Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer | Official Trailer | Netflix

Are you ready?The Internet is boundless.There’s the happy placesand then there’s another part
of the Internet–
the seedy underbelly.I was on Facebook one day…And I found this video. I press “play.” It was the worst video I’ve ever seen. It needs to be stopped immediately.People went nuts, so we started looking.He could have been anywhere on the planet.This person wants to play
a game of cat and mouse…
and I’m up for that.There’s a lot of information in the video.You see a door handle,
electrical receptacles.
Everything pointed
to North America, but then…
You hear some voices.-It was Russian.
-Oh, maybe he’s located in Russia.Thousands of people
looking to find this guy.
There was a tidal wave of leads
that were coming in. I wasn’t gonna stop until I found him. Clearly, this video was not the end.Something bad is about to happen.He’s gonna kill somebody.All of a sudden, another video appears.My mind doesn’t want to believe it’s true.These are the things,
the telltale sign,
of somebody that’s gonna become
a serial killer.We had a ticking time bomb on our hands.Twisted story that keeps twisting.What I’m seeing is impossible. He is going to get the attention
of the world now. Two mysterious packages.An international manhunt.This isn’t the first time.It’s not gonna be the last time.This is gonna get progressively worse.In the seedy underbelly of the Internet,
there’s an unwritten rule,
rule zero:don’t fuck with cats.

93 thoughts on “Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. The video mentioned here (1 boy 2 kitten) reminds of the guy from 1 lunatic 1 ice pick

    Edit: I hadn't watched the whole trailer and yes, this guy IS from 1 lunatic 1 ice pick

  2. This is crazy, I remember seeing this vicious video on the internet when I was younger. I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

  3. I want to see how this plays out but I don’t think I can handle the abuse towards the cats, if they show it in the documentary. I hope they don’t show it.

  4. So I can't watch Borgia anymore because Netflix spend money on projects like this? half a billion to keep friends for another year, 150 million for an emotionless cgi Di Niro? 500 million to that hack Ryan Murphy to make another televised bowel movement, but you guys couldn't spend anything to keep Borgia?

  5. Be nice if these people felt this way about human beings. Takes an animal being tortured(Never saw the video) to take any sort of action.

  6. Bad idea to do this documentary. The guy who made this kind of videos just wanted to get attention through his videos. In my opinion you should just forget this guy and never talk about him again.

  7. Rule zero also applies to dogs especially if their puppies, yes people have messed with dogs, yes they were found and punished in one way or another, no it was never on this scale.

  8. A kid from my old town used to do things like that with all kinds of little animals, everybody knew but nobody ever said or did anything about it… he grew up to be a murderer and a rapist. That kind of behaviour is ALWAYS an indication that something is bad and rotten in the attic.

  9. obviously I wouldn't search it up and get haunted for a week but can anyone tell me if that subhuman actually killed someone?

  10. I recently got to be with three kittens, I've had tears in my eyes after watching this even though I didn't even watched the video I. People who can be so sick, immediately needs to eradicate from Earth, life sentence is just not enough for them.

  11. Love how people are just uncanny-valley when it comes to make movies/documentaries about serial killers and make them famous. It makes my blood boil!!!!

  12. Est ce qu’on verra les chats se faire torturer ? Nan mais parce que ça à l’air intéressant mais j’ai des limites…

  13. I know a pair of sociopathic twins in my area who swung a kitten to death in someone else’s house and they still go to my barbers and everywhere else and no one says anything because they are cool and tough.

  14. There’s Youtube documentaries that cover this already
    Title kind of ignores the ACTUAL MURDER he committed tho in order to pedal the cat meme…

  15. Am I the only one who has come across a Facebook video of people abusing infants?! People were dropping their babies and hurting them. It was on my mom’s phone while she was scrolling through and I started crying and yelling at her to turn it off so we never knew/found out who posted it. This shit needs to stop. Every time I think about it I cry.

  16. Luka Magnotta legit butchered a dude and sent his body parts across continents for fame. Interested to see how deep they go with who he actually is, or if it’s mostly about the people involved and their story in searching for him. Either way if anyone wants to lose their mind down a reddit hole, look up Luka Magnotta time traveler and enjoy the ride.

  17. But they see videos of innocent black people being gunned downed in streets by cops, and the same exact people, are just fine with that.

  18. OH NO!!! I live in Montreal, please don't make a documentary about Luka Rocco Magnotta.
    Let this guy be forgotten into hell. Don't glorify the men by spreading his name….

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