Dogs Pick our Mystery Slime Challenge 2 & How to Make the Best Funny DIY Orbeez Switch Up Game

– Oh my gosh, I’m sorry. – What was that? – Three, two, one. We’ve got puppies. And you challenged us to let puppies pick our slime ingredients. My dog’s name is Cuddles. – And mine is Puddles. And he’s off to the races. – And we also got a baby
Corgi named Bubbles. So right now, are you ready to
pick some slime ingredients? All right here we go, three, two, one.
– Two, one. – Go for it buddy, go for it. Get some slime ingredients. – [Devan] Do it, oh they
just wanna hang out. Hanging out, trying. This is slime time. – [Collins] Let’s get some slime. Bro, okay, see. Your brother’s like he’s ready to go, bro. Let’s get some slime. – [Devan] High five, high five yeah. Yeah. – [Collins] Yes, we got contact solution. All right we got clear glue, perfect. And, wait, Orbeez, what? – [Devan] My first one’s baking soda? Vinegar. Yes, activator. – This is Bubbles, the corgi,
and he’s gonna be choosing our last slime ingredient. You ready, bro? All right, here we go, three, two, one.
– Two, one. – Go for it bro. – [Devan] Go for it.
– [Collins] Go get some more slime ingredients. – [Devan] Go, go, go, go, go. – [Collins] All right Bubbles,
what have you got for me? Oh, I’ll take it, a blender. – [Devan] All right Bubbles, red glue. – Now what’s interesting,
is that Puddles actually chose baking soda and vinegar. – Oh yeah. – But you know what that creates right? Oh what is this, what is going on? – What is it? – Oh no, oh no, run. (lava crackling) (screaming) – All right, well right
now, let’s sell, let’s go. To kick things off we’re gonna mash up a whole bunch of Orbeez right now. Whoa.
– What, dude? – Yay.
– You’re already getting them everywhere. – All right, wait, wait, wait. Hey. – Sorry, I just wanted to try (laughs). – Let’s relax, these are mine. And add them all here
like this on the pan. Perfect, okay. We gotta figure out how to mash these up. So I think this here. (mashing loudly) – [Devan] Dude, oh, dude,
dude, dude, dude, dude. Keep ’em on your side. – I’m sorry, I was. – [Devan] I think I’m gonna
add some vinegar here. Dude dude dude dude. How am I supposed to make my slime? – Ho, ho, ho, ho, hew. This is game changing. All right, here we go,
add these in, oh, yes. – [Devan] Ew. – The thing is I don’t
wanna waste this stuff. So, here we go. We’re just gonna put in a
little package here like this. Rr, there we go. – What? It’s like a taco. – It’s a little container. A little taco container for my Orbeez. – It’s an Orbeez taco. – We’ll pop it right in here
because I am going to be blending up my Orbeez. Perfect little funnel. There we go. Back to normal. It’s to go for round
number two, here we go. The uneven counter kind of made this a little bit more difficult. I’m gonna use this thingy here. This thing’s pretty cool. See, check out. (loud clanging) (Devan laughing) I know I lost parts of it. Here we go, I’m just gonna
scoop it in like this. Yo. (mixer winding) – Really? Wait. Oh. – I thought I lost it all. All right, we’re gonna
add this in right now. – So mine’s looking pretty
cool, but man I wish there was more colors. – I got you bro. I’m the master of colors. – [Devan] What? Really? – So here we go. – Ah, sweet. – We’re just gonna use this
little pot right over here. – [Devan] Okay. – Just grab yourself
a neon vest like this. We’re gonna have to
ball it up a little bit. – Okay.
– Three, two, one. Ah. – All that for just that? – Boom, check it out man. – Nice, All right. – Enjoy your neon juice. – Sweet man, thanks.
– Yep. – Got some safety gloves
on, and here we go. – [Collins] Oh.
– [Devan] All right. Dude is this stuff gonna glow in the dark? – [Collins] Oh. Now we’re just gonna add
the rest in very carefully. Oh. – [Devan] Oh. – All right, time to blend it up. Here we go, three, two, one. (blender whirling) Perfect. The blender really turns
it all to mush man. Here we go so this. Oh, hoo-hoo. In me eyeball. – That’s not good. – No. All right, my Orbeez are all
mixed up, and now it’s time for the final step,
which is to add the glue and the contact solution. So first of all, for the
glue, is we’re gonna add about this much right there. All right, time to get my hands in and see how this stuff feels. Oh my gosh. It feels like hair. – My slime has baking soda and vinegar. Does that mean it’s
gonna be a volcano slime? – I have got an idea.
