Dream Jobs: Doggy Daycare

Ruby, run me through an average day here at
Doozydog. I walk in, I say hello to all the pups. I come in and say hello to the team. They say hello to you too. Yeah, yeah. I walk through and make sure all the dogs
are well, all the team members are well, and everybody has their supplies, everything’s
in order to face the day of play, of socialization and fun. I would imagine on any day, if you wake up
having a bad day, feeling little down or whatever, you walk in, and they’re so happy to see you. Yes, always. It changes everything! Always. You can’t help but smile. You know, you worry about them during the
day, being bored or being lonely, and somewhere like this, you know they’re having fun. It’s nice. They’re socializing, they have friends. I have a lot of dogs who come Monday through
Friday, just like babies, just like kids, when their parents go to work, and they have
legitimate best friends. You think about a dream job with animals,
for us dog lovers, you think dogs, and being a vet, you have to give them shots, you have
to remove a tooth. Being a dog walker, you have to be dragged
down the road. Being a doggy daycare, they just come
here to have fun. They love it. They do. They, they poop, they will poop, so we pick
up that, but a lot of times if you, you know, if you have your own dog and walk your own
dog, you’re used to it. How did you wind up here, the general manager
of this little doggy paradise? It’s awesome. I was in the food and beverage industry and
kind of entertainment in Los Angeles for the, where the company started. I was bartending, and I was a stand-up comedian,
and I just started, I was tired, so I started looking for a new job, and I love dogs. That was the first question in the interview,
do you love dogs. Yes, I do, I love dogs. I started out as a greeter downstairs where
you check in, get the details of the stay. A lot of detail work. I worked as bather. Really fun. And then I was offered the supervisor, and
then I quickly went to general manager. For anyone who sees this and thinks I wish
I could do that, what’s the step 1, 2, and 3 to get somewhere like this? Step 1 is go and apply. Make sure you love dogs, and you’re fully
informed about what it entails, and whatever position that you take, whether it’s handler,
greeter, the overnight, we have an overnight human that is here, whatever you’re doing,
if you want to continue as a career, do the best job you can in whatever position that
you have. You guys really care about them. Which I love, because they deserve that. I mean, I have a dog. I love them! I would want him treated the same way if I
left him somewhere.

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