Donald Trump Supporters Interviewed by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog • Triumph on Hulu

one candidate has dominated the media coverage and the polls this election cycle I visited two of Donald J Trump's rallies to learn more about the man and his supporters take a look I'm here in Muscatine Iowa where Donald Trump is ready to speak at the high school gym a very bold move for Trump because his supporters usually avoid both education and physical fitness make America great ladies babies we are witnessing history here folks specifically Germany 1934 that's what we need any change in the White House we don't need some rich asshole telling us what to do or we know wrong rally will do the challenge asshole telling us we believe he's full-on conservative now yes no gun control none of that crap yeah okay yeah trust me I'm from New York Trump used to be a bigger Democratic supporter than Michael Moore's bras Louise no girls ride home right now why aren't you here Donald's looking for his next wife ethanol is a big issue uh-huh well what I mean shouldn't farmer support Bernie Sanders because he believes in turning all food into gas because he's a little Jewish hilary planetary clear would be a disaster for America she would be weather when you fear more Hillary Clinton is President or having to put your beard under a black light so who do you think would be the most appropriate running mate for Trump Sarah Palin Mitt Romney or anyone wearing and I'm with stupid t-shirt Oh a Sarah Palin yes Sarah Palin she's a she oh yeah it's the girls she gets the girl the woman's rights you really want Donald Trump to be President but yes yeah let me ask you something when you watch the movie Philadelphia did you cheer for the aides so people say that Trump's us there's a racist just because they want immigration James that's fair which people say that oh well you know people like me come on who's kidding who know you're uncomfortable with anybody darker than malleable how about you guys in favor of the wall absolutely a wall absolutely I think maybe they should build a wall between you and Denny's you're more tolerant of foreigners in general it's just want them to come in the right way exactly that's very wise see you it's obviously from your world travels who's kidding who listen the last time your feet left American soil was when you did a jumping jack in the 5th grade I love this a brilliant man you know he's also very successful the author well he isn't off in this Riddler well he's written 15 books they all start out chapter 11 because he's failed many though what do you think Trump needs to do to actually make America great again make our Second Amendment you know more word people make its biggest actually work like this you know what I'm gonna give you a three-day waiting period with your answer when I went onto this journey June 16th now the escalator remember the famous escalator ride and the receptivity has been incredible the poll receptivity and there's no word when people are shooting their friends in California when they're shooting they're naked outside can't stay here with that message I got oh yeah all the swag you could be remember ben Carson he has Jesus in his house with himself Trump goes what better folks it's Donald Trump and Donald Trump now what's your favorite amendment number two baby we're number two we're number two look down here folks one more poster upfront about it right it's a make America great again hat I'm pushing my merchandise murca will you keep it I'll keep it a tell them where you got it for me all right all right go ahead guy have a great time there you go let me just see the back make sure it's fitting nicely perfect all right you go get it step right up folks we need your help sending illegals back or as little as 50 cents a day you can choose a Mexican family from our website and send them back for $50 postcard updates from your deported family for $100 you'll never hear from them again oh dear god this is our next president uh-oh that's Oh talking darlin oh I'm enjoying this very much I don't blame you for firing me I would say this is grounds for firing me you are a bad boss you should fire yourself this place is jumping it's Donald Trump in my heart is pumping Tom eating dumplings this country slumping but Trump is stuff in his fans a bump and the kind of boys coming Oh

23 thoughts on “Donald Trump Supporters Interviewed by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog • Triumph on Hulu

  1. Trump probably would have won the popular vote if he staged fights with illegals at every rally. We all know not only was Rocky based on his life but also Terminator 2!

  2. so nice… when triumph was with the liberals they got offend…here everybody smile… i enjoy it and I'm not even American… I just like to visit Seaworld once a year hahaha…

  3. This was February 12, 2016. Now February 6th, 2019…3 years later. Triumph the Dog needs to to round up these same people…but most wouldn't want to admit they actually supported Trump. Triumph the Dog would have a field day. I will poop on you !

  4. You know triumph is a true democrat. He lays around all day licking his junk (because he can) waiting for someone else to feed and support him. Triumph will wag his tail towards the first person offering a free hand out treat and then go take a dump on your expensive carpet all the while expecting someone else to clean it up. Yep…..Triumph is a democrat!

  5. Holy frick..I knew Trump was a racist…but I had no idea that he was that racist in his rallies. Is 50% of American really that hateful and racist? The thing the with the people in sombreros was the most offensive thing I've ever seen.

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