– Well, what is that? – We’re gonna summon my friend, his name is Tickle Me Tiki, and he
is the expert on volcanoes. Here we go. – Okay. – Three, two, one. (ball exploding) Oh, there he is. And he looks really angry. Well, no he’s actually very happy, but he loves to be tickled. – Coochy-coochy-coo. Whoa.
– Pretty cool, right? – Um, yeah. – Let’s tickle him together, here we go. Ready, set, go. (vocalizing) Woo-hoo. Eventually it gets really
crazy because we tickle him for three seconds, you’ll
love to see what happens next. All right, here we go. Three, two, one. (tiki exploding) (Devan screaming) Oh man, he’s gone. – Dude, that was one temperamental tiki. – But here’s the great
thing Devan, he did say you have a 50% chance of it working. – Only 50%? – All right, now it’s time to
add the contact solution in, and see if this Orbeez
slime actually works, but I really hope it does. – Oh. – Yo, it’s starting to work. – [Devan] Not quite the
most satisfying slime, but I made visually. – You know what, Devan? I think it needs a little more Orbeez. So here we go, I’m just
gonna place it down here. – Wait. – [Collins] It’s gonna pick up some Orbeez off the counter just like this. – Dude, you got it all over me dude. – Ah man, I’m like picking up spoons. – All right, as you figure
yours out, I’m gonna see if this vinegar can turn
this into volcano slime. All right, here we go, three, two, one. – Wait, 5 Second Subscribe Challenge. We wanna see if you can
subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post
notifications in five seconds. Are you ready? Here we go. – [Both] Five, four,
three, two, one, done. – If you can do that, comment
on the Keyper Squad right now. – Three, two, one. (water pouring) – [Devan] Oh. – Mix it, mix it, mix it, mix
it, mix it, mix it, mix it, mix, mix, mix, mix, mix, mix, mix, mix. – [Devan] I gotta mix, I
gotta mix it, I gotta mix it. I’m mixing, I’m mixing,
I’m mixing, I’m mixing. I think it’s going, dude. – [Collins] Dude. Whoa, snap.
– Whoa, dude. – When you get the comment down below, who’s slime is cooler? We’re on to the next one. – Great job.
– You guys did a great job, you picked some
great slime ingredients. – I know, great job.
– And right now. – Ah, he’s so cute (laughs). – Oh, the kisses. – I know. – The kisses. – It’s the kiss attack. – (laughs) Are you gonna pick
some more slime ingredients? My guys ready to go, he’s ready. – I think mine’s ready too. – Go get some more slime ingredients. Go for it. All right, first up we got the clear glue. All right, now we got a little
bit of contact solution. Nice, we got baking soda. – [Devan] Wait, are you thirsty? Or, oh that’s my ingredient. All right, glue or activator? Okay, activator. Puddles, ice cubes, really? – All right Bubbles, you’re gonna be picking some new slime ingredients. You ready buddy? All right, here we go, three, two, one.
– Two one. – Go for it bro. No way dude, it’s gallium. – [Devan] Come on
Bubbles, yes, yellow glue. Oop, startled himself. – Dude, I love gallium,
and my favorite thing is what happens when you touch it. Check this out, you ready? – Whoa, what? That’s never happened before, has it? – [Collins] Ay. No, that has definitely
not happened before. – [Collins] Bro, you should
try it man, it’s so much fun. – All right, wait, nothing’s happening. – [Collins] What do mean? A toaster? (laughs) What? That makes no sense. – [Devan] Why’d you
turn me into a toaster? – I didn’t do any. It was the gallium. Bro, I did nothing. Maybe it’s just like your true
self being expressed here. I don’t know. (gallium moving through Collins) – Whoa, I’m back. – Yes, it worked. – Yes.
– Okay, great. – I’m back bro, thank you. – Dude, I’m so happy to have you back. Yeah, for sure. I was kind of scared you’d
be a toaster forever. – Yeah, that was weird. All right, well right now,
let’s make some slime. I’m gonna pour this stuff into my hands. So, here’s the crazy thing. Even though it looks like liquid. Oh my Gosh, – What?
