Don’t Get Scammed! Pet Marmoset Monkeys

Hello everyone! My name is Michael Poggi.
Welcome to Poggi’s Animal House. I have here with me a real common baby marmoset. This
baby marmoset is about 8 weeks old. Now many of you have inquired about getting a common
mormaset as a pet. I wanna caution you and be careful of scams. There’s many scams out
there of people who will either put up a website or try to sell you a monkey for eight hundred
dollars or a thousand dollars or fifteen hundred dollars and when you send the money, then
you never get a monkey. It’s because that, people are getting scammed everyday from the
same problem. So in other words, be very careful that when you’re buying a monkey, that you’re
getting it from a reputable breeder. Someone that has experience, and has a real facility
and can prove it. They should be USDA licensed, they should have their permits in place, inspected,
and have healthy animals. So be very careful that you don’t look for a monkey that says
for adoption. There’s no such thing as a monkey for adoption. Monkeys are expensive, they
are not cheap. They are not eight hundred dollars, they are not a thousand dollars.
They are more expensive than that and they definitely, definitely, definitely should
be from a reputable breeder. If you’re trying to save money, you could get ripped off. Be
very careful and get it from a reputable breeder. You’ll definitely, definitely be happy by
purchasing a monkey from someone who could prove that they have a facility and they have
experience like we do. Thank you very much and if you have any more questions go to our
website Thank you. Also another good point is that, if you are
not able to go to the person’s facility and pick one up and pay for it in cash, then there’s
a good chance it could be a scam. So that should be something where, if you offer to
do that and they say “No we don’t, we don’t have a facility we’ll just ship it to you.”
then be very careful. So you wanna be able to ask them, “Can I come to your facility
and actually purchase a monkey and pay for it in person, at your facility?” If they say
“yes” then that would be something you may want to look into. But when they say “no”
then most likely its a scam. So be very careful about scams, cause these little guys are being
used as scams and it’s not a good thing. Thank you very much.

98 thoughts on “Don’t Get Scammed! Pet Marmoset Monkeys

  1. Want to have a pet monkey ? Go live in the wild and be free with them don't have them cooped up Inside they're not suppose to be owned they're suppose to be free out in the wild !

  2. Not a single word on responsible pet ownership just "dont get scammed, make sure you get a quality animal to be ignorant with…"

    These exotic animals probably shouldn't be kept as pets and this is coming from someone who'd probably sacrifice a limb to have one.

  3. I don't get why it's a bad thing to have a monkey as a pet. what about other animals like dogs cats ext. why isn't that a bad thing I just don't get it

  4. Let's enable the universal translator…

    Let's see… here it is. Marmoset setting. Let's see what the little guy is saying:

    "What the hell am I doing here…?

    "Hey! You, giant head! Let me down!"

    "Hey! Let me down! I want back home!"

    "Hey! Let me down! How do I get down? Hey! You people there! Let me down or I'll bit this guy!"

    "Help! This giant head thing won't let me down! Oh, dammit, they ignore me…"

    "This thing won't stop shacking! I want back home!"

    "Oh, please, just shut up already!"

    "I am really, really getting pissed of here… I want down!"

    "Help! I want down! I want back home! This guy wont let me down!"

    "Seriously now…"

    "Let me down! Let me down! I want back home! Let me down!".

    Looks like the poof thing really doesn't like being held like that.

  5. hello , I have been really interested in getting a momacett  for a long time I am an animal lover I have owned squirrels and have a lot of fun owning one I have horses  I small dog  that really loved playing with our pet squirrel  our squirrel brought a lot of enjoyment to our home had her over 2 yrs  but while she was out one day  a stray cat got her  but I really would love to own a momacett  and I have watched a lot of videos and would  really like to buy one off of you!!! I have a bad back an shoulder so I have a lot of free time to spend with one not just get one an leave in a cage,i would like to get one shortly after it has been born ,when will be the earliest you will have one, thank you so much for your time,,k

  6. Although I wouldn't own one myself (they're not domesticated, in the true sense of the word), although in an ideal world I'd LOVE to, it must be noted that they are social animals, therefore it's best to own two or more 🙂 This is for the enrichment of the animals & for no other reason than that.

  7. Why would anyone want a wild animal as a pet? I'd wager that most people don't understand what caring for a monkey really entails especially when they become adults. Why are humans so damned greedy?

  8. Everyone saying you can't have a monkey for a pet just look at Rise of the planet of the apes. If you get a pet monkey he will turn into a genius then take over the world with him.

  9. Can someone help me? I live in UK and i have no idea where should i buy it and what should i buy for the monkey and about how many pounds does it costs!!

  10. For everyone saying that wild animals should not be kept as pets.. What about the theory of where dogs came from? In theory, wolves were domesticated for human companionship and protection. And slowly changed into dogs we own today. Their instincts were slowly diminished to create the lovable best friends we have today.

