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my name is Chad and I live here with my wife Melissa and my one and a half year old daughter Sarah Kate and we have three Mastiffs the oldest one is judged the middle one is Lucas and the youngest is Roman the current situation is ridiculous Chad thinks that dogs are people too so he tends to let the dogs do things that I would think that most dog owners shouldn't allow their dogs to do Sarah likes to be in the bed with us but the problem is the dogs on the bed I'm afraid they're gonna hurt her so I don't feel safe doing it the dogs have done some things where Sarah has been involved that are very scary to me Lucas has like barked at her twice that I can think of do they sleep with you then yes they did sleep well is it does not like the dogs in the bed I care for them so much and such a part of the family I want them to be comfortable sharing a bed with three huge babies I feel your pain there are three dogs in this household that combined weight of over 500 pounds and a little 16 month old girl who is in danger of being knocked down worse is this is a serious situation the dogs are also an unwelcome presence in the kitchen where Melissa's attempts to keep them out have failed I see you've got two baby gates here I do not like the gates there are times when the baby gates don't work for Roman because he has figured out how to open them he'll sit there and nudge them with his nose until it pops open and then he forces his way through it Chad however feels that the dog's gate opening antics are worthy of room we'll see how good they are enough hates his thing he doesn't chase after he doesn't come crazy and judge are you interested judge okay you can have one I've always had dogs leftover food from our table feed him anytime in the kitchen anywhere I've seen her a couple times like offer him something and he'll open his mouth like this and then she'll try to put it back in hers do you and Chad argue about this we do argue about it quite a bit but you know it seems that he wins out most of the time melissa and chad obviously love each other but there are problems where the dogs are concerned and it doesn't seem to be well balanced there doesn't seem to be a fair exchange let's just talk about feeding time having the dogs around the table having Sara feed the dogs they're slopping over her hand she's going and picking another do you know that a child or an adult can get you coli and Salmonella from saliva and they can kill and especially children right when the family is eating Roman especially is at the table slobbering over the food getting fed by Chad slobbering over Sarah's hand when she hands him a treat disgusting I'm with Melissa on this one when you are eating or wearing Sarah Kate is here eating no dogs in the kitchen at any time yes okay the baby gate still plays an important role especially when Sarah Kate's in the kitchen but I want to train the dogs that they have to stay out of the kitchen without the baby gate being there now Melissa I want you to stop preparing food I'm gonna keep the dogs out of here whilst you're preparing keep an eye on what I'm doing Chad keep an eye on why I'm doing using body blocking Victoria draws a line in the hallway that the dogs cannot cross Chad I want you to take a step back Melissa pretend that you're here by yourself okay you're cooking you don't want the dogs in I'm gonna stand next to you okay you control it tell them to stay stay sit good boy to lay down down good boy stay stay after a few reinforcements the dogs stay out of the kitchen on their own accord it was great to have the dogs sitting outside of the kitchen area while I was cooking that's gonna make my life a lot easier that's so difficult for them because that smells so good Melissa's got the technique down pat but when it's time to sit down it's Chad's turn to enforce the new rules come back and tell him to stay stay body blocking works pretty well with these dogs but they're big dogs they can get passed if they do that just go very calmly into the kitchen then get them to go out again how does this feel for you Melissa fantastic it feels incredible to be able to do this back inside Victoria wants to implement new ground rules in the bedroom from now on when you are on this bed no dogs nothing at any time ever okay how's that it's good it's a permanent thing I'm telling you it's permanent they've been in that bed for nine and six years respectively and it just kills me when I see them that they want to get in and I had to save No so what I teach the dogs I teach them to get off on a command Victoria will work with each dog separately but due to his arthritis judge will sit this one out I'm gonna train Lucas now to get off the bed okay okay I want these dogs to love getting off this bed yeah more than they like getting on in Oh would it be boy off very good boy what's a good boy simple as that yeah okay and it keeps you safe Mastiffs is so big they're so heavy there's so much stress on the joints already that I don't want to go too far with this training but before Lucas gets a break it's time for Chad to try Lucas off now Victoria wants to try the same process with Roman all right so now he's got on by himself okay same thing just tell him to get off run off good boy Roman I don't keep on telling him off off off he like was I don't know what do you want me to do I'd rather stay there stay pointing you don't want the dog to think