Don't Choose the Wrong Glove Slime Challenge!!!

she's wrong love job you have slime routines inside these gloves and we're gonna choose one of these gloves and put that ingredient inside it's gonna be suprise surprise because we're not gonna know what it is and at the end we're gonna mix it all up and see what color it's and you guys are gonna decide to come from Dover go Boop pass the betta snap and we're gonna finish when alder run happens mmm the freshman inside who's gonna be picking all right this one has a very interesting shape to it I wanna pick this one what does it feel like Barbies nah so guys this is the glove has a very weird shape to it and it feels like little tiny balls rolling inside so it's definitely Orbeez so I'm gonna cut up the fingers like I use oh my gosh your satisfaction oh it's not picking up come on they're orange oh yes they look like peaches is that good or bad I don't know depends if I have an orange slime all right never fingertip gonna go up squirting water everywhere squirt the water oh yeah oh yeah it's not satisfied look at all of those peaches coming out warm orange oil whatever you want to call them all right Oh bees come on get it y'all in there oh yes squeeze all those Orbeez out all this gone demolish bye-bye I am very scared which one are you gonna pick I have no clue I feel like the color of the glove is gonna rest % but what's inside other than dirt well so it blends in more but one big one that's one can I feel it sand dude I think it's glitter all right one way to find out about the thing guys okay let's find out I think it's littered it can all be sad company me out there no way it's soul no it's rice right now salt like oh my god wanna you're making dinner yes I put it up put it down okay let me help yet today's is right already you're all your rice and that feels interesting you got your dinner ready you just didn't cook it up now – yep all right time to make the next glove okay guys now it's my turn and definitely glue always yeah okay so this is my glove chemicals Watterson you could also be activated I'm pretty sure – look I'm putting my lips on activator I just hope it's cool – and to me a really pretty color of blue all right dude you're slipping all right miss knit up the tie thing it's activate blue eye all right that's all right it's red glow this is interesting that looks so weird okay so I think I got all of this out almost you know little do a little more squeezing all right so I guess that's done and it's looking kind of gross darkness cattle looks like red okay I know I've been putting my hand over its sensing sit Oh actually I might change my vote for this one but this one this one it has to be this one so I'm gonna peel that's definitely cool turn it past me scissors there you go come on pinky it's green glow I told you represents the color good lord up I don't like green so Billy says put R in it yep please be careful and pause okay let's squeeze it satisfying and I think I'm going to pick this yellow do I think this yellow but we had a little bit of glue in there I hope it's gonna be pretty if it's not blue I hope it's glitter all right for octo-gator they're gonna get snippets Nick isn't it coming up it's glue but just like stubborn it's yellow blue yellow winter since the color oh oh it will match my orange Orbeez because I'm gonna have red and yellow orange that's what we cool oh yeah but this fingers guys to get out alright Oh boom boom boom boom boom look at that satisfying squeeze all right now your turn I am sensing and I do not sense anything I do not sense I feel like one this one [Applause] okay so I got rice and glue and I kinda need more glue and I think this is what exactly I need feels really squishy my sensations are always right so let's start snipping Oh Hank oh is that silver it's silver I like silver alright time for some squeeze in action yep alright we're doing shenanigans and that's good okay here we plot it again that's my turn to pick up below I think I should go for this blue money I think that's a little more glue is it or might be shaving cream section might be shaving cream it's but the only way to find out is this start snipping all right so I'm gonna start snip it it's black glue do you want black glue not really let's really water look how it's pouring out I bought our shaving cream look how wondering that is I don't even have to squeeze it's just coming out oh wow okay one squeeze alright done did it and then done okay boom okay I'm gonna start setting now my Jets that's it it always works this one something very shallowly I think this is activator it's so watery oh yeah I told you I told you but a lot of Jedi bring me round sorry I was right my sensations are working perfectly all right that was an awesome sensation sensation thing all right now you've got a little water in there and now I'm gonna get my own pool water yeah I'm doing this one oh it's more glue yeah the sense of w isn't definitely glue I'm whatever cleans it's gonna be yellow got it blue ha ha ha glow in the dark this is that clear now it's not glowing the dark wish it was all right oh yeah all right down all right I think I'm done here better be amenable but okay sensation let's start this might be the one okay I think I kind of need a more glue for how much rice I have guys what color do you think of this I think it's pink cause the club glove is pink it's orange it's orange I thought I was paying for a second that's good yep oh wow okay okay it's squirting in nice not too shabby looks like little fingers just plop inside that little ball oh yes the last good squeeze okay in the bottle you go Missy okay now it's my turn the triggers well I already know which one I'm going for I don't even think about it bad it's this one but this