You know what guys I’m done I’m dropping out of school. I’m done. Whats good dude?. What’s your name? Spence nice to meet you, man. I just saw you snapchat. Yeah, yeah, so I’m at it Boys our whippin’ down on the bikes eh? You guys just take the training wheels off the bikes or what I was gonna Tell you guys. It’s a frosh week. Yeah. We just realized that so there’s no classes I had to Ottawa man does give Chad a call what happily? Good we’re in a Kingston like Queens University Its frosh week, so we’re like block no classes even shoot pranks, but Google apparently in Ottawa They start today or tomorrow today today, so we were thinking of ripping down there What are you guys saying tonight? Yeah Well we’re Bob about two hours away it will rip over Boys in a bit Buddy damn straight we are Alright, see you soon oh, yeah, it’s we just gave a team a book all we’ve been fucking talking to them you Huggle with them at a Bid called a bit they’re nice model, but guys we got a place down in Ottawa And they invited us to come down and have some beers spend some nights shoot some shit with the main town shit Yeah, Mabel do some clubs see if they’re willing to put on a fucking Walmart vest or drop out of some colleges, Fucking full send Ottawa, baby. Let’s fkn go Easy, we’ll be back though Queens. They will be back oh Yeah, don’t fucking disappoint us got fuckin dirt bikes out here, and shit what you know what I mean, what’s going on you? It’s like maps they’ll never fucking get it right whoa On the sidewalk Oh Yeah Oh Yeah What’s up, homie? Man? You gonna show us to the first? First fucking lecture how big you think it’ll be like hundred or something like that hundred fifty Kyle you won first time I go first place you’re going first, ooh Swung it on the dryer called the last dropping out you snuck out of that one Watching porn in lectures though who did the professor? good So what are you guys gonna do for your 1mil gonna be to ask you guys Oh? What should we do for what mil subs guys you don’t we do something nuts we got it We’re blank and though a bit man Gotta do something epic cuz we’re always just you know pushing the boundaries let across the shell game may be locked man so we’re about to go into a first lecture 150 ish people First day of classes first lecture for this class oh he’s coming with us. Cuz you you do guy need a spotter This is Cosby on camera. He was supposed to fuckin reach, but he’s yes. He still snoozing or what Wolfie man wake up, buddy Hi guys. We’re gonna fuck a bigger one now how big? Je that’s get it baby. I’m going up Basic circuit analysis, and you will find that what you Yeah, excuse me boss. I’m sorry to interrupt or ever, but uh just you’re already talking like quizzes and like shit like that It’s our first day Are we able to just kind of like like we all just got back from summer break like? Half half of us are still sauce you know I mean, but uh queenís can we have like a movie day or something? that possible Just just for the first week to break it in a little easier Hungover Yeah There’s no quizzes, but like there’s also no movies this week or You can’t just be for the boys right now a bit We got a couple beauties in here. I’m telling you Already has some movies going No movies All right well in that case sir, I don’t know if I could do call it. You know I mean Came here for the movies, so I’m out guys to drop out. I can’t do this. I’m gonna start farming or some bug it Thanks boss All right, so now we’re gonna meet up with the elbow boys we’re gonna do a huge drop that job We got Wolfie jag Bongo Swayze. It’s a boy And then they’re joining me. I don’t know buddy Okay Good five minutes you Know basically, I’m really into the cognitive sciences and stuff like I’m very like interested in it But I’m kind of worried how it’s gonna apply to my like my future like real life skills You know because basically like if you guys don’t know like I’m an up-and-coming rapper basically like yeah Yeah, yeah, no yeah, 21:21 savages basically like my spirit animal and shit, but um yeah No, no, I just like Yeah Because you said dreaming like I’m a big dreamer like Lily’s even favored one of my tweets so It’s just it’s a good question like real life skills are important guys like we’re in college But we gotta learn you know so do you think like? If I’m like and I’m like a street rapper like I trapped like I’m not faking shit So like do you think this course is really for me like You know what guys I’m done I’m dropping out of school. I’m done. I’m not a raven anymore. Who’s with me? Yeah Excuse me Let’s go what’s good now boys? Returning oh, yeah, we’ve got the shot now I Got a little spot here X21 Savage I was like Oh, yeah, we’re back at the house. The boys are getting go boys yo straight up we shot a banger today boys let her know we’re Getting out to 1 million But the crush, it’s your boy and fuckin zesty it Richard is one Yo guys so we are gonna run a little game of pong and then we’re gonna head out So if you want to follow that follower snatcher Bob Seger bring the fuck camera it’s all on the phones Show to all the boys all their Queasy chowder the che baby, we got Bongo yeah, it’s your boy George Annan

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  1. “Have fun at McDonald’s!”
    They probably made more than quadruple the salary of that guy from this video only

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  3. Dude that ran out the front saying he was gonna shake the teachers hand, saying he did a lap, bro he just stood up and ran right out the closest door, the front. Jack Daniels weak sauce.

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