that a command or a cue is a repeated word you want the dog to take action as soon as you say something then it's Melissa's turn off remin just point and look where you're pointing say nothing no wait wait and don't look at him okay Roman took a little bit longer to get off for me I do think that it will be a battle between us so now because he's wearing how do I want him to get anxious get down on the ground okay they come okay get down on the ground there you go show him that you've got the food in your hand he was confused your energy in your movement can help propel the dog okay I think chad is going to struggle very much with not having the dogs in the bed can he manage it I don't think so as Victoria suggested Chad and Melissa have reinstalled the baby gate while Sarah kate is in the kitchen good dogs the kitchen has been absolutely perfection all I know is it's a lot more peaceful in here than I used to be able with the gate up we just leave them outside of the gate Roman has tried to come through a couple of times but he understands what we want Melissa is definitely much more pleased now that we've got the kitchen under control because it's not only more sanitary but it's also a safer condition for Sarah Lucas you eat come on at the dogs mealtime chat appears to be heating Victoria's call to take charge I think chad has taken on more of a leadership role with the dogs boys why is he doing good doggy I think that he thought that he could control the situation by asking the dogs up when he wanted and having them off when he wanted so he kind of lost sight of the primary goal being Sarah safe I can't wait to hear your Excuse on this one Chad when Melissa and Sarah Cade leave Chad finds out how little control he has this is exactly why you need to have boundaries chat can you imagine if Sarah Kate was on the bed you and I need to have a serious chat I'm on my way back with regards to the bedroom but why aren't you tougher about it Chad's just very stubborn and selfish and and that's what he wants so that's what happens there was a big fight that happened on that bad it's so obvious Chad always gets his way but it's time that should I grow up and see there's a reason why I'm being so serious about this all right now we got to tackle this bed situation there's a reason why I said no dogs on the bed one of them was Sarah Cain okay being on that the second was Melissa said she did not want the middle bed so why did you do it oh that's a good question I thought I could I thought I could get around it and manage it no you've got to listen now no more this chat you've got to listen okay because that fight that happens on the bed is gonna happen everywhere else I'm your little girl it's gonna be in the middle of it while they wait a second again I know that I'm gonna go out of here and you're gonna wheedle you away somehow and it's gonna go back to what it was before I'm gonna put the rule in place now okay no dogs on the bed ever at any time ever ever ever that's the way you deal all right we've got some other stuff to work let's get to it okay it was wonderful actually to have Victoria talk to Chad in that tone of voice because he doesn't get that a lot the areas that you still got to work on specially you Chad's to keep those dogs off the bed off the bed all times it's so important it's so important that you step up as a leader for your dogs rather than indulging them so much being leader yep I think Chad realizes how important it is that he keeps training his dog because he's got to think of his little girl first best of luck and no no you cannot go out there with me thank you my thoughts came into this with thinking that you know I kind of knew some of the things and that you know pets were people too that there were pack animals but Victoria and her positive reinforcement and understanding kind of really what her perception is of dogs behavior has really changed my whole mindset good boy come on since Victoria has been gone in our lives have changed for the better I feel a hundred percent safer in this house with the dogs in the house with Sara there really hasn't been any more scraps in terms of for Roman Lucas Rutland stone I think with the Victoria's advice of letting them know when it's each one of those times to have you know kind of socialization with Louis or I and everything has been wonderful it's really sweet to have Sarah sleep in the bed with us the dogs are not in the bed ever it's clear that Chad still has a lot of work to do to correct the mistakes of the past but at least he's taking steps to ensure Sarah's safety if he could apply that dedication to all of the training he's going to have happy dogs and a happy family you

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  1. Is it just me, or does the man look like a mixture of Galahad in Kingsman, and a grown up version of Freddie from iCarly.

  2. Toward the end of this clip, I heard the wife say now the baby can sleep with us. That's the next step. Put the child in her own bed at bedtime. I also observed that at least one of the dogs (Roman?) is not neutered. If you don't use your dog for breeding, please neuter him!

  3. Well every time we have a roast, our two dogs get the leftover gravy and potatoe??is that bad?? But we try not to fed them at the table???

  4. "My name is Chad… we have three mastiffs" Why do I already know how this is going to turn out?

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