that's a good run Neela its activator how do you know that was activator I was looking at I'm like that's activator it's just like flopping now that way my glue doesn't flop this way it's activator that one's glue watch something very right see but this one is shaving cream cause it's kind of floated all right I'm making my own pool here all right okay I might go with shaving cream or I might start sensing and these two are bad this is the best I swear it isn't Mark glue and glue I actually need loads of glue my senses are just giving me glue I'm all I'm sensing this blip it's red pink brown pink oh yes my senses were right for my buck anyways what a work with pink time to start the squeezing contest dananana which finger you can squeeze the best okay we are finished our squeezing program see you next time folks on squeezing program TV app while you glue on your face that's the a patrol for squeezing program TV see you later folks okay I know exactly what you're going for again I'm going for this one oh my god I shouldn't what it's litter it's good whether it's clinic it's glitter glitter glitter I would like a glitter oh my god that's why my son's nations are really all right not glitter Oh rainbow balls oh yeah look it's magic pipe awesome holding take it it just flown on top of doctor waiter okay guys so now we have three gloves I don't know which ones a big butt this one has given me the senses what is it it's very full and squishy probably it's not okay well let's find out please be seen please my sensations baby it's pink well another thing another pink I think my senses are just trying to make you jealous but yours is gonna be ugly anyways okay guys this another glue and it's been five really light kits it's my second pink and pink is always the one so I'm gonna beat a warning sign to the world that's enough yep I don't want more it's enough goodness for you yes alright so I'm gonna be going for this one this one I know I know it's glue it feels like glue and this one I can see through it glitter so balls or whatever and I don't need that no I just don't need it so I'm gonna add its it I wonder what color it's gonna be blue orange hello I'm guessing scream oh no it's blue it's both combined that's a pretty color it's like all in things go squeeze this together I'm just gonna quickly sense if this is good you don't need it because I already know it's bad taste or feel good taste okay guys this is the ultimate Alaska love it's not you all two minutes not too good let's just feel it's glitter is it rice well prepare for the satisfaction there's actually good glitter okay last finger fun well I decorated my sister's why oh wow look inside or better than yours and yes this is amazingly awesome look at that okay guys the last look as you can see there's no more gloves left and just before we mix it all up and ruin it all but not really take a look at these awesome slides so here I have orange Orbeez I got a couple of different colors of glitter glue some blue glue I got the activators which makes the ball see if we cut off below a little bit and of course I got this beautiful kind of torque crazy color at the top Chris movie looks pretty tasty but mine looks even more okay let's start the first ingredient we have two awesome rice and then it's low silver glue and then two dark green glue and then the brain blew some pink even more pink over here some rainbow glitter and there's some activator and up but you cannot see so guys the former misfit up coming number what cause do you see we're gonna get you got five seconds coming is not enough you guys get to pause the video because I don't I'm not sure if you can type that fast have you done it yet click the like button if you did I think my slime is gonna turn out to be Bronx s only different colors and all the driver Brown is gonna be green pink or rainbow or right okay if nothing even the color okay so let's do it I'm gonna mix it three tip 1 whoa it's gonna be a bit of a toughy to mix gotta pull up the loop in the bottom and bring it to the test screen I turn off your slime is actually slime it looks like a pool like jumping bad things will happen but we're the startup run Ronald when I mix it up and I when I finish you're gonna regret saying it okay so now it's time for my ultimate dick dump awesomeness yeah okay dump starts off pretty clean we get some stuff going to the top it's hard to do it though okay okay this is hard this is hard I'm just gonna dump bring up a little it's all glitter oMG where's the glue it's all the way down – chilling woof its I don't know that's right yes my foots going pretty good everything's mixing up I could see some Orbeez actually looks like this is gonna be a dark blue she like it looks like he's gonna be black dark blue rod over difference okay so far not going well the glitter takes over because the glitter is very strong and pow oh you guys we're gonna be making here for quite a while and mostly guys what think I think our British lungs mine it's a dark blue color and it looks so pretty and mine is a very very rainbow which glitter berry not stretchy this is my like it's this really pretty dark blue color a bunch of different kind of got the glitter colors and a bunch of different kind of like these circle colors and it makes it look so colorful but yet so blue and then these or be thorough started it off orange but now they're green it's probably because of the blue but I think it looks absolutely amazing if you think my one coming down below hashtag I got a blank space baby okay guys this is my assignments very very rainbow week literary it has lots of rice like it's dinner and it's very not stretchy don't you think my wand comes down below one cuz why not

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