– It is literally as heavy as metal in my hand right now. – [Devan] So cool. I’m gonna try to pour a
ton of it out of my hand. Are you ready? – [Both] Whoa. – [Devan] Oh my gosh. – [Collins] Oh man. And look, it like leaves
metallic residue bro. It’s so cool. – [Devan] How are you gonna
make slime with this, bro? – All right, so I’m gonna
play with the gallium and add that to my slime. But the first step, I gotta add the glue. And unfortunately, I don’t have my glue, and I think that they
actually took my glue. You guys are being sneaky. So I gotta tap into the
secret glue reserve. So, let’s ah see where they’re at. Okay.
– What? – I think (tapping), nope, um. Dude, how do you know when you find it? – Oh, trust me, you’ll know. (tapping) Nope. I know it’s around here somewhere. I think it’s, oh, maybe, maybe. (knock) Did you hear that? – Yeah. (knocking) – That’s definitely it. Okay, here we go. – Okay. – We got the faucet. – Okay, we’re also gonna
need the collecting bucket. – Okay. – And here we go, so we’re just gonna have to get this perfect. Here we go, three, two, one. Nailed it. That’s perfect. Okay, here we go. And super easy, just snap. (snaps) (water boiling) – Whoa. – Yeah, I know right? Yo, it’s almost overflowing. – Ah, snap.
– There we go. And to get it to fall down,
we just have to give it a little (claps), just like that. – Whoa.
– Perfect. – All right.
– Okay, so now, that’s all, is add the glue in. – Okay
– Here we go. – [Devan] Oh, and that. – [Collins] Yep, there we go. I love the secret glue reserves,
but you cannot tell anyone. Let’s get some contact
solution in this thing. – [Devan] I don’t know
how many I wanna add. So I know I just add some
water, but I think I need to get some more. – No, no, no. I got the water for you. Here we go.
– What, really? – Here we go, three, two, one. (water pouring) – What? – Ah, perfect, done. – Whoa.
– That’s all you need. – I was just gonna grab
it from the fridge, but that’s awesome. – Why grab it from the fridge
when you can get it fresh? (frame clanging) From a painting? – Yeah. – Mom’s not gonna be happy. Let me go ah (banging), put this back. And here’s the twist. The puppies’ are actually
gonna be the ones who can mix up my slime, if they
press the right buttons. So right now, Cuddles, I need you to press the green button. Stay away from the red button, very bad. – Collins. – What? – I think dogs are color blind. – You’re kidding? You know what happens if he
presses the red button, right? – No clue. – It activates a trap door. – What?
– Trapdoor. – Um, okay. – Yeah, we should not have
had this thing installed. Okay, so here we go. – Why are you leaving it to a dog? – Eye contact. Right here Cuddles, right here Cuddles. Green button, yay. Red button, (grunts) no, no, no. Just focus on my thoughts, All right? (buzzer buzzing) (yells) – Collins, you okay? My last step is to add my activator, and I think I’m gonna measure it out like a responsible person. – The moment of truth. Time to add the gallium
into my slime and see how it all mixes together. So, here we go. This is gonna be the craziest
slime I’ve ever made. You ready, okay, here we go, three, two. – Yeah, oh.
– Wait, first. 3 Second Like Challenge. We wanna see if you can like
this video in three seconds. You ready, here we go. – Three, two, one, done. – [Collins] Three. – [Both] Two, one, oh. – Dude. – And now the moment of truth. Time to mix it together, you ready? Here we go. Gonna fold it over like this. – [Devan] Look, like it’s already. – It’s escaping out, it’s escaping out.
– Dude. – We gotta get in. – Ah. – [Devan] Oh my God, it
looks like a chunk of– (Collins and Devan screaming) It’s so heavy it broke through.
– It broke it. – It’s not gonna mix. – Here we go, so we’re gonna put it in here.
– I think I won this. – Gonna add this little bit in. – [Devan] It’s so heavy. – I’m gonna put the slime all around it. So here we go, it’s gonna be very careful. Here we go, look at it. See, it’s right here at the bottom. – Oh, it’s so heavy. – What is going on? – What? – What, there’s no way?
– Oh my gosh. (Collins and Devan screaming) It’s like a teardrop, bro. – That was so crazy. – What?
– Oh my gosh. – All right, it’s time to mix it up. – [Collins] Oh, that look so cool. – [Devan] Dude, what? – Oh my gosh.
