24 thoughts on “Donald Trump Sings "White Christmas"

  1. let me see illegals that are arrested and let go to kill innocent people,Muslims are taking over you have shara law in parts of Michigan.Law abiding folks in Baltimore begging the police to restore order in their neighborhoods,Yes it is time for the government to live to their only God given mandate, restore order ,protect the innocent and to punish law breakers. regardless of race,color, or creed.

  2. Wow…….. that is one sick entertainer. He certainly won't go far in the entertainment business. Disgusting video !

  3. Another liberal clueless comic that wouldn't know funny if he was sitting on top of it. Get with the program.

  4. What a crock of deceived BS! Trump has hired all ethnicities, women & ONLY America loving Patriots! which is what America wants! America does NOT belong to Islam, never will! Obama & his Imps have brainwashed so many idiots, but it doesn't matter. The TRUE GOD of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob has answered the prayers of His Saints all over the earth & we cannot wait to see the muslim wannabe dictator GONE! WE ARE TAKING AMERICA BACK WHATEVER IT TAKES! We do not fear the reaper, we've been business partners since this country began. We are not afraid of the constant threats of the whiney liberals, demonrats, race-baiting corrupt leaders & media. WE, THE TRUE AMERICAN PEOPLE, HAVE SPOKEN! NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST DONALD TRUMP SHALL PROSPER BECAUSE HE IS ANOINTED & APPOINTED BY GOD ALMIGHTY! GLORY TO GOD & MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL YOU WONDERFUL, PATRIOTIC, DEPLORABLES!! THANK YOU JESUS!

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