– I can already see out of the window but the view is still poor. – I think we can already taxi to the runway though – Yea I’ll start taxiing – Take-off time: 0705am – Alright, there’s the blue line (Referring to the speed indicator) – It’s actually quite hazy outside -Yea (We were just crossing the inversion layer) – I’ll try to avoid the towns – Yea – I’ll get the transponder running – Luxembourg Approach, good morning from D-KFJV – D-JV, good morning, go ahead – D-JV, just departed Useldange Airfield 2min ago, request 4500ft – D-JV, that’s approved, QNH 1027 – 1027, 4500ft approved, D-JV, thank you – Alright, 4500ft – Climbing! – The lake is completely covered in fog – Yea right, you don’t even see it – D-KFJV is about to land at Useldange Airfield, request to leave the frequency – Yea that’s approved, see you – D-JV, leaving approved, and thanks again for the clearance (referring to the city crossing) – Yea, you’re welcome, bye! – Carb. heat off – off – Should we go to the gas station right away? – Yea – Alright, so it’s now, 08:07am

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