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“It’s itchy everywhere…” Can anyone help me..? A pitiful dog.. Passing by the busy street Sits and scratches Hard to look at the dog with his hair being pulled out “I am abandoned..” He’s probably been raised by someone living nearby That’s why he comes here every day, not going anywhere else Is he waiting for someone? Waits in the same spot.. Then, he starts to move The dog dangerously crosses the road And then Satisfies his hunger by food provided by a merchant But as soon as someone appears He leaves the spot.. Doggie! Merchant : Just watching him gets me itchy .. A painful illness Life on the streets must have been tough to him.. Vet : Seeing how all four limbs are hairless, it must be parasitic He must’ve pulled his hair out due to itchiness The problem is due to severe itchiness, he often forgets where he is when scratching his body Before he puts himself into dangerous situation Rescue should be hurried Perhaps the dog realized that people are trying to catch him Starts running.. to the parking lot of the nearby apartment Looks for him all over, but can’t find him.. Where did he go? Here! Over here But then! Inside here Under the stair Eyes are full of fear He must’ve been so scared.. The dog is frozen in fear.. “Everything will be fine. Don’t worry” His skin condition is the most worrisome.. His skin condition has gotten worse throughout his life in the streets Vet : He’s already been neutered Was he really waiting for his owner Vet : He suffers from various types of ectozoon infections Tested positive for heartworms If he wasn’t rescued sooner, He would’ve been at risk Dogs who are betrayed by humans and abandoned on the streets.. “I was once loved and cared” The stress and fear of dogs who were once raised by humans and suddenly abandoned by them is unimaginably intense.. “I used to be someone’s daughter, someone’s son,” and someone’s forever friend” “Don’t abandon your family, your friend so easily”

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  2. Спасибо вам за то что вы есть и делаете, сам уже троих бездомных забрал себе и выходил.

  3. Poor dog he just doesn't understand that he has been abandoned by the road. He desperately needs help and lots of love and attention. Thank you taking pity on him and not sending him to a Korean slaughter house to he eaten.

  4. You spent more time FILMING the poor dog than showing affection and I wonder if there is going to be an update on the CONDITION of this poor dog.

  5. I can't imagine na inilagaan mo ng ilang taon o buwan pero di mo man lang ba minahal?? Na napakadali sau ang pabayaan na lang basta basta yung asong nakasama mo? Walang pusong owner hindi ka marunong magmahal! Karma hits you!

  6. Mis mejores deseos,agradecimientos y millones de bendiciones…
    para Uds.!!!
    Por cuidar de este perrito lindo…
    Muchas gracias, un abrazo desde
    Santiago de Chile ??

  7. People who abandon dogs should be abandoned by their families to understand how it is to be neglected. So sad. Good to know he has a future now. Enough to cry.

  8. Muito triste o seu próprio dono abandonar o cachorro numa estrada de carros passando toda hora carro, muito triste mais vocês socorreram levou veterinário muito lindo pessoas do bem deus abençoe vocês

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  10. Imagine people abandoning teaching other like this, wait they do, homeless people…. what a heartless world being ran by satan and his followers… Open your heart and Love God and Love Jesus, repent because the end is near… I never thought I would see monks being arrested but in Thailand they are… 1 group of monks were running a whore house! Another monk made millions of dollars and b4 he got arrested he fled to the US….another group raping and molesting little boys just like priest here in the states…. these are the last days… study the bible please…

  11. 皮膚病が酷くなり。痒いんですよね。車に引かれなくて良かっです。助けてもらい良かったね。有り難う御座います?

  12. I want to cry,but seeing so much much of abandon and cruelty videos,i am becoming stone hearted,i want to fight with their selfish owners
    So sad i cant do anything for them

  13. I could not have the heart to abandon my dog!
    Dogs, love us so much, and this is how we pay them?
    How awful!
    They are like little children.
    Only mature as an toddler child! That's all.
    Please someone help this innocent dog, please!

  14. Dogs are better than human beings because they know but do not tell. Dog the only creature on earth who loves you more than himself. Bless angel dog,vet and Kritter klub there.

  15. Dio mio..e le macchine passano,tutto gli scorre intorno con indifferenza, sei solo. Tanti ti avranno visto senza vederti veramente.?❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤????????????

  16. Don't buy a pet if you can't raise them. Animals are not a toy they are angels. They must be loved by humans.

  17. Quem abandona … um dia será abandonado tb. Quem maltrata… um dia será maltratado tb . Lei do RETORNO existe como o AR q se respira.

  18. Joanne Upton
    Need update please on this lovely dog cant understand people just walking past not helping him that needed food + drink so pleased some1 did come 2 the rescue thanx 4 saving this beauty hope he finds a 4ever loving caring happy family home with lots of love and affection

  19. Seeing that dog waiting for a car to stop, rubbing his face and itching of stress.. poor baby, Im sitting here in tears

  20. You guys are awesome ? I’m so glad they’re good people like you out here. Thank you for all the love time and care you put in for these fur babies.

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