Dr. Becker: Are Vaccinations Necessary for Pets?

did you know that most dogs and cats receive well over a dozen vaccines before they reach adulthood most puppies receive their first vaccinations between five and seven weeks of age then every two to three weeks until they are 16 weeks old these are combination vaccines which can contain up to five different attenuated viruses and one syringe given three times before the puppy is 16 weeks of age that's 15 vaccines before 4 months of age then puppies are given rabies vaccine plus kennel cough and lepto and Lyme vaccines and depending on risk the influenza vaccine that's over eight teen vaccines in a span of three months kittens on the other hand received 14 to 19 vaccines the first vaccination when a kitty is 6 or 7 weeks old is 3 or 4 shots that are usually combined into one syringe in a span of just 2 months they receive another nine or 10 vaccines and at 16 to 19 weeks of age they may receive another 4 to 5 shots depending on their environmental risk you may be asking yourself are all these vaccines even necessary and if so are there any risks dr. Ronald Schultz an expert on companion animal vaccines said that there is little to no scientific studies that show the need for revaccination in a dog or cat in their lifetime one well-timed shot for your pet can be enough to protect him for his life but while the pressure from veterinarians to revaccination actually came from in the 1970s vaccines sold in the market were licensed by the US Department of Agriculture these vaccines were made based on studies that lasted only a few weeks to a few months no one actually studied how long the vaccines would last and vaccine makers didn't bother assessing duration of immunity because these tests were expensive and would take years to complete so it was arbitrarily decided that annual revaccination would be the standard in veterinary medicine this decision was not rooted in science it was rooted in a guess which quickly became a mainstay of generating at least one guaranteed annual vet visit for the veterinarian hidden under the mask of the annual wellness exam in 1978 dr. Shultz and his colleagues released a study that recommended puppies and kittens beery vaccinated every three years instead of every year but this recommendation wasn't fully recognized until 2003 when a task force assembled by the American Animal Hospital Association gauged their findings although the American Animal Hospital Association noted that some vaccines protected pets for at least seven years they needed to strike a compromise with practicing veterinarians who were very fearful that they would lose clients if vaccine protocols were reduced the American Animal Hospital Association's final recommendations were that owners should have their pets be vaccinated every three years sadly this three-year recommendation is still not rooted in science and even more frustrating is still not followed by many veterinarians today by 2020 the veterinary vaccine market is expected to expand to seven million dollars and as manufacturers release new vaccines in the market we can assume that there will be more pressure to vaccinate not less from the medical community but revaccination can lead to over vaccinations exposing your pets to harmful substances and increasing his risk for deadly diseases such as cancer autoimmune diseases and life-threatening vaccine reactions currently one in two dogs and one and three cats in the u.s. die from cancer a statistic that didn't exist 40 years ago so why do people over vaccinate their pets there are three possible reasons one is lack of awareness due to the influence of advertisements vaccine laws and outdated vet recommendations second many kennels and pet boarding facilities do not accept tighter pets and finally many pet owners have little to no knowledge about healthier alternatives such as tighter testing take Jake for instance he brings his dog Fido to the vet for a vaccination instead of a wellness and titer checkup this has become the norm for pet owners since they erroneously believe that the more vaccine a pet gets the healthier the pet will be but vaccinations aren't like gas takes where overtime your pets immunity runs low and then eventually runs out where they're unprotected your pet doesn't magically run out of their vaccinations on a one or three-year basis and the exciting news you can actually check your pets immune response to vaccines with a simple blood draw called a titer test if your pet has any tighter no matter how low the titer is they are considered actively immunized this is excellent news for people who are looking to know that their pets are protected without giving unnecessary additional vaccines I don't call this holistic medicine I call this common-sense medicine and something all veterinarians should be doing what Jake didn't know was that he can offer common-sense medicine to fight oh by partnering with an integrative veterinarian then vet visits can truly become wellness visits wellness medicine focuses on preventing disease beforehand instead of treating it when it strikes most conventional vets are not taught this type of medicine in school instead they learn reactive medicine or identifying and treating degenerative disease and illness once they have occurred this is why proactive veterinary medicine is a foreign concept among many vets and in turn most pet owners in this one vaccine example alone pet owners and veterinarians could work together and spark a change in the way that pets are protected from illnesses eliminating unnecessary immune compromising vaccines is just one of the many ways proactive veterinarians work to identify lifestyle obstacles before disease occurs if you don't know any wellness veterinarians check out the American holistic Veterinary Medical Association's find a holistic veterinarian page you can also visit our website healthy pets Mercola comm for tips on how to take care of your pet as well they deserve nothing less than the very best you you

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  1. Professor Ronald Schultz is one of the most experienced person in the world on vaccines. He is the professor and chair of Pathobiological science department. His Research is conclusive, one DHP at 16 weeks is all dogs should need, and that's it for life. There are also natural nosodes available, never mentioned by most conventional vets, nosodes provide protection and unlike the vaccines they have NO side effects. Check out Dr Patricia Jordan DVM on this channel. Also dogs naturally magazine, and Dr Andrew Jones. In the UK check out Dr Christopher Day. All the best.

  2. I have two cats and two dogs. None are vaccinated. Vaccines are poison that compromise the immune system, make animals & humans sicker and die younger.

  3. Thank you for informing the masses! The animal abuse that lines the pockets of the greedy and heartless must stop!!!!!

