Dr. Jane Goodall Interview: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

across the broad expanse of history there have been billions upon billions of idiots as well as a handful of smart people we interviewed some of the latter group for our ongoing series great minds people who think good this week's people who thinks good Jane Goodall achieved her childhood dream to live with and study the chimpanzees in Africa to whom she gave exotic names at this point she had no formal training or even an undergraduate degree but the discoveries of this daring young woman revolutionized our understanding of these primates starting with this bombshell the chimpanzee is actually modifying a natural object to suit it to a specific purpose thus making her – that's right chips were making and using tools albeit pretty crappy tools for a pretty disgusting purpose but she also found something else chimpanzees like humans have a dark side to their nature yes Goodall was also the first to show that these peaceful forest vegetarians were actually meat-eating assholes who frequently engaged in chimp eat chimp on chimp chimp aside after decades in the field Goodall now spends her time traveling the world to fight for a variety of causes with occasional interruptions to speak with a not so smart person dr. Jane Goodall thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me well thank you for inviting me you are widely recognized as one of the great experts on chimpanzees what makes them particularly so fascinating to you I think because they're so like us and you know we now know biologically we share 98 plus percent of our DNA with them blood system the immune system the structure of the brain is all almost the same just our brain is bigger and then for me of course it's the behavior the fact that they have personalities they have emotions like happiness sadness fear they communicate with kissing embracing holding hands passing one another on the back shaking the fist they use tools is that what makes them such great pets possible they're not pets I can't even say they're bad pets cuz they're not pets well I mean they're nice acquaintances housebound friends or not and what happens they're very cute and sweet and cuddly when they're little and what happens when they're 5 6 7 and why do people have their face bitten off don't focus on that though focus on the fact that when you dress them up they're so funny chimpanzee but no at no point in your time living amongst chimpanzees did you think about pulling out a little monocle and a top hat and a silver tray and training them to bring you a cold drink did you ever put a hat on them you never put a hat on a chimpanzee I refuse to believe that disagree for the rest of our lives okay fair enough let's talk a little about your methods they were not without their initial criticisms for instance at one point of contention was that you gave your chimps nicknames why did people criticize that yeah well not nicknames names just names there's no actual names to be scientific I should have given them numbers what's the scientific argument for not giving them now cause it's more objective so if you give them a name you're treating them like people I'm gonna throw some names at you and I want you to say if you think there would be a good name for a chimp or a bad name for a chimp ready Jessica Simpson doctor been an appeal MD fair enough how about this is a little simpler poothrow wilson right yeah that's fine okay that's good so you throw somebody else where are you going they're throwing people that I think need thrown at them I mean I'm gonna pick somebody like Hitler because he's gone right poothrow hitler great who drove here there's been an amazing line for a chimp now what you were living with them you learned that chimps had specific vocalizations so can you tell me a little about that well if I'm eating something like you know and you want some you come up to me right you might big just like that yeah but I don't want to give you an easily of this you say dr. Jane Goodall thank you so much [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause]

31 thoughts on “Dr. Jane Goodall Interview: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  1. I'm sure Jane Goodall thought this guy must be retarded. He had Jane Goodall in front of him and starts making stupid jokes.

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  3. Had to have prefaced that interview with a disclaimer:
    “I’m going to be a comedian, please play along”.
    Good on her for being a sport

  4. nobody has ever looked at John with so much disappointment than Jane Goodall when he said that chimpanzees made pets

  5. I've met Jane Goodall, I asked her about this, and she said "It took almost all of my power to keep my composure during the first half of that interview."

  6. I think this is absolutely disgusting and not funny what so ever!!!!! This woman is a goddess and has done amazing work for wildlife conservation and science communication!!!!!!!! !!!! you should be very ashamed of yourself John Oliver :((((((((( Good day!

  7. This parody was done in poor taste! Its reminisce to the liberal behavior we have in the US? They take a subject or issue & bash the hell out of it, to criticize a narrative based on truthful and accurate facts! If his soul purpose is for comic relief? Hahaha, it had "funny" qualities, but it also bashed her life long achievements with that process? He's no better than these chimpanzees are! He doesn't seem to have any reservations regarding their true relationship to us. Do you think so? I think he's a clod in his own ass crack! Now that's funny!

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