Kota I sincerely apologize for what we're gonna subject you to in this episode I can already tell that you're gonna hate it but what's up guys and welcome back to another episode of super goobers a good boy we are back and we have an insane package here I've been looking forward to making this video for a very long time we ordered this back in December and it's been sitting in the garage ever since just waiting for the right moment this is gonna be crazy if you guys remember the crazy like custom dog washing station that we ordered it's kind of the same idea this is a custom dog treadmill simply the best dog treadmill in the world so we all know how that's going to work out for Kota if you guys don't follow us on instagram we've been trying to be more active over on the super Cooper Sundays Instagram makes you guys check it out this morning they had some eggs so it's time to burn off those extra calories it's time to get fat boys he's already dead he's already over it what is going on Kota oh my goodness but anyway guys seriously I am so excited this is gonna be insane we're gonna set this thing up we'll see if we can get them working on it right away I don't know it may take a couple of days of like getting used to it and multiple attempts and whatever else but we'll see what happens Bela's over here kind of creeping wondering what we've got going on but let's get this package open so this should be interesting at first we were a little bit worried that Kota wasn't going to fit on it you guys saw at the end there that actually folds out so that's uh wow that's bigger than I thought it was gonna be that's like almost bigger than a real human treadmill I think it might be that's crazy let's peel these things off this is always so satisfying I don't know it broke right there coupe come on help me peel it this is insane I don't know what we have to do to to set it up but we're gonna look at the instructions so overall this looks pretty easy there's like six steps and putting it together we've got a few washers and bolts and little things here to be able to set those side panels up we've also got this overhead bar the ball is sold separately so you have to keep that in mind in case you want to want to use that but we're just gonna put this together real quick okay oh my gosh this is crazy we've even got like genomic display like an actual treadmill and then we even have the safety thing are you supposed to put that like on their collar so if they fall it rips it and it stops it I see that this model came with some cat toys too or I guess a cat trap I should say we've got a box here can't be left unattended oh my goodness just like the the bike trailers a couple weeks ago guys have cats they they like dark things too right coop are you excited buddy let's get this thing put together well setup is done and it looks like we've got one taker for it Bella what are you doing it could be what do you think can you get up here what do you think buddy no you don't want to here come here could be come here come on get up here good boy come on good boy look at that that's nice huh this battery's about to die give me a sec well that's not how you that's not how you use it what are you buddy what is going on here look at that smile good boy do you like it come here good boy that's a really good boy so they've actually it's kind of cool they've got like a little QuickStart guide here let them sit on it and get comfortable praise them give them treats after he's have been more comfortable hold Elise over the upper bar by hand stand facing the dog do not start the treadmill three dogs nervous whatever else so we I mean we would have done this anyway but we're just gonna follow these directions Kota come here right here Kota come here Kota come on cut a lot común come on good boy could I come here come here hey over this way come to me buddy come here good boy good boy come on all the way No this bar is scary let's let's get a treat oh so now we've got your attention we've got some some like full-on steak nuggets here what do you think about that come on let's go buddy we're gonna we're gonna see if we can get used to this thing good boy could we stay oh we're all we're both all over this thing now Kota come here come oh you knew exactly what we wanted huh nope you got to come here you gotta come here good boy all the way up here good boy good boy look at you on that treadmill oh my goodness buddy could we come here come on come on get on the treadmill get on it good boy oh don't run the cat over okay yep you got it too no no what happened over there huh what happened are you gonna attack the camera she likes to swap me and slap me when I put my face up here oh no she went back down the stairs oh coupe what's she getting what's happening right now something exciting Kota knows it too could it be the l word it's a leash oh my goodness boys were going through a walk but this time it's gonna be inside this should be interesting so according to the suggestions from that thing you're supposed to kind of like get them used to it so they're comfortable with it which I think they are then you're supposed to get them on it with a leash because the first time they try running they're probably to be afraid of it so if you had the leash you can kind of control them a little bit better and then eventually you're supposed to be able to remove the leash entirely and they'll just go on it and run on their own so there should be should be interesting well we'll see what happens who wants to go first Kota you wanna go first I feel like you're gonna be a little a little less gung-ho about this thing so let's let's give it a shot we're not going outside this is an indoor walk I know can you imagine Chellis if this actually ends up working and because it's got like time to mode so like when they hear the beep go off they come and just start trotting on it by themselves for like 30 minutes that would be so funny look at this all right come on buddy that's the wrong way to get on come here good boy come on come on good morning come up here nope nope nope nope nope come on boy all right stay right there good boy so that's exactly where you're gonna be when you're running what do you think about that good boys get treats when they're nice and they stay on the treadmill I honestly cannot believe that he's not freaking out about this thing now comes the fun part this this is where the meltdown happens I think it starts on the slowest speed we're gonna take this we're gonna plug this in please don't make any scary noises because Cota cannot handle that we are gonna turn this bad boy on it looks good Cooper you're kind of in the way we've got our emergency stop thing here so let's oh shoot let's set this up looks good when I hit the start button it's gonna start at half a mile an hour are you ready for this I hope we don't break it we maybe should have started with Cooper but we'll see what happens three two come on come on good boy go up no no okay come on buddy come here good boy good boy look at that all right here we go we're starting in three two one good boy Kota come on good boy look at that here I'll hold it go get treats good boy Kota stay stay there's so much drool come on come on good boy Kota nice job good boy Kota all right we're gonna try this a little more speed maybe if we went up to one mile an hour we'll double it good boy good boy Kota good boy Kota oh my goodness all right let's stop this thing that was a minute and a half of walking oh my goodness you are such a good boy you are such a good yay I've got a whole one for you good boy look no you don't have to you