Dogs Raise Orphaned Piglets | The Dodo Odd Couples

37 thoughts on “Dogs Raise Orphaned Piglets | The Dodo Odd Couples

  1. I got to say you have beautiful French bulldogs and French Bulldogs are awesome they really do love other animals and your pigs are absolutely adorable. Thank you for being a good example and taking such good care of your Critters

  2. I've never heard of a problem between pigs and cats. But many a pig has been injured by a dog bite–especially at the food dish. I know there are numerous exceptions. Still it's a good idea to keep an eye on them and to know you have a vet who will help a pet pig-in-need.

  3. This has been one of the most enjoyable videos that I've ever seen. The relationship between these animals is amazing. Bless you for saving and loving them.

  4. I have three frenchies and might just go purchase a baby pig for the addition! Thx again dodo! Much love to all and bless these ppl and the dodo.

  5. I absolutely love this video, this is my favorite video. I think it’s adorable that these dogs are parents to orphaned pigs. So adorable!

  6. Plot twist: Piper grows up to be 600 pounds and rolls over into the dogs crushing and killing them… like a loving mother does to her own babies. Crushes them dead

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