Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Shabby Chic Bird Cage – Book Fold

if you want to learn how to make this
really unique and unusual birdcage well that’s I’m going to show you in
this video so follow me. What’s up Glue Dots?! I’m Elaine the midnight crafter and
if you know someone that likes to read or you like to read you might want to
make this really neat birdcage that I’m going to show you how to do it’s gonna
be a little bit of work on your thumbs and your arms and that but it is really
worth the effort in the end because it’s a very unique and very beautiful kind of
shabby chic farmhouse… I don’t know kind of an everything kind of a piece
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think right now well we just need to do it so getting started the first thing
you’re gonna want to do we’re gonna picking the right book is what also
helps you’re gonna want to find something that is tall and narrow
whatever you can find out there that you don’t want to get a short and fat book
that’s not very nice but anyway we want tall and skinny for this. (story of our
lives right?) so what we’re going to be doing first is removing entirely the
cover yank that baby off of there so it should have all only soft pages so you
want to be left with all just the regular pages what we’re gonna be doing
to start is put the book facing binding towards you and fold the left-hand
corner down at a ninety degree and smooth it out real nice and then we’re
gonna be taking the other section here and folding that down also to the
binding so this is what you have you’ve got this corner getting folded down and
this whole edge getting folded down so you should have this shape now what
we’re gonna do it would be very boring for you to watch me do this so I’m gonna
go through and do each page now keep going we’re gonna be doing the whole
book so this might be something you can do while you sit and watch TV or
something like that now the more pages you do the harder it’s going to be for
you to get all the way into that edge so you’re going to really need to push down
right at the edge here at that binding so that you can still get into where the
seam is there otherwise it’s not going to have a nice
rounded center point so it’s you’ve got to use a little bit of muscles in there
and press it down as you go make sure your pages are in that crease and as you
go keep pressing down so you can almost see that stitching in there where the
binding comes together this book has 296 pages I’m not sure if
we’re gonna need that many or not but I will keep you posted so here you can see
I’m trying to keep this I’m bending it back so that we can see the threads in
there so as you go along it gets harder and harder and you have to stop and
really press that away so that you can still get into that seam if you don’t
you will not even realize it but you’ll be creeping your way further and further
out and you’re going to end up with a lopsided birdcage so every once in a
while just when you’re folding these you’re going to have to stop and pick it
up and really press so that you can see that seam again so far I’m about ninety
pages in and it’s pretty dense at this point and if you wanted to kind of get
an idea it looks like we’re just about I think halfway so my guess is about a
hundred and eighty pages now you can see how the binding is starting to get a
curve to it and that’s what we want so also the further you go in as I said you
want to keep I keep telling you this because it’s really important but you
want to really push up and make sure that that stitching is showing and as
you go along also you want to make sure that we’re not leaving any space from
the stitching we’re going all the way into that crease
in the center but you do have to continually after two three pages of
folding you do want to go in there and check again to make sure that you’re not
too far away from the stitch that you fold that binding back so it’s
starting to curve which what that’s doing is forming this curve over here so
I’m at about a hundred eighty pages at this point and I think I’m still needing
more because there’s a whole big area here that kind of needs filling in so
I’m going to continue on and one of the nice things too is that you can use your
your sentences here to kind of see if you’re straight or not that one was just
slightly off but as long as you are generally close to being lined up
straight you should be just fine okay I reached 200 and I don’t where did I end
up and I think that that should be more
than enough and what I’m going to do at this point is cut off the excess hahaha I’m
gonna go in with an exacto knife and try and cut that off without cutting my
whole book apart so try and get in there to the crease again where we’ve been
getting in before where the stitching is and I’m cutting away as close to that
stitching as I possibly can because I need to get through to the glue so now
we are left with this what we’re going to be doing is gluing our two starting,
our start point and our end point we’re going to be gluing those together I’m
going to be using my hot glue play with it a little bit to get the shape kind of
spread out and get it a little bit evened out and then we get to the fun
part I’ve worked on getting my shape kind of a little bit better don’t worry
if there’s some gaps here I bought this ribbon at Dollar Tree and you can use
any ribbon you’d like for your project what we’re going to be doing we’re going
to be putting our lace around all the way around up here at the top and then a
row of it at the bottom now the great thing about putting the lace on is as
you glue it you can space these out so that there evened out so right now you
can see I have a bit of a gap here but when I put my ribbon on I will be able
to glue it in such a way that I can place these so that there’s no gap so
I’m gonna go ahead and start one other thing maybe before if you’d like to have
a handle on the top of your birdcage now would be the time to put that in so you
would find a space glue in part of it and then make a little loop and then
glue in I’m going to go ahead and do that okay so I have my little handle on
there and I’m going to go ahead and find wherever I want to start doesn’t really
matter and we’re going to be putting the glue is going to be going just right
here on the edge of the page and then put a little bit of glue on
those the rest of the pages not every single page is gonna need it but because
this is where I’m having issues of its spacing out that’s where I’m going to be
actually placing the glue to help to hold these more evenly spaced so the way
I’m doing this right now is I am kind of spacing out my pages and then putting
glue on my ribbon but only maybe a small portion at a time because you can’t
really get those pages in place and get them glued before your hot glue dries or
cools off and you’re gonna do this around the top and also around the
bottom so here’s what we have so far you know I’ve gone around if your
perfectionist this is gonna drive you crazy something like this which I’m a
perfectionist that’s driving me a bit crazy but it’s in the back so it’s okay
and we’re gonna go ahead now and take some of our other little embellishments
so I had the little pearls if you don’t have pearls I think you can get pearls
and stuff at… occasionally you can find them at Dollar Tree and otherwise you
could probably find them at Joann’s or Michael’s and what I’m gonna be doing is
just kind of going around and embellishing my little birdcage here I
think I’m gonna go ahead and put pearls around this on the lace and then I’ll be
adding on my butterflies and flowers as well these little pearls are
self-adhesive but I don’t really trust the adhesion on them for something like
this so I’m gonna use a little bit of my hot glue as well to kind of hold them so
that they don’t fall off here’s what we’re looking like with that done what
I’m gonna do before I put my butterflies in my flowers on there I had seen
another idea of maybe making something that looked like a little door and
putting a bird on it so that’s why I had the little printout of the bird so in
order to make the little door it’s very simple
we’re not going to make a huge big effort on it we’re gonna cut our piece
of wire and make a curved shape like the door would be on a birdcage something
along that shape so once I get that glued on there I have this printout that
I did from my ink is running out on my printer but I’m going
to use this as a template to cut out a bird from some decorative paper and I’ll
be gluing that on as well so I’m gonna get all my little embellishments glued
on there my flower is glued on there and show you the finished project if you’re
enjoying my videos give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe I’d love
to have you join the glue dot family and also share this with your friends this
is an interesting project it’s a fun one especially if you know someone who loves
to read although they may be upset that you did this to a book anyway alrighty
I’m gonna get working on this and I’ll be right back so I’m pretty much done decorating it I
wanted to just show you a little trick if you want to kind of add some
dimension to so like my bird I’m going around the edges of the bird and what I
did is take my sharpie and an old foam brush one of these foam paintbrush
thingies and I’m just putting some drawing it on the edge here and then it just go
against the edge of your paper I really like how it really changes just the raw
edge of the paper and if you want to do that a little bit on your book some of
your book pages to make them look more rustic that’s another thing you can do
I’m going to do that because I think I really like it to have kind of a an
older look to it so I’m going to show you this all done up and I really hope
you like this project it was a fun one it’s not probably for the beginning
crafter but it’s a great little project

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