Dying Kitten’s Dramatic Recovery & Reunion With Family

I know I'm gonna get you stuff okay show me so so this little kitty was abandoned by its mother as upper respiratory infection eye infection boogies coming out of his nose it's a little male white kitty cat so we are driving to take him to one of the pros at cat scan yeah what's her name Jennifer she's the cat dealer because I can yeah we got a deal yeah well we can take him back once he's not doesn't have to eat every two hours he's oh baby he's so hungry you all right we're gonna see how mommy tastes her baby back this is her baby ja because she rejected at the beginning because she was so sick all right he wants to go I try to put him in a blanket she wants him cuz usual crying she seems to be worth it you know mama that's your baby she's like they all look the same I know it's okay Debbie where's um Archie she's ruined yet that's a different baby that's a different thing Diaby was bottle-fed because he had a severe upper respiratory infection when he first got him and mommy rejected him and now that he's healthy we're hoping that she will get Bertie get it I'll get it birdy aren't you what you think is a new friend this is my mom said your baby she's kissing oh my god oh my gosh she didn't even know she she doesn't even know she's like oh your bed doesn't really realize daddy's gonna it's gonna take her a minute until she realizes that I don't know that's crazy no she doesn't realize she's just one of these that was a good reunions over yeah I think he loves kisses I don't know she's always climbing up to faces Hey she playing with your hair doggies like what you guys got offer to eat here that's funny that's what he goes I go go look at your baby no she's like I don't see anything different or should I go check it out hey gotta play me a new friend whoa his name was Dobby from the Harry Potter character if you want to look it up that's exactly what he looked like when he was a baby I was pretty funny he was not the cutest little thing Oh mommy can't come on my lap she's like I'll go to your lap you're getting back do you realize eating my pants that's Bernie you some pinky doing that okay that's pinky no that's Dobby I think that's pinky where's Debbie I thought she's not at least some reaction oh girl ally in love in kisses whoa yeah I play with this these two I know they're wrestling Bobby mommy's just looking like what like nothing she's just like okay whenever outs play that's weird that's weird cuz I mean I put her himmat in the blanket but like he can't he doesn't smell exactly like them yeah he's like this is great this is my way better than I expected I thought you'd at least really our first really going back looking up at you instead Tommy sees his reflection everybody in their reflection these two are buddies they play really gentle that's why I think birdy likes him because their play but I love you right now they were this morning too she's like and it's enough time crazy see for sure what happens see hierarchy that's your big brother how much bigger oh my gosh oh we have two brothers are the two sisters now oh please don't want me to try now

35 thoughts on “Dying Kitten’s Dramatic Recovery & Reunion With Family

  1. I wish all the morons who are too cheap, stupid and lazy to get their pets spayed and neutered were forced to watch videos like this to see the harm they cause.

  2. Tadinho como sofreu e a maeziha e irmãos ? Gratidão eterna pelos resgates dos anjihos lindos ??????❤️

  3. God Bless You and Melissa for Saving This Kitten's Life!!! What a Difference!!! So Happy You and Melissa were able to Save This Kitten!!! Bless You Both!!!:)

  4. What cat litter do you use? I was advised a good product to use instead of clay cat litter (or bad scented litter's) are plain old wood pellets used for pellet stove's.
    They absorb well, don't weigh a lot & can be purchased at most stores for cheaper than litter & a much better product that'll easily breakdown at landfills.
    We've saved many feral kittens that were at death's door.
    I hope your channel encourages more people to get involved with rescuing, nursing, vetting, rehabbing, taming & saving these beautiful creature's! ????????

  5. I have a white cat who was a stray rescue and had had little kittens. I’ve had her for 5 years and even now when she hears little baby kittens cry she sits up and try’s to find them. She runs around looking for her babies. Pretty precious. They never forget.

  6. Oh, poor kitty. He has the starts to becoming a beautiful kitty. Thanks for taking in this kitty. He will love you for ever and never forget the kindness you showed him, he’s a cutie. Now that he’s healthy, he’s gorgeous
    Just a mischievous kitty. Thank you . You are so lucky, miss. They all are gorgeous. There’s no problem getting them adopted. I have two already. I them both from the street, no one wanted them. Now I bet they would if they could see them now. I love them and we all get along .

  7. That's so sweet! I didn't know there was another one. Yes, mamma did really well, even giving him a little grooming. ?

  8. What a beautiful kitty family. Thank you so much for caring for them. I like to take care of strays in my area. Have four right now, that I kept since the momma disappeared. They will turn 3 come August. ????

  9. Thank you for saving this adorable kitten! ❤️❤️???? Who in his/her conscious mind would choose to abandon an adorable little fella like this? ?

  10. I'm dying with so much cuteness !!!! Thank you so much for saving this beautiful angel !!!! 🙂 XX

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