  11. You people are So thick here in the UK you used to need a licence to own one of these but now you can buy them in reptile exotic shops in essex! At £800! They can be kept as house hold pets but not kept In closure because that is cruel! Regular walks and runs around the house and plenty of play time the same with parrots they are wild animals but have been hand reared around humans and other animals to be household pets what's the difference?

  12. I like all the "animal activists" here.  I don't own any animal but I feel like if I supported something so strongly, I'd put my time into personally stopping the distribution and not the sale.  They obviously don't get that statement because they are trolling on the internet, it's way easier than spending time to cure a problem.

  13. Licence or not Michael, you're still a piece of shit. Do you trade human babies aswell? There's good money to be made there, desperate couples who can't have their own kids would pay through the nose. Look into it, I'm sure you'll do well.

  14. What if the monkey is sold on classifieds and says for adoption and that they are well trained and have all equipment and have a video of them with the baby monkeys would that count as a scam?

  15. I always want one when I was a kid..but since im all grown up and got a job I still want one..where do I buy one as a pet.m

  16. All animals that have been raised in captivity deserve a loving home with someone experienced to care for it, the point is don't just get something because its cute , get it because you want it to be part of your family for as long as you and it will live some animals tend to outlive their owners so remember that if something were to happen to you, you have another member of your family or a very close friend who would take the best care of your little family member. Its not fair to them to have great care and then have none.

  17. Or you could just not buy these animals as pets because they are WILD and not DOMESTICATED and don't deserve to be in your living rooms. They should be in the WILD because these are WILD animals and not DOMESTIC.

  18. I've seen the difference between marmosets in zoos and marmosets who'd been kept as pets and are now in a sanctuary. It's like night and day. If you HAVE to have one, do your research and realize that these creatures are PRIMATES and much more high maintenance than the typical cat or dog.

  19. Ok Michael poggi, u think you're so great because your making money! From taking a innocent little monkey from everything it could have been experiencing and selling it to retarded people who will cram it in a little freaking bird cage!!!!! How would you like to live in a cage for the rest of your life, I don't mean any offense but u need to be selfless and help these poor Monkeys live the life they should live!!! And get another job this is selfish and illegal and terrible!!!!!!!

  20. The real problem is not the scams; it's people thinking that they have a sense of entitlement to have these animals as "pets".  It's selfish and inappropriate to think that these animals are a good fit as a "pet".  People who do this are all about their egos and they lay trips on these animals to fill gaps in their low self esteems.  The animal is the one who pays the price for this.  They belong in the wild.  If you want to feel good about yourself, do something to save their habitats.  Fight the oil and gas companies and any other company that clear cuts jungle.  Fight the people doing the chemtrail spraying.  Donate the money you would have spent on this inappropriate "pet" and give it to a reputable organization who works to save their habitats. 

    Did you notice that this baby is crying for it's parent?  That's where the poor little thing belongs…with its parent, not on this narcissist's finger.  All it takes is a little empathy gang.

  21. Poggi is scamming people too!  Do NOT buy monkeys.  They belong in the wild or what's left of it and not in people's homes or garages.  Please don't buy from this guy or from anyone else.

  22. Pygmy Marmoset (Cebuella pygmaea) is a threatened animal by IUCN Red List. Therefore promoting marmosets to keeping as pets is against general conservation laws in the US by Animal Welfare Act 2006 i.a. , in the UK by Wild Animals Act,1976., in the EU by Protocol (No 33) to the Treaty establishing the European Community on the protection and welfare of animals (1997); and Lisbon Treaty amending the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty establishing the European Community (2007).

  23. Or, you could not buy one of these animals at all. I appreciate you're trying to help people not get scammed here, but these are wild animals, they should be with others of their own kind in their natural environment. Not in someone's sitting room.

  24. for everyone saying these animals should be in the wild, why watch the video? go watch videos saying that they should not videos of people who are interested in buying them also if you really cared for these pets being in the wild why complain instead of doing something getting you're opinion across wont change my mind about buying a pet monkey, it will only encourage me to

  25. I wasn't really aware of this type of scam until recently, so I decided to do some scammer hunting. Just got off the phone with some clown who said he could overnight ship me 2 capuchin and marmoset monkeys from Minnesota to New York (I told him my name was Donald Trump, he didn't bat an eye). All for the "adoption fee" of $700, which I was supposed to wire him directly through Western Union, the only option of payment he said was available… The best part was the receiver's name for the wire transfer that he gave me: "Carmelo", who he said was his "mom". Then he later said she was actually in the hospital and that's why he needed the money from the monkey sale. One of the most blatant scammers I've dealt with. I'll put up the call with the guy probably next week. Nice video you have here, I'll be sure to share it.


