open your eyes look like a clown you're glowing can you not hi you know have you seen are you even here from all the way from Atlanta and he's in Los Angeles so I've decided to take it upon me to take this opportunity to grasp it buy us the opportunity but it's a family-friendly ballsack and we're just going to be doing my cousin's makeup because I've seen so many comments on your channel say I think you was a gelatinous paper that you and I would make up and now is our time to experiment so welcome to the vlog bit and we're gonna be talking about some crazy shit because you actually tried we were trying to do this with Sami challenge which essentially if you guys have never heard of the wasabi challenge it's when you put a bunch of wasabi randomly in pieces of sushi and I had my parents do that so we weren't cheating and the second fight that I had had probably I know my stomach just brought did you hear that I had this second bite it was like this much wasabi on the inside and we had to stop filming because my stomach hurts so bad because I ate it on an empty stomach but either way I'm actually gonna show everything guys the story that he told me during them a bug about how I got punched in the face I'm gonna make you beautiful thank you no actually when I was six what happened when you were six where was I when you're six you heard in America I was in Korea would you I'm gonna do my everyday makeup routine consider this to get ready with me although it's signed outside I'm gonna do that everyday makeup routine on your face and I think you're gonna look better than me I love your features you know I could contour the nose a little bit you know but that's okay I mean I can't to initiate out my nose do you know what contour means No why do you wear makeup when you're six for fun I don't know much back then you know do you want your forehead in it or no my forehead is huge man really yeah well I'm gonna take it out to show me your forehead put some of my Mike Jacobs this is in the shade medium bisque as she's Lachey visas and I'm gonna put it on this Real Techniques link in the description use cuz you hear talk I'm gonna share the story about how you got punched in your face yes I want sailor shirt pretty much okay okay I got this I got this I got this you not I'm like not even punching you know I swear to god he's gonna like make this video to his mom [Applause] honestly I go a lot harder on my face like can you not make yourself wrinkly you think you can be a beauty room with that honestly your skin is so good what do you do to your skin Oh Bailey who with the LA Fitness to go play some ball as he said right to play some basketball with his friends how many friends are you would be accurate it's all about more details you move your faces way then he went Sally Fitness with his friend and they started playing basketball when there's other random guys who was there and he's like hey do you guys want to play ball with us because we need more people to like divide into teams and they were like yeah sure let's do it go on brother glider it's like yeah sure let's do it and so they started playing and he was on the opposite team of him and let's call him um James okay he's playing although he how do decide by the way his Korean Daniel but I caught me huh me oh right so then Tony decides that he's gonna try to dunk on the city about what you're trying to do all I know is he took that ball and he tried to put it into hoop but he was like running towards it or some bullshit like that okay he's doing that I can see it bumped into the guy and you know the way that you tell your story is it's really weird because usually people do it the opposite way so people will be like oh and then I told that bitch to get off my back cut you and then you're like no what did you really say that she was you know where he's like yes and then I told him like you know it's okay back off and then I go is that what you said and then he goes no I said shut the fuck up bumped into James James didn't like that what did you say do you think you're good or something and then you know you know like he's just kinda I don't know he's an alien every new relationships good I mean I was like man kind of I was like Matt I was just trying to who you know he's like twice my heart you know when he's getting angry so you tell him to shut the fuck up pretty much right and then your friends break you apart and you guys don't really go at it as you're leaving the port right at the bottom of your sucker punch right here oh my god and I was like did you cry I was expecting anything okay yeah that's cool how did it feel hurts and then your two back front teeth or something why do you look like you're fun and done with the foundation can you show them well your skin is so good I feel like you really don't even need foundation whoa oh not you yeah okay look do you want like what do you want to channel like do you want to go hitting up the club brunch on Melrose like we're gonna buy you know clothes oh you thought give you some Holly ass makeup give me your face clothes like okay you don't have to do all that right you know open it Jeffrey star your ass don't worry okay you can breathe don't die I'm literally responsible for you right now okay you're every mom would can you not open guys do I look like a clown I think we should try a different video looks bad okay look at the mirror good glad you dropped the