– It’s like honey. I love this this stuff. – All right, well you get
to comment down below. Who made a coolest slime? And right now, let’s
go back to the puppies and get our next slime ingredients. All right, you guys have
been doing amazing so far. – Yes, whoa.
– It’s time for some new slime ingredients. Ready? All right, here we go.
– Go for it. Three, two one, go for it bro, get some more slime ingredients. – [Devan] Mines already so ready. I can’t even control him. – [Collins] We’re kicking
it off with some clear glue. Nice cuddle, contact solution. Baking soda, okay. – [Devan] Ooh, shaving cream, yes. I love shaving cream. Sta-flo, awesome. Yes, clear glue. Ooh, look at his little toes. – All right Bubbles, you ready to pick some more slime ingredients? You did a great job last time. You ready buddy. All right, here we go. Three, two, one. Go for it. Ooh, silly string. – [Devan] Oh wait, for slime? All right Bubbles, what you got for me? What, crayons? – I have never heard
of silly string slime. You what, let’s give this a
shot, let’s see if this works. Uh! – Oh, oh snake.
– Oh, oh, oh my gosh. (Devan screaming) – Is it gone? (Collins laughing) Is it gone? Dude, it’s not even a real snake. – Fleet. All right, so right now
let’s make the slime. – Dude, I don’t even know
how I’m gonna use crayons. Will this even make slime dude? I’m first gonna try to break it up and see if this works. I don’t know this, ah. Whoa, dude what was that? – Nothing. Time to add the silly string. I broke it. – Whoa, I think you broke it. – Ah, I broke this one too. Oh well, I was gonna ask. Whoa, oh my gosh. (yelling) – Enough with this, I’m
gonna try using a hair dryer to see how this works. – While you do that, I gonna
add in my silly string. Whoa, this is a powerful one, bro. – [Devan] Dude. – Now let’s see if this turns into slime. I’m gonna add some glue. – You know what Collins? I think I actually need some more crayons. – No, put it down Devan. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, why? – All right, I’m gonna
add some more here now. Perfect. Long-distance shots. – Whoa, whoa. – Over Devan’s head.
– Whoa, whoa, why? – Back this way. – Whoa. – Bro, it’s actually working. Dude this is taking forever. I can do it way faster. Put that down, step aside, and here’s how we’re gonna do this. Ready, here we go? (lasers shooting) – Whoa, okay. – Yeah. I can tell you’re impressed. – Yeah. (laser shooting) Whoa, what? (laser shooting) Dude. – Ah-choo. Ah man, I’m falling apart. Gah. – It’s like you’re sick. (lasers shooting) Whoa. Oh. No. Oh. (laughing) Whoa. Ah, tell me what is going on. – All right, I’m good. – Am I safe? I think I’m gonna add my glue next. – [Collins] This is pretty sweet. – [Devan] They’re not like mixing at all. – This is super bizarre, man. Oh, wow. The silly string stopped becoming stringy and just really turns into like mush. – Ah, Collins. – What? – I don’t think this is working out. – [Collins] Dude, yours looks awesome. It’s like a dance party
happening all in your slime. What’s really crazy is
I though yours would be like all nice and rainbow
colorful, but it’s dark. – [Devan] Dude, it’s like a ring. Look at that. – Bro, you’re married to the crayon. – Yeah, I’m married to
the crayon life bro. – Crayon life? – All right, I think I’m gonna
add some shaving cream next. – Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, bro. That’s expired, you can’t use this. – I didn’t know they had expiration dates. – Yeah, this is not fresh at all, Devan. – Oh really? – I’ll show you how to get
some fresh shaving cream. Do you smell this? – [Devan] Ah, yeah. – See how it doesn’t smell fresh? – No. – And there we go, perfect. – [Devan] Wait, what? – Brand-new, fresh, shaving cream. Smell that. Fresher, right? – Sure. As you add, I’m gonna go wash my hands. – Collins, that’s not
how you wash your hands. – It’s pretty clean compared
to what it used to be. – [Devan] That’s smearing your hands. – [Collins] There we go. – Yeah, you might.