  27. Very well said. Even if you can't go across country to a facility ( or a supposed facility ) at least speak to the person and tell them you have a planned vacation/business trip out that way very soon and you would like to stop by their monkey facility and perhaps pick out your monkey and bring it back home with you. You have be non-chalant about it and see their reaction. Prepare yourself for possible questions they may ask you. When are you coming? Where are you staying? Driving or flying (which airline are you taking), etc. etc.,
    Don't let them turn the tables on you. The bottom line is that if they are legit they shouldn't ask you a ton of questions and should be glad to have you at their facility. They should be wanting you to give them a great review and testimonial. Be smart and be safe. Good luck and God bless.

  28. Thank you so much making this video. I was just about to send over $1000 to this lady. Again thank you so much and God bless u. You just saved me and my boys a lot of devastation.

  29. I really want one but dont live in the U.S.A and would want the monkeys to live in a encloser outside which i cant get……..i would do any thing to have one though

  30. First and foremost, I would not send any amount of money to someone that I do not know, for any reason. Second, I MUST see and play with a monkey for a while before I buy it, to be sure of what I am buying. I just can't believe someone would be naive enough to send any amount of money to someone they have never met, for something they have never seen. OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE!!! Don't get caught up in any scam like that…use your brain.

  31. Breeding is a shame considering the number of rescue animals that need a home… Its a trade off – ask yourself why you want an animal companion. Is it all for you, or do you want to try to make it a choice that benefits more than yourself? If its just for you, naturally you will put the exact species and age of companion you want above considerations of helping an animal in need. If you can try to move beyond just your own benefit, then you might come to feel that you can fall in love with an animal that isn't exactly the one you imagined, and is in dire need of assistance.

    Also consider breeders make A LOT of money, whilst rescue operations don't: they are non-profit. This makes it pretty clear where everyone's motivations are. Do the right thing!

  32. This is awful. NO ONE should have a pet monkey. By endorsing this slave trade–and i use that phrase with all deliberation–you are destroying habitats, decimating populations, ripping apart families. And for all that, when they reach their teen years, they will turn vicious, for lack of a better word. No, they won't eat your face, but they will break anything you own and make your home filthy. This is not a phase. There are a few monkeys living in homes because they had to be raised by hand from infancy due to horrible crimes committed by humans, from which other humans rescued them, but these are few and far between. THIS video, and the supportive comments, shows how deeply depraved humans can be, and not even realize it.

  33. TIP:
    Don't purchase these pets in the US if you can avoid it. If you're visiting China, get the proper paper work prepared. They sell for 6-12 British pounds in China. Bring back a couple males and females and you'll be set for a very long time. Remember, the environment is very important, these pygmy marmoset's chew on everything. You can't have them live in your home exposed to synthetic materials everywhere, with temp fluctuation. Setup a controlled environment with trees and natural forest like contents, more space the better. Do your research on their habitats. If you can't take care of a guinea pig, don't even bother.

  34. They great scam is that we shouldn't own undomesticated wild animals at all. Leave them in their natural habitat. Dogs and cats have been cultured to be around humans.

  35. I am a cat rescuer so nothing would please me more than if everyone adopted shelter animals. My nagging and finger wagging and making videos about how _____ makes a terrible pet will not stop people getting exotic pets. If you're going to get an exotic pet (or even a purebred dog or cat) please seek out a reputable breeder. Don't support puppy mills or the illegal pet trade. You may pay a little more or wait a little longer but it will be worth it when you get a healthy pet and know that you didn't support an industry where animals injured or killed are considered the cost of doing business.

  36. I've got 3 for sale in the UK. £1500 each, but one has a horrible deformity and doesn't like being touched. He's £500, but he's not very nice.

  37. I really want one for my bday but 4,900 is outrageous! At least for my family. So I guess I'll never have one till I'm older ?

  38. Millions of domesticated animals in need of a home and people shell out thousands for an animal that is NOT domesticated (captive bred does not mean domesticated). Marmosets live in very complex social groups that are required for them to live happy and stress-free. Scent production is also a trait and means of communication that is indispensable to a marmoset monkey. Unless Mr. Poggy here is only selling to buyers willing to provide an environment with 3+ GROUPS of marmosets with a dedicated enclosure that simulates the amazon basin, he too, is a scam artist. Only this time, its the animal paying the price, not the buyer.

  39. they don't exist for human entertainment and they don't need to be domesticated to live. No reason to capture them from the wild and sell them in a slave trade.

  40. A video fixated wholly on money and not ethics. A better reason not to buy from shady dealers is the likelihood of unethical treatment (in terms of ecological concerns and humaneness toward the animals). Or better yet, instead of being obscenely selfish and getting an exotic pet just to satisfy your desire for novelty, donate to wildlife preservation and then get a normal pet whose life would actually benefit tremendously by your adopting it.

  41. Why the pet trade is bad:

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