29 thoughts on “Doug the Pug – All I Want For Christmas Is Food [Parody]

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  2. Hay que padre lo dejan entrar Alós super mercado en México no los dejan entrar apanas en las plazas no en las tiendas

  3. Why did pugs have to be bred like that. They used to be cute now they ugly wrinkly flat faces and fat bodies. That’s ugly and unhealthy for the dog.

  4. all I want for Christmas is that apartment and the tree cause did you legit see how pretty the view of the city is and the Christmas tree is?

  5. SO CUT I like the one when he had the hair xD?SO CUT! and the song CAN'T STAND IT I REALLY WANT A PUG SO HARD AAA SEE YOU PEEPS bye

  6. I can’t use any word to describe how good chipotle is…and popcorn….

    That’s what I want for Christmas.

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