Door-to-door Pest Control Sales: What you should know

It’s been about ten years is the summer
of 2006 when I first sold pest control door to door. There are
a few things that you should know as a homeowner before buying pest control at
the door. First of all, the companies that the
summer sales guys represent are built entirely around their summer sales
program. Everything from their method of operation, their core philosophy, even their company culture is built out
from their summer sales program. That inherently makes them different from
your local traditional pest control provider. For example, their summer sales guys are actually not allowed to sell anything except contracts. They’re
not allowed to offer you a one-time service. They’re not allowed to offer you
services you can cancel at-will. The reason for that, is because their
goal is not necessarily to be your service provider for a long time to come. Their goal is actually to gain as many
pest control contracts as possible that they can then later turn around and sell
to a larger corporate entity. You would find, if you were to buy a pest
control contract today at your door, that the company servicing your house is, in
some cases, brand new and in most cases less than five years old. And because the
emphasis is on selling basic general pest control contracts, sometimes these companies don’t have
additional licenses that would allow them to offer you a full scope of
services for pest control at your house. For example, if you came across a termite
issue down the road; if you had Gophers in your lawn; if you had snails in your
garden; these pests require more than just a
basic general pest control license and if they don’t have the proper licensing
you would end up having to find a new company that can offer you those
services as well. The last thing you should know is that
the summer sales guys are young, enthusiastic, hard-working guys. These
guys come often from out of state they work very hard. They’re saving money for school most of
the time or whatever the case might be. Even if you’re not interested in buying
a pest control contract at the time, bring them into the shade a little bit
offer them some water. But, make an informed decision. It is inherently a different experience
to be the customer of a large sales organization than to be the customer of a
service minded organization that wants to be of service for a long
time. There are many pest control companies who have summer offers that
don’t require contracts. There are many general pest control companies that can
offer a full scope of services. I’ll post the link to our very own summer offer
that you can check out. And we definitely would love to hear from you. Tell us what you think. Give us your
questions about pest control, termite control, rodents,
anything you want to know–let us know in the comments right here. You can reach
out to us if we can ever be of service at 1 (844) GOT-ANTS.

15 thoughts on “Door-to-door Pest Control Sales: What you should know

  1. i dont get how come u got no comments! this is very VALUABLE INFO!! and this help homeowners not to fell into wasting $$! on the long run.

  2. True facts, but not completely. With most companies there is a guarantee of the services. Often termites aren't covered because otherwise it would be a really expensive pest control service for something that they probably don't have. If you know you have termites then never get the door to door pest control. However, basic pest control is a good prevention, and the techs are trained and licenced to determine if you have termites or not.

    So…..unless you want to pay for a really expensive service and for something that you may not have, UPFRONT, then go ahead, get pest control elsewhere.

  3. What's interesting is about 10 companies I know in Texas run mostly off door to door sales because there are so many companies that battle for service that a number or ad won't do it anymore to gain accounts. In my opinion this guy has a few facts that are true because only two companies I know right now sell to terminix and Massey they are sure pest and aptive. But he isn't right about one time and dealing with larger problems such as mice and rats. Every company I work against covers for them and all general bugs.

    The college kids knowing very little and being high energy yes that true. But the top 15 door knockers for our company have made this a career and have expertise in the business on servicing and customer service to help keep our company going. Things have changed on what you have said.

  4. True in some cases, but not true in many others. Yes, there are big corporations that sell out every few years to even larger corporations, however, there are very many companies out there that do cover termites, mice/rats, etc. If you’re talking about large animals like raccoons, voles, ground hogs, etc. then you have a point, however, those are never just individual house problems and a homeowner shouldn’t be responsible for that on their own. Rather those are neighborhood problems that a community normally has to deal with. Also, THERE IS A WIDE VARIETY OF SALES GUYS OUT THERE! Some are calm, some are fireballs, some do know only enough information to sell a service, and some are extremely knowledgeable about pests, chemicals, delusion rates, and licenses required. I am what you described, a younger student trying to pay for college, but I guarantee that when I come to the door, I know which products are being used, how much of it is used, what pests it affects the most, what season that product is most effective in (including the amount of time before you need to rotate that product), and the bug reproduction cycle for the most common and hardest pest to exterminate, which then affects how often one must treat for such pests (German cockroaches, June bugs, Carpenter ants, Carpenter bees, etc).
    The best advice for buying pest control is to listen to the offer, ask whatever questions you’re most concerned about, consider the sincerity of the sales guy, look up reviews, and trust your gut.

  5. This guy is just trying to sell you his pest control on YouTube, most pest control door to door companies have been around longer than 5 years and are service oriented. Majority of them do offer termite protection and are licensed to do the other things, some of them even have a landscaping license. So if you’re trying to decide about buying from a door to door guy don’t listen to this cunning liar. His only incentive to make this is to get you to buy from him.

  6. I work for a local private pest control company myself. In south Florida the competition is insane. I myself treat lawns and shrubs/palms. My company does not advertise or go door too door. We basically sell off of quality and each techs ability too sell off of his work.

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  9. Pest control summer sales programs are so dishonest. "If you'll be here tomorrow (wink) I'm doing it really cheap!" Literally everyone gets the "cheap" price any day of the summer, and it's hard for the rep to even get paid what he's promised by mngmt.

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