Drakensang Online | 21st December | Community Advent Calendar

Release 157 – All about the Dragonknight! October arrived and with it the next big patch
of balancing measures after Rise of Balor. Release 157 tackled the figure of the Dragonknight
with a package of skill balances but we did not stop there. The quest guidance appeared for all of you
who sometimes need an extra help, to progress in the world of Dracania. When enabled this
convenient feature, shows you how to reach your destination for completing a quest. On
top of that all female character were gifted with the introduction
of the female torsos. From now on a number of torsos and costumes inside the game enjoy
the perks of a great looking female variant. We also brought to you new sliders for gamma,
brightness and saturation settings and shipped successfully Drakensang for the latest operation
system of Apple: El Capitan. Release 157 also brought the possibility of
inserting gemstones into cloaks, a top community wish come true.
Grizmek and Zumpe surprised us all with a new array of cute but deadly pets, plus cool,
new costumes. So why don’t you redeem the next bonus code
and have a look at them?

24 thoughts on “Drakensang Online | 21st December | Community Advent Calendar

  1. I absolutely hate those people who are so ungrateful with the codes… They don't HAVE to give us bonus codes you know. That's why they're called BONUS, it's a gift. Maybe you're playing 24 hours a day, every day and you're a great player with maximum skills and equipment, but not every player is like this. So thank you DSO team for everything and I, for one, am very excited with those pets you gave us today! Keep going!! ^^

    Question: are the pets available for purchase in the game? Where can I find them?

  2. Why are some People not happy with these codesß you should think about that also level 5 players can use that code an when they put in something bad for llevel 50 it could be very OP for level 5. Think about that before you write shit

  3. oh, you are so good BP, so fair for customers…
    First make 1500 coins impossible to collect, make minievents too short, too hard, give 1-5 coins for 20 minutes of nosense play, let players belive that premium account work at minievent and let them buy it than TURN IT OFF at minievent without info, than let players BUY coins ONLY for 550 ander ONE.
    You are really spirit of Christmas and good time and fun in game, hahahaha. Scrooge and hipoctitics. Yea, anybody here still has stupid idea that we should bown BP for those garbage bonuses and they are not their minimum duty for us?

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