Dress up ! Elsa & Anna toddlers – Dresses – Lipstick – Painting nails – Clothes – Puppy

deal it did it didn't Traci come back my mommy needs to stop whoa look at these clothes there are mommy's dressing room yeah it's so big stop Tracy stop sit be nice doggie okay no gotta bring this glove back Wow mommy has such cool and nice clothes I can't believe she doesn't let me stay here hmm I kind of feel like trying them on hmm maybe it's not that bad I can just try them on and put them back and then mommy won't even know and I'm gonna tell LC I yay I'm back Oh LC ah I have the best plan in the world what is it tell me we can try those clothes from our and mommy's closets what really oh that's a great idea key just can't wait to try on the clothes oh wow that is so pretty mommy's dresses are so pretty can't wait to try that dress on Wow and these are all her other clothes they're so cool in her shoes in her necklaces way up high Wow I can't wait to start oh yeah honey I'll wait until you see this this is gonna be fabulous look at this dress wow it's so pretty so I see I just love it so pretty ooh pretty dresses oh and my mommy's ice shoes are so pretty – love them in the accessories way up high on the top shelf in her purses below the clothes that's so cool which one should I wear first well I won't try the prettiest dress on because then mommy's gonna be mad at me maybe I should pick something from here how about that pink flower dress that looks excellent oh this dress looks good I think I'm gonna try that on do you like this dress Tracy what what see she likes mine better LC yeah oh yeah she liked my dress better on ya what do you think Tracy in it even stays by itself Tracy now I gotta pick some shoes which one shall I pick oh I'm gonna pick mommy's precious icy shoes they're so pretty did I break them Oh beautiful you're not broken because they are made of ice Anya what is that you're as tall as Muffy now if that tall dress whoa whoa I'm trying to stand in this whoa holding onto the closet door whoa hey Anya you're so funny whoa well you're like a squirmy wormy Oh Anya whoa it's so hard to walk in this blue big longer dress Oh Anya I want to look funny too if this dress I'll go change while she's changing I'll pick some shoes which ones oh these red ones look pretty good more boy whoa whoa whoa too tall like a cupcake right this is so fluffy and I look like a pupcake whoa a pup cake whoa let's jump else ya little wound up jumped up these dresses are so fun to play in so much fun yay stop slipping okay I got it oh no no I'll try this dress on yeah try it on let's see how you look LCI lower both cupcakes okay we're two cupcake girls for two cupcake girls blob blob blob blob blob blob cupcakes cupcakes sweet cupcakes yeah we don't care we just love trying on these dresses yeah it did it didn't I started to get worried what if he comes up here no she won't but what if she won't and I stand by by the way I saw her making dinner so she won't come here okay oops I forgot to try mommy's precious shoes Wow Wow look at you but silly else yeah you can't even walk in those shoes yeah cuz I'm scared I might break them after all they are made of ice I still think that I can walk in these shoes well whoa whoa whoa whoa I'll see ya guess I can't walk in these shoes they're too big for me hey forget about the shoes look at my makeup table wow it's so cool Anya let's go there right away but Anya there's a big mess we needed we need to clean it up don't worry about the mess well clean it later I remember these these toys that my mommy gave me when I was a baby and they're so cute I love them whoa look at all that makeup firts let's put on the lipstick hey I got them Anya oh oh let's try them on now I'll pick that one and I'll pick this one look Anya Traci open the lipstick for us I think she's smelling it Anya do you want to try it on well I'm scared because I never tried lipstick on never ever just come on it won't hurt okay here we go three two one it's happening what did I put pretty good yeah I'm putting putting it fine okay hmm blow LCI you did it so wrong I did it better than you what are you talking about yours is so bad well let's see us in the mirror we are lipstick Monstars I don't think Traci is laughing come on Anya dogs can't laugh but they should but Traci sure wants lipstick yeah I'm waitron do you want to Traci pick one that one okay gonna put some on your lips good girl stay okay okay Tracy Tracy would you like to see yourself in the mirror you look so funny and now sealed you look just like us oh and now let's put up some nail polish I call this one will I call this one hey let's go ahead and try it on LC yeah I hope mommy doesn't come well I hope so too let's paint our nails mm nice red nail polish so cool I love it and I'm all finished with my hands and now I'm gonna do my toes well I'm gonna do my toes first just look at this nice pink next nail for nail for thin fit don't get some more on that hand LCI do you like mine yes I do it looks so pretty I'll see ya I have bad news I hear how our mom's coming up the stairs to clean well maybe it's someone else but there's only us in our mommy's home who know it must be them it's them so who is ready for some pizza for dinner girls what's this why I see nothing what but just look what did you do is all our clothes our makeup what did you do won't see anything yeah nothing nothing what are you hiding there nothing nothing right girls move out of the way we just like sticker and we never want to move right yeah we don't Aine LCI move right now Hey they weren't dreaming what's that what is it it's lipstick why did you put lipstick on the ground oh do do that it was Tracy's fault yeah what's Tracy doing was lipstick when it was way up there got it right he's doing nothing nothing what what do we do I don't know I'm scared oh I guess we have to tell the truth okay but we have to feel like we did it really mean it right yeah yeah exactly they even put some lipstick on Tracy's mouth girls why would you put lipstick on her mouth and look at you look at your mouth no you're not allowed to come in this room or put lipstick why did you do this more sorry mommy why did you come in here cuz I just saw these beautiful dresses from your closets and we tried them on because there they were so pretty and the shoes were pretty too and then we decided to put makeup on school so we can look like princesses girls you could have just asked me and maybe I could have looked at you to see if you're doing anything wrong but it's not nice to do this okay okay now look at the mess and look at the floor do you like that girls no we don't like it we are very disappointed in you so no toys for two days what can't stay without toys for days you have to pay for the mistake but if we clean up very good can we stay without the toys for one day okay deal and also promise me you won't do this ever again okay we promise and let's start cleaning okay so much that Tracy put well then let's finish faster yeah come on rub rub rub rub rub hey we finished hooray what this off what the lipstick off don't want it to stay on there forever like my face off now my cheeks everywhere everywhere what's like white white boy visit our channel and subscribe for more videos

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