Dogs Try Not To Eat Challenge (React)

you see how you see that smells it no not have it I love you it's gone he's dead you're like the plate you animal can you tell me who you have with us today well everybody this is Chazz Michael Michaels and he's looking very dapper he's very excited about the opportunity it's not here not now stop it over there this is Sonny my beautiful companion she's six years old and only speaks Spanish this is Doug the dog and he's two and a half years old and we got him from the pound and he's perfect I have my adorable chihuahua Dulce I have my little princess he's not a princess um Selena she's named after the singer and Catwoman this challenge was actually voted on by the FBI super fam they've been coming up in a lot of our episodes recently because they're supporting FB and in return they get to pick what we make like this episode nice nice thank you guys thank you guys for letting me bring my dog in we're going to bring out five courses of some deliciously secret pup friendly items from famous fast food restaurants mmm and your pup has to try not to eat the dishes placed in front of them okay however if they do the human will be punished for each dish in their dog a sunny no thick mother so she said okay I'll try do you think he's gonna be able to resist human food maybe if I get like a little Stern with him like no he's not allowed to eat people food at home and normally we can kind of leave our plate sir but he's definitely tried to eat finish off a Marie Callender's Popeye okay let's get ready for your first course which is a Puccini from Shake Shack it's a vanilla custard meat and butter sauce and dog biscuits is that what you want it I was gonna let you do what you got to do you don't want that say no please no please no please no please no please no please no please no please no Toki you good oh I see this time huh no no don't don't eat it I think that one little nose Bob got him you are such a good boy oh my god say resistant Wow he's more of a meat kind of a guy no oh I kind of want her to eat everything but then I don't want to be punished it says they wouldn't know kidís you know do you know no wow she said no what else yes Wow oh my gosh oh my god you see how you see that smell it no not happy I love you oh well done jazz I'm a little shocked the Chazz resisted my god she's doing better than I thought she would my dog is the best dog you're so good so your second course is the Papa Chino from Starbucks so this drink is a decadent helping of cream that is whipped to perfection that way you want you want another treat the words he understands I'm gonna smell it decadent please don't oh please no yeah yeah honey see if you like it okay I mean just be honest I can't stop that's really a problem it's very upsetting the Sur favorite I'm okay to losing to a Papa chena because she loves them are you gonna habit are you gonna have oh just a little just a little do you like it I don't even think he likes it do you do you like it okay I'm just gonna let I do it she'll do okay no you don't need to keep going I get it okay she's enjoying it if she's enjoying it I'll take the punishment I guess he's done now it is time for the entree which is a super-secret Flying Dutchman from in and out oh my god this is two beef patties with two slices of cheese melted between them dude there will be no resisting jazz resist sir oh hell no the only way that he could resist that is that he can't actually eat it cuz he has one tooth here I'll help you since you already did it cheese oh that's my finger uh-huh his daddy at home would be so upset yeah I think you're good looks like she's like no yeah I think he's going straight for it oh oh dude he licked it don't try this at home it's gone it's gone he's dead you want to lick the plate you animal so for dessert a delicious dog friendly cupcake from sprinkles cupcake uh it's a dog cupcake oh my god is this just like are you kidding me right now are you gonna eat it oh yeah oh oh there it is Josh you're gonna choke to death on television that's gonna be tough I don't judge your nose your nose going crazy just do it just know didn't eat the whole thing huh oh he did not like that first sniff I think she's gonna go for it oh no resisting no cupcake are you sure check it out brain delicious oh that's even it actually looks so good I kind of want to eat one Oh No yes see okay it's not a pill and it's gone magic tada okay like look it a little bit oh oh it's the whole thing the entire sprinkle oh and it's gone seems like that one passed the test as well no Wow okay Wow he's not really even it he's like really no he's not into it nice so for every food that you eat you'll have to eat a scoop of peanut butter out of a Kong hmm YUM I hate pee oh I hate peanut butter I'm gonna have him look at it alright charas back off girl no me first uh-huh oh yeah hmm well gosh I was like what are you doing that's clearly for me I don't even know like I have to look it this just grows Oh yummy I think I'll save every room just because I love him so much because Lisa ate every single thing on the menu you're gonna have to eat a Kong filled with every single thing that was on the menu of what Phil Kong oh my I know what you're talking about now it scene knows what this is oh you're gonna have to take a bite Jonathan whatever in there tips oh he's gonna rubber than anything mmm not great I'm she still on set so what we know you come on is a winners cake hey you guys you're not supposed to be eating that that's not for you jazz excuse me I'm so sorry you're a massive loser do you see this since you're a winner do you see oh no oh oh just get it just get it why just you sure get it they're being very disrespectful right now yeah they are being very disrespectful by eating the cake and yet notice I don't stop him because this is one less meal I don't have to make your whole bite just just do it just do it just go for it you can't put delicious food in front of dogs and expect them not to eat it I was surprised she didn't like attack the food at first but maybe she was just a little shy you're a winner don't you're always a winner okay but I'm glad you didn't eat it because you're a loser thanks for watching dogs try not to eat on the react channel if you liked this episode hit the like button subscribe for new shows every week thanks for watching guys goodbye hey guys Capri Sierra reaction will producer come talk to us on Twitter and let us know what you thought of this episode thanks bye

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  2. I wanna join one of these videos except cats try not to eat cause my cat literally doesn’t eat human food only ham ;-; and meat but if he eats any other food it mostly likely will be blue yes my cat is weird

  3. Im not trying to be rude but are dogs allowed to eat them because if they cant that means they either die or get sick from eating it…

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