know you don't have to this time just just for being a good boy that one's just for you oh my goodness this I mean this is like a comment like you know the Comets come once every 20 years this is once every 200 episodes Nakota actually does something look at that smile good boy code I think he's actually a little bike all right you want to try coupe here we go oh my goodness you are coming in hot good boy stay there he knows what's going on good boy we're just gonna go ahead and turn this thing on three two one go boy coupe good boy good boy come on you're supposed to walk nope nope nope nope nope OOP it's okay it's okay good boy the boy just walk about it let's turn this up a little bit we're gonna turn it up to 1.5 that's where Koda ended I feel like Cooper's gonna be a little a little more willing to move here good boy coupie you want to turn it up a little bit maybe two two good boy let's see if we could get a trot going good boy coop good boy he doesn't really understand he just needs to walk at a normal pace he's very erratic I'm gonna say let's shut it off wait a good first session nice job buddy I'm proud of you that was good we need to work on the the speed keeping speed though it was kind of a lot of like sprinting and then stopping but that was a good boy so I think how we're gonna do this is we are gonna work with them for the next couple days and see if we can actually get them up to the point where they can like jog slash run on it I just think that would be cool we'll see if it ends up working out however I want to do one more session today I think these boys can do it without a leash the paper says that usually a dog can do it without a leash by like the 6th the 10th or something but I feel like they were both pretty good at it so let's let's see happens I want to see if we just turn it on and have it going if we can get coated a hop up there I think he'll do it good boy Koda good boy come on nice job look at that no leash needed we're gonna go back up to that 1.5 it's a big jump for you buddy look at those heavy feet oh boy oh my goodness you're kind of slowing down a little bit just kind of got to keep the treat barely out of reach to make sure I feel like he's getting tired let's stop it Oh No okay there we go baby you're so cute I can't take it are you ready for round two little man here we go the treat machine is in the living room we we know that this thing gets his treats look at him just running to it cut it come here he's ready for treats I've never seen him so excited about something we need to buy stock in these treats I've never seen him this motivated all right could have come on seriously you you dude you're gonna be like 400 pounds let's turn coop up till 1:00 to start things off and here we go come on cookie good boy and that's not how you do it settle down we need to work on just slowly walking I'm gonna go for something crazy we're gonna go up to two let's see come on coop come on good boy good boy up here's a way to excited.i we're gonna go up to two oh there we go that's better good boy that's how you do it good boy oh come on gonna fall back good boy okay all right we're gonna turn it off I think we're good I think that's a good first session so yeah like I said I think we're gonna work with them throughout this week we'll probably pick up the camera a couple of times and just give you guys a little periodic updates but it's looking good so far this is crazy soon after just kidding I almost forgot we have another member of the family that might want to try this out we'll see how this works out I don't really know what to do but put her on there and see if we start it up and see what happens Oh what's happening Bella what's happening Oh Bella come here leave a trail well she doesn't really like you after it's touched the ground though hope she doesn't see him fast oh there we go she got one good girl although she's in the hole she's smart this way she didn't have to work for it and there was a whole bunch right at the end Oh maybe try turning up the speed a little bit she's she's a quick one good girl Bella good girl look at that I really like Bella come here come on good girl she is definitely the best one out of the three 24 hours later day two here we are who wants to go we're just gonna turn it on and see what happens good boys we don't even have any treats out yeah Oh what's happening coop what's happening come on come here good boy cuz he wants us to turn it up all right we can turn it up to two two good boy we are already in we better okay let's good boy keep up keep up keep up come on coop oh good boy coop yay keep keep going keep going I'll get a treat I think we have the treats over here I have the treat here's half good boy good boy I'm gonna turn this up to 3.5 good boy cook good boy don't fall up [Laughter] there you go you did a good job the dangerous part is the treat because he stopped running as soon as the champ oh man that was that was good though code are you ready here we go all right come here no don't enter from that way come around this way around good boy all right hop up on it come on Kota all right Oh ello Bella please don't go underneath it that could be really bad here we go we're gonna turn you up I'm gonna try going it too I don't remember what we had code on yesterday Kota come come you guys come straight at it good boy good boy this way come on good boy oh no that's Bella don't what is she doing come on good boy good boy good boy there it is good boy good he can't walk that fast all right we'll back it down to – good boy huh is kotas speed here's one treat you got to get to it though come on get the cookie this is this is like cuz he can't even walk that would be way too much the next bombing day three of training code are you ready yesterday you maxed out at a solid two miles per hour we're gonna see if we could boost that up today let's see if we could add half a mile an hour today well we did two yesterday dude here come here 1.5 Kota come here ha how is he consistently gotten slower and worse as the week has gone on go – come here could I come come on good boy get up here let's go oh no man he is exhausted yeah so thirsty needs to replace all that water that he just lost their coop are you ready good boy that's easy enough keep it you can handle two and a half let's go – three and a half we're gonna go up to four good boy good boy could we go oh man came let's go to five real quick five we're at five oh my goodness I'm so proud of you I cannot believe we got there I was I was honestly getting a little bit scared for him there oh my goodness yes he we could do like a competition on how many of those clickety you know what I mean that that'd probably be more fun so anyway there you guys have it I'm honestly really impressed I mean we started from being kind of sketched out on this thing Cooper couldn't even walk on it normally and figure it out and now he's very shortly running at five miles an hour I don't know I just yeah it's so weird Kota obvious I was surprised he started so well on it well we'll take that as a win this thing's pretty fun I don't know we'll see what happens we'll see if we actually end up using it for like their exercise and stuff it's kind of a cool little machine so anyway I hope you guys enjoyed drive a like if you did subscribe you have it already if you guys have any ideas or things you want to see for the next super Cooper make sure to check that link down in the description there's a link there where you can submit ideas and we'll see you guys later thanks for watching guys peace out

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