Dyeing Your Dogs Hair – Should you Do it and How Can You Do it Safely.

Hi everybody I am Dr. Sarah Wooten and I
am here on behalf of Pawrrifc and today we are going to be talking about dyeing your dogs, not dying as an I’m dead, but dyeing, as in different colors. So we’re
gonna be talking about a couple of different things when it comes to dyeing
dogs, we’re gonna be talking about the safety concerns. I’m gonna share with you
a case about an animal that actually almost died because it was dyed. We’re
gonna be talking about alternatives, we’re gonna be talking about potentially
safe products versus on unsafe products and we’re gonna do all that
in less than 10 minutes. So stick around and I will give you all the answers you
need to know. Alright, so dyeing pets is all the rage. I see these patients in my clinic, I
see them on the Facebook, I see them on the Internet, people are whacky and
creative and they want to make their animals look amazing with all different
colored hair, just like people. I mean people are dyeing their hair blue, pink,
purple all the things. If you dyed your hair those colors you know what it takes
to get those colors stay in there and all the chemicals that have to be used.
Well people are dyeing their pets, you see this picture, yeah,that is a pink poodle pink poodle. Pink and purple seem to be the big colors
that are out there that are super popular um so what about dyeing your pets fur a funky shade, what about it? Is it a good idea is it a bad
idea? Well in January there was a story released in the
independent in the UK about a dog that almost died of a severe allergic
reaction after the owner dyed it purple. Look at this sad little photo. Its sad!
Funny enough the animals name was violet and the animal is a dog Maltese mix
and it actually happened in Florida, even though it was reported in the UK
and the owner had attempted to dye the dog. I don’t know if you know about Maltese mixes but they’re about this big, they’re teeny-tiny little fur balls and so dyeing a teeny tiny little animal
probably wasn’t the best idea. This Violet had burns to her skin, her eyes
were swollen shut and she was limp and lifeless. She needed fluids, she needed medication to stop the pain, she needed the dye
washed off as much as possible and everybody was really unsure as to
whether she was going to survive at all. And then they shaved her and a horror
horror of horrors… when they started shaving the dog her skin started
slipping off. Thankfully the dog was anesthetized and
feel any of this but my god all of this happened because the owner had attempted to dye the dog purple. Eventually Violet did recover but she may be permanently blind because of the whole thing. So human hair dye should never be used on dogs. We all know how noxious those fumes are that they sting our eyes and the fur
on the dog is really close to the skin. We all know how your scalp feels when
that dye starts to touch your scalp, well that’s a little tiny part of a giant
body. Here right on my scalp is you know maybe 2% of my entire skin. When you dye a dog, you are dyeing a lot of their skin and all of those chemicals are seeping
into that dog’s skin. So you never ever ever ever ever ever ever want to use
human hair dye on a dog. Don’t ever do it. EVER. Period. End of story.
So you probably shouldn’t okay so dyeing dogs funky color is really fun, right? I
mean it makes us feel really good, it makes us feel happy, it makes us feel
proud, it make gets us attention from other friends but should we be doing it?
Probably not, that is my recommendation. That you should not be dyeing your dog
hair, you should just let your dog’s hair naturally be what Your dog’s
hair naturally wants to be. However if you must dye your dog’s hair there is
probably a couple of safe products that you can use. Remember that the pH on an
animal skin is different than in humans and the human products are designed for
human skin they are not designed for animal’s skin. If you are thinking about
dying your pet and you were gonna ask me, as a veterinarian, what would be safe?
Well maybe, probably don’t quote me on this because your pet may still get sick, but maybe dyes that include food coloring would be a good idea. Those tend to
be non-toxic because they can be consumed. So food coloring is a good
idea or natural dyes from foods like beets, beets can make your hair pink
it’s a non-toxic way to add some color to your dog’s hair. There are pet hair
sprays available that you can buy from pet stores that you could be used to spray
on your pets hair just to get it that perfect color for a special occasion.
Maybe Halloween ? So you can get colored hair sprays, it’s advertised as non-toxic
and it as advertised to wash off easily with soap and water so look for pet hair
sprays online or in a local pet stores, pet boutique probably and check to
make sure that all the ingredients are non-toxic. Lastly there is pet fur chalk
pet smart carries Pet Fur Chalk. Some groomers offer a chalking option that
rubs colored chalk on to sections of your pets fur and that adds like a
little touch of fun color. having said that if you can do something does that
necessarily mean you should? Think about Jurassic Park, just because you can make
dinosaurs doesn’t mean you actually should. Can you dye your Bichon purple?
Yes you can. Should you? Probably not.
um PETA has a statement against dyeing animals: “What most people don’t know is” this is their statement …”dyeing a companion animals fur can cause the animals stress and can lead to complications or allergic
reactions that endanger the pets health” Our dogs and cats love us no matter how
we look should we not extend the same kindness
to them? That’s a fair point I think. Cesar
Millan Big famous Dog Whisperer, dog trainer. He also cautioned against dyeing your animals fur because it stresses your
animal out and it’s really unnecessary. Your pet has no idea why you’re doing
what you’re doing. It can be very confused and it can I have a really hard time
adjusting to the new color. So for the extra attention you think you might be getting
because your animal is green instead of white, is that important to you, I’d
just questioned it and I asked you to ask yourself is it worth the harm?
So I recommend not dyeing your pet. But I did give you a couple of safe options and that is all I have to say. What do you think do you think dyeing your pet? Is
okay? Do you think dyeing your pet is cruel? Do you want to talk about
it? Well I guess what, I have a comment section, and it’s attached to this video
right down below so leave me a comment ask me what you want me to talk about. If you liked this video hit subscribe and I will be back later with
more videos with real answers telling you all the things nobody else will tell
you from a real veterinarian I’m Dr. Sarah Wooten, I’m here on behalf of
Pawriffic thank you so much for watching have a great day

4 thoughts on “Dyeing Your Dogs Hair – Should you Do it and How Can You Do it Safely.

  1. Thanks for doing this important video! People need to start treating their pets as if they were their infant babies! I would hope nobody would dye their babies, but then again……

  2. ?? obviously if you do this then do it as safely as possible. Do your research and make sure the dye is animal friendly etc. I've seen and met a few dyed pets and you know what….. they were just as happy and go lucky as their natural colored counterparts. Interestingly enough the pet didn't seem to care or even realize it's fur had a creative new look..

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