Dogs Try to Score Their Owners a Date!

– I believe dog ownership
says a lot about a person. Dogs are definitely a
reflection of their owners. Most dog owners are good people, I think. My name is Tracee Tyler and
I have a German Shepard. And, her name is Hannah. I am looking to meet someone new. I’m so over being single. I am a flight attendant, so between traveling to
work, late night hours, I have a very busy life. I don’t know a lot about
what’s going to happen, but, I was so excited when I found out it was about dating and dogs, where I can just show up and be cute. That was so corny. I’m really excited. It’s a gorgeous day
outside here at the beach. Let’s just see what happens. – Hi. I know you might think that
I’m your date, but I’m not. I’m a dog trainer and I have
your three dates right here. – The dogs are my dates? – The dogs are your dates, yeah. – [Tracee] That’s so crazy. – My name is Tyson Faifer. I’m a stand-up comedian living
in Los Angeles, California and this is my little dog, Buddy. Since Tracee doesn’t know me, I hope she really enjoys the adventures she’s going to go on with Buddy. I chose that activity to
give her a clue of who I am. – There’s a pillow, there’s a tip jar, a microphone. What am I doing with this microphone? – Buddy’s kind of a
funny guy, much like me. But, he’s totally gonna nail it. – Do you like to laugh? I’ve included some jokes for you to tell. My gosh. Buddy has a lot to say
if you ask him to speak and I hope your audience enjoys. You’ve got to be kidding me. Oh my God. What did the dog say to the
chicken that crossed the road? Buddy, you’re supposed to bark. Alright Buddy, let’s try this next one. What did the dog first say when
he found out he could talk? Nothing, Buddy? Come on and help me out here. Come on. Say something for me. Buddy, tell me about your dad. Do you think he’s gonna like me? I don’t know if I’m gonna
like him after this. Hey, Buddy. I got a joke for you. What did I say when your dad
tried to plan a date for me? Woof. – Hi. My name is Sean and this is Neo. And, I’m a caretaker
for adult special needs. Well, giving back is important in my life. And, Neo likes to give back as well. – Hey, Tracee. Meet Neo. Hopefully you can keep up
on the date we’ve planned. Wish I could see you at the finish line. Sean. – I feel like I deserve love. I feel like it’s my time. I think Tracee will pick Neo. I mean, how could you not pick him. – Alright. So, there’s the finish line. I assume we’re doing some kind of race. – Of course, Neo and I are gonna win. What do you mean? – Huh? – I’m racing… Come race. Come race. Come on, Neo. Come on, Neo. Come on, Neo. Come race. Come on Neo. Good job. Oh. He better appreciate this. I’m like sweating my . Let’s go get the other dogs. Come on, Neo. Taco! Taco! What are you thinking? – Hey, I’m Steven Mccall,
and this is my dog, Taco. Hey, Taco. Taco and I are alike in a lot of ways. I think we’re both,
obviously, very charming. Taco, did you give up on our hike? He just does what he wants
and he’s just living life. – I’m sure you’re tired after a long day. Yes I am. So, kick back, relax,
and enjoy a nice meal. Oh, finally. – He can never get enough attention and neither can I. So we’re a good match for each other. And, hopefully, they’ll be
room for somebody else someday. We’ll see. – Oh my god. This picnic is beautiful. I know you’re probably hungry. Come on boys. Good boy. Come on, Neo. This looks amazing. This setup is so beautiful. You guys are enjoying that? Taco, your dad is so romantic. Hey, Buddy. Oh, don’t… Oh! Oh! Oh! Taco! Never been peed on before. That was very awkward on a date. I loved all three dogs. This is gonna be a hard choice. Hey, guys. I cannot take all of you with me. As much as I would love to. I will have to make a cut. So, the first cut will have to be Buddy and his dad, Tyson. I’m so sorry. Hi, I’m so . Bye. Bye, Buddy. Okay, boys. Come here honey. I will have to cut one of you. Was a really hard decision. And, unfortunately, Neo and your dad, Sean, I’m gonna have to let you go. Hi. – I don’t blame you, he’s a handful. – He’s adorable though. – Thank you. – Bye, Neo. Okay, Taco. So, that
just leaves me and you. I’m so excited to meet your dad. Let’s bring him out. – Hey. – Hi. How are you? – Good. – Nice to meet you.
– Good, you made the right choice I never pee on picnics. – Awesome. Hey, Taco. – Hey, buddy. – Well, this is for you. – I’m eager to see like, what’s at hand. I mean, maybe we can have
some more fun dates coming up. – We should totally plan– – See where things go from there. – I’d love to go out with you and Taco. – Oh, that’d be a lot of fun. I mean, there are a lot more awkward ways to meet people, right? – [Tyson] Buddy, what did the dog say when the chicken crossed the road? – Woof. ♫ Soulpancake

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