Dwayne Johnson Insists Kevin Hart Is a Complete ‘Scaredy-Cat’

That’s Dwayne Johnson. Jumanji: The Next Level. [APPLAUSE] And what– this
is the third one. What is this one about? This one is about, we
go back into the– we get sucked back into the game. But this time the
game is broken. So we’re not allowed to
choose our own avatars. So Danny– I– Danny DeVito turns into me,
or I turn into Danny DeVito. Right. Danny Glover turns
into Kevin Hart. And of course, we
have Awkwafina. We have Nick Jonas back. We have Karen Gillan. Jack Black. We have the whole cast back. And you got to– or I don’t
know if I should say got to. You rode camels. Is that a joy to ride a camel? They don’t seem smooth. No, they’re the
opposite of smooth. No. But I enjoy animals. And I enjoy animals even more
because I know that Kevin is really terrified– I mean, terrified of animals. Camels, insects,
butterflies, you name it. He is– here. Watch this. This is him getting
up for the first time. [LAUGHTER] And that’s a good
thing it’s muted, because the amount of cuss words
that’s coming out of his mouth right now. [LAUGHTER] And I get such great
joy, which is you can see by the laugh on my face. But– but, yeah. And I know he’s here tomorrow– Yes. –I think. Right? With you? So you can talk about that
and his fear of camels. Yes, and butterflies. I saw that on an Instagram
post, that he was scared of a butterfly that came into– when you were doing press. He is really, really terrified. Basically just
he’s a scaredy cat. He is a complete scaredy cat. Yes, as tough as
he thinks he is, and as cool as he
thinks he is, no. We’ll talk– we’ll
tell him that tomorrow. For sure. Jumanji: The Next Level opens
in theaters this Friday. And we’re going to
play a game after this. Yes. Let’s do it.

97 thoughts on “Dwayne Johnson Insists Kevin Hart Is a Complete ‘Scaredy-Cat’

  1. Listening to this top phrases Kevin will say tomorrow
    "see see here's the thing elen" …
    ."Let me tell you something about Dwayne the rock Johnson"….
    "true story swear to god'

  2. I'm in China,and I watched this movie this afternoon,
    in my view,it is a brilliant movie to watch these days before Christmas.
    Pretty funny and interesting especially the chemistry between Dwayne and Kevin.I like them!

  3. I like how Ellen doesn’t try to scare dwayne because the risk of dwyane one punching and killing the guy is wayy too big ??

  4. Hi everybody, I really want to watch the whole episode of Ellen show but I don't know where or how, can someone help me ??
    Greetings from Germany ❤️

  5. I would really like to come to your show one day with my mom I am doing very good in school and and at home and have amazing grades but I really love Dwayne Johnsoni love him and I love you and your show ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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