– Now you’re cleaning the fridge. – Oh, it looks great to me. That’s like art. I can clean your fridge with art. – [Devan] You can’t,
oh, you just did that. – [Collins] There we go. Bump, bump, and then huh, huh and then ha. You can’t do that if you don’t have that stuff on your fridge. Guys, don’t ever do this to your fridge. It’s not a good idea. I do not endorse it (laughs). Now time to be responsible and go clean up the mess that I made. Dude, see this? Dude, this comes off easy man. Don’t do this at home, but
still it comes off easy. – It’s also nice and fluffy until you get these chards of crayons
stuck in your hands. – Puddles, man. Come on, you should have
had the foresight to see that it wouldn’t work. – [Devan] I know man, come on. – [Collins] All right,
I guess we’re gonna add some of this in here. – [Devan] Sta-flo. – Dude, this is just so bad at coming out.
– What, no, no, no, no. Get that away from me dude. Sta-flo is still not doing anything dude. – Here we go. We’ve got some contact
solution for the final step. Oh, ya fleet. The air really tastes like baking soda. Ah, I burnt my nose. It burns. All right, just gonna add
some contact solution. I feel like a mad scientist right now. – [Devan] Dude, the worst
about this is the bottom. There’s just hard, fragmented
crayons on the bottom. – All right, just need a
little bit more silly string. (bells ringing) Oh dude, oh, oh, oh, this is
not good, this is not good. – Whoa. – I got it. Dude, bank shot man, with a pan. Look at this bro, master at the chef. (pan clanging) – Oh. – Okay, I’ve got all
the ingredients in here. And now it’s time to see
if silly string slime is actually gonna work. So Cuddles, I’m counting on
you to be able to win this one. Let’s see if this happens. Here we go, three, two, one.
– Two, one. – [Collins and Devan] Oh. – There’s so much silly string bro. – Is it gonna work out? – I don’t know man, oh. I can kind of feel it. It feels like it’s starting
to come together a little bit. Ah.
– Ooh. – It’s just like juicing
everywhere though. The real question is,
will I be able to mix this silly string into it? It feels kind of like styrofoam almost, which is really weird. Yo, it worked I win. You can get the comment down below. Oh no. – Dude, really? – [Collins] Oh no, well you get the comment down below, who won. Ah-huh.
– Oh, they’ve got it all. – They’ve got my leg, he’s got my leg. – [Devan] He’s got my leg. – It’s going down. It’s so heavy.
– They’re bringing you down, Collins.
– [Collins] It’s so heavy. These pants won’t make it. – He’s got my leg, he’s got pant leg. – Oh, one of them got your leg too. – [Devan] Ah, he loves the legs. – [Collins] Look at that little face. – He’s ready to go. Let’s go race.
– Dude, he’s so ready to get some slime ingredients. Are you ready buddy? We’re just gonna be
watching over here Devan. – Huh?
And just observing. – [Devan] Oh, okay, yeah, yeah, yeah. Go for it. – All right, we’re gonna do
this, we’re gonna go for it, we’re gonna go for it. You ready? Three, two, one, and go for it. Get some great slime ingredients. All right, in order to see the slime ingredients, it’s that way. – [Devan] They’re this way, whoa. – [Collins] That would be yes. Love the energy, but let’s
get some ingredients. Bubbles, perfect, I love bubbles. Nice, clear glue. Love it bro, Sta-flo. – [Devan] Ooh, All
right clay, I love clay. Nice, shaving cream. Thanks Puddles. And hair gel, kind of slimy. All right, here we go, wee. – All right, you’re a good boy. You’re a good boy. Ah, you’re such a good boy. – [Devan] Oh, he wants to go that way. – [Collins] With a nice
little leap over the leg. Metallic blue pigment, sweet. – [Devan] DohVinci, I don’t think I’ve ever used DohVinci before. – Out of all the crazy things I’ve done, this is by far the wildest. So Devan, how you feeling right now? – Dude, this is super weird. – I mean clearly you’re
just stuck in a bubble and I mean I can tell
the dog’s getting kind of tripped out right now. So, let’s do this. I gotta get you out of here. Here we go, three, two, one. (bubble popping) Holy snap
– Oh. I actually feel solid again. – All right, well right
now let’s make some slime. Yo, these great bubbles,
you can literally hold in your hand, bro. This is crazy. – [Devan] It’s not working. Oh, what? (gags) – [Devan] Dude. – Bro.
– What? – Look at a bubble you can
literally hold in your hand. – Wait, I want it, I want
it, I want it, I want it. Ah.
– Oh my gosh. What?