  4. I had a chow mix, and I stopped vaccinating at age 4. She lived to b 16 yrs old with no medical problems. She died of just old age. My chihuahua is now 9, and he has only had first shots at age 4 months. No health problems.

  5. Had a horse and a dog who were very old get their annual vaccines. Both were unable to get up within a week and had to be put down. If I had not vaccinated them I might have had another few months or even years with them. Learned well. I still wonder about the rabies vaccine required by law. What do we do about That? If you even have them groomed they require kennel cough vaccine so we don't do that anymore and no teeth cleaning so I brush their teeth 3x a week. I prevented kennel cough with my 4 dogs when it was going on all over the neighborhood with silver solution. Our visiting dog got it and I didn't even separate the 5 dogs at the time. I believe he might have brought it from town. What about rabies? What if someone says your dog bit them? And you don't have an up to date certificate? Do I still not give them rabies v.?

  6. I totally am against vaccines… more harm then good… they won’t clean my dogs teeth here without the rabies vaccine so I have to do it … but I’m gonna do detox afterwards on him

  7. Only in Usa you hear pets having diabete, high blood pressure (still wondering how they measured it), cancer etc ….. EVERYBODY in my city is so fucked up that do all vaccines. I guess their parents and grandparents don’t tell them how stupid this is

  8. Such bullshit why would you inject dogs with lyme? Money same as vaccinations in people. You do know they patent diseases.

  9. The TITER TEST is not holistic or common sense medicine since you damage the vessel(pet dog/cat/etc) as soon as that needle breaks the skin and withdraws THE LIFE aka THE BLOOD that was NEVER created and meant to be drawn out which is another medical field catastrophe.

  10. Vaccines are unnecessary for pets and even us humans…God created us perfect and vaccination agendas are pushed ultimately for monetary gain and population control.

  11. I have a question. My German shepherd puppy is 12 weeks old. After his 2nd and 3rd set of shots he is a different pup. he had bad reactions to the Lepto in the shot after the 3rd one. He nips and gets aggressive all over again. He even gets where he won't listen. I know he's a very intelligent pup. At 6 weeks he was potty trained, he even sits, lays down, shakes, goes to his crate when told and even stays. My family and I see a huge difference in him. for the worst, after his shots. What do we need to do? Please help.

  12. Thank you Dr Becker! You are a visionary and a very courageous and beautiful person! Wishing you all the best!

  13. How about Rabies and Parvo vaccine… Are they considered annually? Last year i gave my furr baby Rabies Parvo vaccine shot .. Next day i could see he was uncomfortable sitting and to stand. I asked my vet doc if that could be an reaction to the vaccine, she denied it. Till today my buddy is suffering… He has developed arthritis due to vaccine reaction. It hurts me so bad to put him into that painful condition. Im giving almost everthing i could to ease his pain… like fresh Aloevera gel, Tumeric, Ginger, Pineapple, Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM, Astaxanthin, ACV, Moringa and boswellia.

  14. Even for humans all the important vaccines are given at a proper routine. Pretty much there are no routine vaccine after 18 years old. Only the tetanus shot every 10 years and the influenza vaccine every year if u need it. I only do rabies for my dog every 3 years

  15. I've never had over vaccinated! Until I did. Convince by my vet to the "right thing" My husky Maya died of cancer 2 ½ year later. Common sense people! Common sense people!

  16. Ya know, in the rural south most people don't get shots for their pets. And I got a pit bull pup from a backyard breeder, looking back im sure he fought them,?☹️, in West Virginia. She never got sick. Though I did get all her shots, her bloodline hadn't. Now, out in Colorado, so many have health issues at a young age. Could this be a factor?

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  18. I definitely agree, after the first vaccines (even though I don't totally agree with the ingredients in them), I wouldn't revaccine them… From my my personal experience though, last year I had four puppies, two unvaccinated, two vaccined. The two that weren't vaccined died under 5 months from parvo. The other two are still alive and happy. But still, I definitely disagree and am disgusted by the pumping of chemicals and unnecessary shots…

  19. Are there really necessary vaccines, if no one can tell you what’s in them? I know rabies is law in most states, but scientifically, does it makes sense to call it necessary if the ingredients are a “trade secret”? It’s shady enough as a mandate that doesn’t tell you what’s in the vaccine, but it doesn’t make sense to give any merit to it being actually beneficial to the dog’s health- it’s just law…if that makes sense…

  20. Also……just an FYI……That 600 pound Tiger at the Zoo gets the same vaccine amount as your teeny weeny kitten. Let THAT sink in for a minute.
    That's like you getting the same vaccine as an ELEPHANT , would such a thing exist ! It's absurd !

  21. One thing else I have to say. We got a cute puppy and it was almost ready to go for its shots. My sister brought another puppy over, said she found it running in the road. Within a couple of days they were both put down because of the pyro virus. Its a horrible virus I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

  22. I once got "put down" by a vet. I told her lets just give him what he absolutely needs. I couldn't afford all that extra stuff. She (nastily) said people shouldn't have animals if they can't afford them. He was fixed and had his yearly needs, was happy and healthy. All my animals were rescues that got dumped at the forest we live by. I should have reported her (wanted to smack her) but just never went back.

  23. Tell people all the time why are you giving a grown dog shots? when you were little you got shots once you reached a certain age u didn't its really common sense

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