Dollar Tree Dog Supplies, Favorites From Dollar Tree Pet Aisle

Dollar Tree Dog Supplies pet dog haul favorites from dollar tree pet aisle shop with me at dollar tree store best buys on pet supplies for frugal pet owners Alaska Granny Maltese rescue dog Alaska Sammy who can’t love a trip to the Dollar Tree
I love going to the Dollar Tree store to stock up on supplies for my dog Alaska Sammy
you can see he’s excited he’s sniffing around the bags of things I bought for my dog at the Dollar Tree when you go to the Dollar Tree
you never know what to expect they have a an aisle it may be a complete aisle of
supplies for your dog or it may just be a part of an aisle every Dollar Tree store is
a little bit different in the supplies they sell for dogs the things that I like to choose for my dog from Dollar Tree are the collars and
leashes when you’re looking for dog leashes and collars also look for the
harnesses the collars leashes and harnesses for dogs from Dollar Tree come in different sizes from
small to large look for one the size that suits the size of your dog I think they’re
well made they’re sturdy the leashes have heavy-duty clips on them the
harnesses and the collars have nice sturdy fasteners at only $1 apiece it’s
a great way to accessorize your dog with different colors or have extras leashes collars harnesses around
you can scatter a few extras around so you always have an extra collar if your
dog takes it off for a bath or an extra leash when you need to take him for a
walk a cute thing that I saw for my dog at Dollar Tree was a bow tie to go around your dog’s neck it has
a little fastener and it’s adjustable so no matter what size your dog’s neck it
can fit I saw dog bandanas there was a large size and a small one a small dog bandana
had a nice ribbon type velcro fastening section around the neck while a larger
dog bandana did not have that kind of a fastener the large bandana for dogs simply needs to be tied around your pe’ts
neck they also have a nice selection of dog toys I found some bouncy balls and I
tried bouncing them and they were super hard and not very fun an ice-cream cone
rubber toy for dogs seemed like a great idea but then I spoke with a woman who said her
dog always chewed off the ice-cream cone part on the top and the toy was not a
very good quality because your dog could then end up swallowing some
plastic pieces my dog AlaskaSammy loves these soft ball shaped bouncy squeaky toys that
have a soft tail and he’ll drag it around by the fabric tail and toss it in the air and
catch it again I bought a variety of the dog toys since I know he likes the orange dog toy I got him a few
more the Dollar Tree has a variety of dog snacks and treats from chewy rawhide
to soft and jerky type dog treats whatever the size or texture your dog might
enjoy Dollar Tree probably has something your dog would like I like the variety
of dog dishes but it can be uncertain what you’re going to find
anytime you go there to the Dollar Tree I love going to the Dollar Tree and choosing things for my
Alaska Sammy what are the favorite things that you pick up when you go to Dollar Tree leave a comment and tell me the things you enjoy finding for your dog
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11 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Dog Supplies, Favorites From Dollar Tree Pet Aisle

  1. You have a lazzy lap dog sorry but most dogs well not like the toys at daller tree store but do like the rope toys there and dog harnes and Leah do work for moths the treats blue bags good and dog tim dises good and the toy balls were best you buy him worng stuff.

  2. I have the red leash and it’s COMPLETELY DESTROYED(not cuz of my dog,BECAUSE IT RIPS EASILY)though the other leashes seem fine,so I might get another one

  3. I like your channel and it helped me find things for my dog. Just make sure to make your voice a little less boring. Sorry

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