– Pass it me man. Pass it to me. – All right, here you go, three, two, one. (bubble bounces) (Collins blowing) (metal tinging) (yells) You gotta be careful with that stuff man. – Why? – ‘Cause it’s magic clay. Set it down for a second, you’ll see. – Okay. Whoa, wait, what? Where did it go? Wait. How did it end up over here? – I told you man, it’s
magic clay, it’s super easy. – Um, Collins, it didn’t let me grab it. – Oh, right over there,
yeah grab it again. – [Devan] What? Dude, seriously?
– Sike, it’s magic clay. (laughing) – Is that all it does? Wait, and now it’s in my bowl? – Exactly man, it said magic clay. – This is really peculiar. – Let me see it.
– No, no, no, you can’t. – I wanna see it for a a second. – Okay. – Are you kidding me? – It disappeared. All right, here we go. Yes, dude. – Oh dude, I’ve got an idea. Check this out, here we go. (bubble inflating) – Dude, that’s a big bubble. Um, ah, Collins. What are you doing? – I gotta get mine. I gotta get mine. – Ah, what is this around my head? Did you pop the bubble on my head? (collins laughs and vocalizes) – How do we get out of this? – The only way to get out is to blow out. Here we go, three, two, one. (balloons popping) – I think we need this
DohVinci stuff next. So, I think you add this in here. – That actually looks pretty cool man. Can you make like a. Oh, dude like a little art piece, midair. – Oh. – Do it right over here, do it. – What, how do you do that? – Just kind of squeeze it. – Three, two, one. Whoa. – That’s so cool. – Yeah, but what is it? – That’s Katy Perry. – How do you know that? – It’s clearly Katy
Perry, I mean look at it. – It’s just a stick figure, dude. – No, you’ll figure it
out in about two seconds. – Okay.
– Here we go. One, two. (fireworks exploding) See, that was Katy Perry. – I guess so man. – All right, well right now
I’ve got some slime I’m making. Oh man, oh that’s cool I can. Oh.
– Oh. (yells) – Ah, where’s a nurse? (yells) That’s not gonna come out. Let’s take a quick pause,
so I can fix my shirt. – I’m just gonna add this
DohVinci for some color, I guess. – [Collins] And I’ve got
some blue pigment I’m gonna add to my slime. Whoa, look how the pigment
mixes into the glue. – Bro, this is like mixing neon noodles. – And mine looks like metallic right now. All right so now.
– Whoa. I can gotta make a couple
more bubbles, then we’re gonna be adding it to this and
literally making bubble slime we can just crush, which
is gonna be awesome. Huh, you know what? I’m gonna put a secret
message in a bubble. – Wait dude, wait. What are you saying? Collins, I can’t understand
what you’re saying. – Here we go, you ready? – No, no, no, I have
to know what that says. – Hi Devan. – That was too weird. – Yeah. That was it. – Okay. – To complete the slime, I
just gotta add some Sta-flo. So here, we’re just gonna add this in. Oh, you know what? I’m gonna add in the
first preliminary bubble. (bubble inflating) Well guys, there we go and
we’re just gonna drop it in. Bloop, bubble’s in. And let’s see how this works. So I guess, I don’t know, we
just kind of use the bubble to mix it up, mix it up, mix it up. Dude, this is pretty wild. – [Devan] Mine is not mixing well at all. – I’m gonna get my hands in. Oh, this is weird. No, it’s turning stringy. – Oh no. – Bro, I gotta.