idea let's go play some pool yeah just like that don't wash it off it was either yeah no that's kind of creepy are you ready are you gonna pour your pretty you wanna brag [Applause] we just got back from playing well hey thanks if you guys are wondering why we were missing a blog yesterday it's pretty much because we went to Malibu spent the whole day at the beach and it was just so loud that I'm pretty sure any footage and all footage that I got from the beach was just a whole vagina we went to a place called Malibu farm it I wasn't meant to tell you this and I forgot to tell you because there's so freaking loud the entire day but you worried you went with my mom and my dad and you went down to the ends of the pier while I was waiting for the restaurant right so I'm sitting there on the chair there was a bunch of people right next to me and I'm just like going through the menu like looking at like Malibu food should I eat right you're walking down as this group of girls and like what I tell you they just was like maybe we don't know brightest but you know they were walking by and something that I absolutely would've said she was that her other friend and she goes pay so like how much would you pay me it's like jump in the water right now oh it's like [Applause] with my mom you're taking it up quick now my god they're not gonna remember oh my god Tigers crying I know it is I think it's really interesting that they remember you or not me oh oh okay said they'd never seen Mingo like listen and you know Wow Wow my mom said their reactions to mothers how do you know we're married yeah then I like this to me so and then my parents wanted to take them back what because my parents thought like there's no yard and my parents were like the dogs are happier in Georgia they get to run around this is miserable in downtown no buts another having so much fun that my parents are like no they should say yeah they're doing really well hey Jess so actually I was literally about to tell you that mango will sit on the side and I don't know understands the concept of cards so I think she thinks there's like a million ball down there so she loves views this one is so classy she's so classy she loves good views guys if you make me the like what so my grandparents drew these in the backyard the yellow one my mom knows that my mom's still happy [Laughter] there was so much stuff and then they start like going there's three of these trees and it's not picking him I feel like they're picking like the best one for me I need to bring some to you guys they all ran out to the back side my mom says she's got the purple ones and they're a little bit to me – yeah but if you leave it a little longer as long as they come back Johannes bring you back anymore right let me show you guys something my fiancé and I ordered leashes for the dogs when they were coming because the old leashes my parents and you're bringing it but we just thought that they were gonna look super old on them it won't it won't cook me after eating one oh no they don't even know what's about to happen they're really at 1:00 in the morning you love jewelry I said you drove from Atlanta you flew all the way from Atlanta just to torture the dog so the dirty streets Oh cute little gloves on because it's so gross out there a new toy swinging oh gosh Oh his ice cream death honey he does not like this she's not having a good time they're like this we've got four new Falls Hey oh I think he's gonna look so awkward did you walk around town okay around downtown that's not the thought I need you [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] then you know that my fiancee literally less to going on with his family get some stuff done and he was was come up and so he was supposed to come back on Thursday it is currently a day-by-day you've got their money morning then you came home Tuesday night I think it's because you miss a dog – parents we're talking about how they wanted to take the dogs back to Atlanta because it's just like there's more grass there they have a yard there they were like you know they're gonna have the life there they're gonna live the dream and so my parents kept threatening to take the dogs back and I remember texting you last night and then you show up the next day she likes it here she just by first when the doorbell kept bringing I was like okay it's either like security or like someone from the front desk like the buildings on fire where it's a kidnapping I thought that was me damn it yeah and then so I like stepped away from a movie she said Stephanie three full me she goes months we're not gonna see Stephanie up there for three whole foot stephanie goes days me okay anyways so much and stay tuned for tomorrow's video because it's but be warned about me everything was healthy as well okay


  1. Is it just me or Daniel looks like a soft boy and he acts like one it’s adorable and Steph be looking aesthetic with her yellow shirt

  2. Am i the only one curious what Stephiance does for a living? Because Stephanie stays at home and he is gone sometimes. Or did i come in late?

    I love how she was planning on bribing tiger and mango with treats in her pockets though. Just so they followed her. lol

  3. He looks so smol next to Stephanie ???
    Smol and innocent – ish next to Stephanie hahaha but that's probably far from the truth ? just smol

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