Eagle Owl Raises Babies In A Construction Site | Animal in Crisis EP25

Staff 1 : Whenever I pass by the construction site at night I hear some creepy noises Staff 2 : I’ve found animal carcasses nearby Staff 3 : There’s something creepy going on Staff 1: Anyway, I hear the noise after the sun goes down Searching the spot where then noise comes from There’s a bridge under the construction site Animal carcasses are found underneath the bridge PD : Where?
PD 2 : Up there! After checking the spot where the noise comes from So many feathers are found on the floor And.. An baby owl? The next day ???? As we go closer.. Spot one more baby owl Sharp claws and pointed ears These babies are eagle owls How come they got stuck in the construction site? Without knowing the existence of the owls in the site the construction goes on in the track of the busy scheme To inform the existence of baby owls quickly visits the construction site Stop! Stop! What?! eagle owls are living under the bridge? I haven’t seen eagle owls this close before Since they’re precious protected species, we will suspend the construction for a while and wait until they safely move out ‘No admittance to outsiders’ sign Expert : I guess the babies were born about 3 weeks ago The traces of eagle owls are discovered in the woods nearby Why did the owl give birth to babies in such dangerous construction site, not the safe woods nearby? Expert : This is a terrible place to give birth in because predators are around in day and night So the mother owl left the woods to get away from them That’s raccoon’s feces The mother owl might have considered the narrow crack under the bridge as the best possible spot to keep babies Since it looks similar to a cliff or crack of a rock We decided to watch them remotely until the owl family safely moves to the woods Babies are making noise in turn And the other noise is coming from somewhere The noise is from an big eagle owl Suddenly The big eagle owl approaches the babies After feeding the babies, she flies away without saying goodbye On the next day Found the mother owl again in the woods Expert : It’s called ecological niche Birds are usually active during the daytime On the other hand, eagle owls are active during the night time They sleep during the daytime instead After the sunset.. Babies have grown up so fast Their moves are getting better Seems like they are ready to fly right away Expert : They jump and fly in a certain distance to make their wing muscles strong to get ready to fly away It’s the sound of the mother owl! The big brother gets the prey first The little brother also tries to take the prey Evetually, the younger one lost the prey to the big one A few days later.. PD : This one has grown up so fast! Downy hairs are almost gone PD : Huh? Where’s the other one? Looking around the spot though, only one can be found Checks the observation camera After feeding the babies the mother owl make noise while watching them nearby Expert : The time has come to move out to the other nest Thinking that the babies are able to fly by now, she decides to move out For birds, this is the most dangerous moment when leaving their nest The baby owl stands at the edge of the bridge And flies! The baby left the bridge and went to the mother owl The other baby owl is left alone… The baby owl wants to fly right away but lacks the courage to do so.. Eventually, the baby owl is left alone… Search the mother owl and the baby Expert : I found the baby owl!
PD : Where? Over there inside Not far away from the bridge the baby owl who left first is hid inside the wood What’s the reason the mother owl doesn’t visit her baby? Expert : The reason why the mother owl doesn’t visit the baby owl is probably because she decides to abandon the baby and take care of the babies outside more At that moment! The mother owl comes with the prey She feeds the baby and left shortly The mother owl desperately cries out.. Then, the baby finally flies! The mother owl sets the direction to guide the baby Being tired from the first flight.. the baby doesn’t move at all In the evening The baby owl has no idea of where to go.. At that moment Something approaches in the middle of the wood It’s his brother! Expert : As the younger one safely moved out and reunited with his brother and with the care of his mother owl, I think the owl family successfully moved out to the other nest Again, the crying sound of their mom comes from somewhere Following the mother owl’s signal The babies walk into mother nature, step by step

100 thoughts on “Eagle Owl Raises Babies In A Construction Site | Animal in Crisis EP25

  1. People of korea, beware the wrath of nature. You took the habitat of them, then you will see what happen soon enough : the disaster.

  2. Before i find this public i was sure that asian People are not kind to nature and animals but now i'am really full of respect to this People (on videos). Animal is our little brothers we took all the lands destroing places of living of animals. And we must do all the best to save . Peoples must be a humans.

  3. Oh, this video was so great in that I learned about these owls that I never knew. Loved the way it showed everything. Very interesting.

  4. People are just so concentrate on the pessimism, that they dont even noticed the construction was stopped until the owls were ready to leave. Korea is in another level!!

  5. So glad to hear the gov't protects the eagle owls and not called vermin that needs to be disposed of like the poor water deer. Maybe because they kill mice and other rodents that feast a little on crops. Thank you for sharing this with us – very fascinating to learn how owls and other birds force children out. Very educational.

  6. Should have stopped the work about long before they did. They didn't needed to traumatize the owls for the footage. Don't yell at me, they knew they were there the night before, and as the gravel was being poured. They waited until the water came. ?

  7. It's amazing how well owl siblings get along. Other birds and especially birds of prey are literally cannibals to their siblings.

  8. No body is talking about the fact that you need to push your limits in order to reach your goals just like owl babies did.

  9. This is less animal in crisis and more watching wholesome creatures grow up but hey I ain’t complainin

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  11. Хахаха – у нас бы в раисе просто бы этих сов на шашлык бы пустили. Останавливать строительство? пффффф!

  12. очень хорошие люди! спасибо, что преостановили работы и не дали погибнуть пернатым!

  13. Hiya kak harus di selamat kah jangan sampai kekurangan burung burung apa pun ,,kalau tidak bisa seperti di indonesia ku kemarin dulu hee kekurangan burung jadi di serang hama ulat ulat bulu lo ,, terus akhirnya pemerintah mempertenak burung burung lo setelah berternak banyak akhirnya burung burung itu di lepaskan banyak banget dan akhirnya ulat ulat nya ber kurang

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