– You gotta save it. – I know, this slime is
like, it’s super close to not working. – Nothing about that
is because of Collins. – Yo, I fixed it bro
and this looks so crazy. This is gotta be the greatest
slime I’ve ever made. Yay. – Dude, it’s so tough. – Oh man, it’s like super cool. – It’s mine now. (laughs) – Hey, hey, hey, hey. – [Devan] What? – Whoa, ah dude I love this stuff? Wait, how did I end up back here? – [Collins] I’m confused. – Did you just put me in a loop? – I think so, I don’t know. And now the moment of truth, time to lay this over the bubbles and create the most satisfying
bubble popping ever. Here we go, three, two,
one, and then drape over. Come on, oh, there we go, there we go. – I got you fam, I got you. – [Collins] We gotta
put it over like that. – [Devan] With the assist. – Time to reach in pop all the bubbles. This is gonna be so satisfying. Here we go, ready, three, two. Oh wait, if you wanna
win a 15 minute video with Devan and I, text the word “DOGS” to 81800 right now. So pause this video, text
the word “DOGS” to 81800 and you’ll automatically
be entered in to win. And right now, let’s do it. Three, two, one. – Oh. – Oh my gosh. – What? That was so cool. – Oh my gosh, next level. I think I absolutely won this but you get to comment down below
and let us know who made a cooler slime. And right now, back to the
puppies for our next slime. All right, this is the final slime. Are you ready to get the
best ingredients yet? – You ready bro? – End on a bang. All right, here we go guys. – Look at his arm. – Classy man, go the arms
crossed and everything. – He’s ready. – All right, three,
two, one, go for it bro. Get some slime ingredients. All right in order to see
the slime ingredients, it’s that way. – They’re this way. Whoa, whoa. – [Collins] First up we got Sta-flo, nice. No, not glitter glue, come on. Ear plugs, what? – [Devan] Baking soda,
unconventional, but usable. Weird, a blender. At least I got white glue. Oh, and Sta-flo, nice. – All right Bubbles, you
have the most important job, you gotta pick the last slime ingredient. Are your ready buddy? All right, here we go three, two, one.
– [Devan] Two, one. – [Collins] Wait, chapstick. – [Devan] Ah, Bubbles picked squishies. – I do kind of feel bad,
but I think my first step is gonna be to cut these things up. – That’s so wrong. Oh, no, no, no. – [Devan] Start with an ear. – Oh. – [Devan] And maybe a little foot. – This feels very bizarre. I kind of wanna join
in though, so her we go we have panda squishy.
– No, no, no, no. This is my slime. – I wanna try something.
– What? No, no.
– There we go. – No. Dude, this is far more
satisfying than you think. (yells, laughs) – All right, I’ve got my cutting
board and the chap stick. So, here’s what I’m about to do for. (blender blending) Devan, I’m, okay, there we go, thank you. Now for the. (blender blending) Are you kidding me?
– What? – So I’m gonna be using the chap stick. (blender blending) Devan! – What? – I’m trying to explain this. This is out of control. (blender buzzing) There you go. – Dude, I think you broke my blender. – No Devan, I made it better because now, it can’t cut me off anymore. So instead of it being
a blender, you now have a hand-crank blender. You just spin this little thingy over here and what you’re gonna
use for your blender. – It’s old-fashioned dude. – So it will give me
time to properly explain. Gonna empty my chap stick down here. Ah, you hear that? Silence, I love it. All right, it’s time to mash it up. Here we go. (hammers pounding) Whoa man. That’s enough with the hammers. Right now, let’s grab
this little thingy here. I don’t know what this does,
but that works really nicely. We can finally add it
in, we’re on to the next. – No, I have to mix my glue first. I mean my slime. (laughs) – You have to make your glue. All right, and the chap stick is in. All right, next up, here
go, I’ve got my glue. No, dude, it’s glitter.
– Ah. – [Collins] Bubbles, why
would you choose glitter? Come on. I’ve never heard of chap
stick working in slime before. So either this is gonna be really cool, or this is the worst slime I’ve ever made. All right now, we’re gonna
mix up the chap stick and the glue together. Now it’s time to add them in. My slime is now fully soundproof. – Now it’s time to add my squishies. I’m gonna do it very slowly. – [Collins] Whoa. All right, and now time for the Sta-flo. Oh, oh. – [Devan] This is the best thing ever. – Oh my gosh. My slime is like it has a
whole bunch of baby carrots in it man, like all these ear plugs are not helping it at all, but. – [Devan] Dude. – I don’t know if this
is a win or fail or what, but you get the comment down below. Who won this round? – Mines a total win. – The only person I’ve
ever seen make slime with squishies is simply me. We’re outside, and it’s
time for the slime dump. – How about this, we
do a double slime dump? – Oh snap, we’ve never done that before. And now, we have Devan back to perform the double slime dump on himself. Two buckets, two hands, one dump. Here we go. Ready and. I swear we were like this close. – While I was away, I got you a chair. – Wait, is this, what’s up with chair? – There you go, ’cause
you’re getting dumped first. – Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. How me first? How about we do a rock,
paper, scissors battle to see who has to go first. – I don’t like those odds. – Rock. – Paper, what is that? – I’m thinking about
strategy, okay here we go. – [Both] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. (bell ringing) – Hey! – Two out of three, two out of three. – [Both] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – No! – [Both] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – Yes! – No! – Sit down, the chair is all yours. – Oh, I just had a crazy idea
of how we could do this, Boss. – Oh sweet. – Let me show you, so basically, sit down. – All right. – So imagine I’m gonna sit down first, and then you’re gonna pick up the bucket, and then you’ll be back
here like this, okay? And then you’re gonna countdown. You’re gonna go three, two.
