Drink Beer. Help Animals.

[Bluegrass music playing] This is kind of an outside of the box thing for us. It’s called Drink Beer. Help Animals. And what it is, it’s a fundraiser to help raise awareness and funding to help care for the animals here at Wildlife Learning Center. Basically there are 3 missions here. We rescue wildlife in need from a multitude of sources, we educate the community about wildlife and nature, and then we also educate the community about conservation and the importance of retaining this. [Bluegrass music playing] Oh well we love animals and we wanted to do our part to aid in the conservation effort, and we thought this looked like a really cool event. It’s something we’ve never worked before. There’s a lot of other great breweries here, we love to be in great company. And we’ve had a fantastic time so far. Videographer [off-screen]: Did you meet the sloth? Of course! Sid? Me and him, we’re buds now! I would just like to thank all the breweries that showed and lended their support today. They’re really helping a much greater cause. It costs about $3,000 a day here, 365 days a year to take care of these animals. So that’s a large budget, so by them giving their time and their products, they’re really helping us educate the community about the importance of the natural world. [Bluegrass music]

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