am so excited for this update to be available for everybody I am going to end this video here guys I hope that you enjoyed and have yourself a great day bye

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