– Whoa whoa whoa, wait. Wait wait wait. This is not right. – What do you mean? – What are you about to dunk that on me? – No, not at all. I know how we can do this. Two chairs. – Okay. – All right, so we will
both sit down this. – All right, yeah, we’re sitting down. – No you’re not. – What? – Sit down now. So basically like, imagine
you would take the bucket and you would go three, two, one. – Whoa whoa whoa, okay, okay, that’s. Got me a little nervous there. You know what? I think if you just sit there,
and I just take it from here, and just like three, two. – No, Devan.
– What? – Stop it. Do you know what? I don’t think a chair’s gonna work. We can kinda like, scratch this off. Here’s how it’s gonna go. You’re gonna stand regular,
I’m gonna dump it on you, we’ll get you a little step
stool, you can step on that, then you can dump it on me. So you get slime dumped first. – [Devan] Sounds like a deal. – Why are we shaking on it? – You get dumped first. All right.
– What? – Hell yeah.
– Oh come on. – It worked. – I got duped. All right, so if I’m
getting slime dumped first, that means you need to get
a step stool or something. – I was actually very
prepared for this moment. Very sturdy. – So I don’t know, can
you dump it from here. – Yes, I think I got some height. Maybe if you come down a little bit. – Like this? – Yeah, like right there,
that seems about right. – Are you sure about this? – Yeah, positive. All right, I’m gonna grab the bucket. You ready for this? – No.
– All right. Three.
– Oh gosh, no no. – Ugh. – What? – Do you know what? I don’t think I can do it. I think you need to be in the chair again. Here we go for the slime dump. You ready for this?
– Oh, no. Wait, you’re not gonna
do it from that side? – What? – I don’t know. – Here we go, slime dump.
– Oh no. – Three. – God, not again. – Two. – Oh no. – One! (slime pouring) (yelling) – It’s so cold!
– Oh. – It is so cold! And it’s so slimy! It’s in my eye! – You okay? – No! Well now it’s time for you to get slime. – Yeah, that’s right, dude. – Oh. (stammers, yells) – That’s the scariest part, dude. – Dude dude dude dude. – You okay? – I feel like I’m ice skating. (both yelling) I’m like doing a little
dance, it’s like (yells). Every which way. I got a lot of. – It’s getting over me now. – I’m gonna rotate this way. – Okay. – And then kinda like, pull my arms. – I’ll pull you, yeah,
go a little this way. – I’m gliding. – Switch, no no no, this way. – All right, Devan, you ready
to get slime dumped, bro? – I’m ready, I’m ready. – Gotta take in my surroundings here before I slime dump you, I gotta. – Really? – Gotta little scoot around here. – Seems like you’re having
way too much fun with this. – And then a little, little
scoot around over here. – Is it because it
didn’t get on your face? – All right, Devan, are you
ready to get slime dumped? – Yup. – This is a ton of slime, bro. It’s like sloshing around
man, it’s just like. – Dude dude dude dude.
– Look at it, bro. It’s just sloshing everywhere.
– I get it. I did it to you. – See, you have slime dumped, Devan, in quite a little while, so. – I know. – It’s gonna be a
different feeling for you. All right, here we go
and comment down below what color slime should we use
for a slime dump next time. And Devan, we’re gonna go
slow and slimy on this one. – No no no, fast and
quick, get it over with. – Nope. Oh my gosh, I’m sorry, bro. – What was that? – I did, that was not
on purpose, all right. – What was that? – That was a little bit
premature, all right. – You can’t do two slime dumps. – That’s not two slime dumps,
that’s just a little bit of the bucket.
– Really? – I’m gonna dump it on
your right now, here we go. – My lap is freezing. – Three, two, one. (slime pouring) (yelling) – Dude, it’s so cold. (yelling) – All right, well that is it. Thank you guys so much for
watching, we love you guys. – [Both] Bye.

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