Dogs need homes. Can you help?

[SOUND] The reason that we’ve got you
guys out here today is to talk about just how many animals we have
in our care and how full we are. And that is not something that is
unique to our agency this time of year. Full animal shelters is something that
especially during the warmer summer months is experienced by all animal welfare
agencies across the country. In particular down here in
the southeast we see very, very full facilities this time of year. This year is a little bit different for us
because we are continuing our efforts in striving towards saving more and
more and more and more animals. We’re increasing the amount of
medical care that we’re providing. We’re increasing the number of animals
that we are providing behavioral intervention for, in an effort to
absolutely save as many as we possibly can and get as many animals
out into positive situations. Be it adoption homes, transferring to our
rescue partners, to ultimately find foster homes to rehabilitate them, again, without
ultimately going into adoption homes. And these increases are things
that we wanna see as far as getting these animals
out in a positive way.>>I see there may be
some activity over there.>>We are seeing more and more of these
animals that are spending a little bit longer time with us,
therefore taking up the kennel space for a longer amount of time, making it
feel much tighter in our facilities. So what we wanna see is we wanna see these
animals find those positive outcomes and we need the community’s help to get there. So when we do get to this level
as far as our inventory goes, we do have to start looking at
the entirety of the situation, right? And what that means is we have to
do what’s right for the animals. And there are times that having
an animal continue to sit in the kennel isn’t what’s best for it. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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