Dogs Go Shopping at PetSmart | Petsmart Haul for Dogs

Alright! We’re on a mini vacation with the dogs. Guess what we found! A ‘Pet Smart!’ The dogs are going shopping! Let’s go and find some stuff! ♪ Dun dun dun dun! ♪ Let’s go shopping! Wanna go shopping? Let’s go shopping! ♪ (background music) ♪ Wanna find a bed Oakley?
I don’t think that is big enough for you! ♪♪♪ There’s so many good smelling things! Shelby, you are on the wrong side! ♪ (background music) ♪ ♪♪♪ Is that something good? Is there a dog inside? ♪♪♪ Let’s go this way! Go this way! ♪ (background music) ♪ ♪♪♪ Say “Hi!” Ring everything up
and pay for everything, right? Is that what you’re doing? Oh, you’re helping too? Shelby’s like, “I would help paying too!”
“I’ll pay too!” (laughter) Oakley is like, “I’m not going to jump up there!” – Oakley is like, “I’ll just watch!”
(laughter) You guys are cute! – Aww! She’s like, “I’m helping! I’m helping with everything!”
All things we’re helping! We’re helping!” Well, we got a pretty good
‘Pet Smart’ haul, didn’t we? We did a good ‘Pet Smart’ haul!
Now we’re going back to the ‘Jeep’. – I have to get…
– Jamie’s got all the stuff. – Where we parked?
– Don’t know either, but we’ll figure it out! So beautiful here and we’re going driving around.
See what else we can find. Alright! We made it back to our hotel and is time
to show you guys, what the girls got from ‘Pet Smart’. What’s in here? Huh?
Oh man! Oh my goodness! Check it out Oakley!
(laughter) Memphis is like, “How do I open this bag?”
“How to get the bag open?” What are you doing? You can’t open it.
Let me show them. We got a small bag of the ‘Wellness Core Raw Rev’.
This is actually, the food they are currently eating. This one is the Turkey and Chicken (Original). They usually have ‘Wild Boar and Rabbit’.
(Wild Game) I think is, what it is and Lamb. We’re going to let them try this kind today
and see what they think. What else did you get? Here’s a ‘Peeps’ for Memphis!
She gets a green ‘Peeps!’ There you go Oakley. Want a ‘Peep?’
She’s like, “No! I want a treat! Not ‘Peep!’ What you think? Want a ‘Peep?’ She’s like, “No! Nope! I want a treat!” What else is in here? Uh! Some treats!
We’re handing these to Jamie. You can open those for them, while I go quick
through the rest of this real quick! We also picked some ‘Calming treats’ for travel, since
we are traveling right now and I forgot ours at home. Then, we got Shelby a new travel bowl that says
“Pretty… Royal… Cutie… Princess!” That’s for Shelby because her travel bowl,
she needed a new one. – My gosh! Look at you!
– What you think, huh? – You want that?
– Oh… Whoa! (laughter) Oakley thought I had the treats still! – Oh! Smell them!
– Oh goodness! Alright! I read the ingredients and looked good.
I figured, why not? Alright! Now we’re feeding
these girls with some dinner. If you guys want to see more of the trip
that we did with the dogs, you can check our vlog at SnowDogsVlogs That’s all we have for our dog shopping trip today. That is a really cute dish.
Glad we found that. I think the dogs are happy with their haul.
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We will see you again soon! Why are you dancing? – I give you scoops and you have…
– Give a little to each one. Little nibble! A little nible. They haven’t tried that kind yet.
Shelby will be the real test. See if she likes it.
What you think Shelby? – She’s like, “I’m hungry!”
– She ate it guys! She ate it! Thanks for watching guys!
Good bye!

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  1. If you want to see MORE of the trip, head on over to ! We had a lot of fun while on our little mini winter vacation!

  2. I noticed you got Wellness Core. my puppy was eating Wellness Puppy(not core) but she doesn't like it. And she stopped eating the Just for Puppy Welless wet. I'm at my wits end! I'm debating either trying Wellness puppy Core or perhaps swapping brand altogether and trying like Arcana. My husky is the most picky impossible eater. I am not giving her human food, or treats, and I feel like she's testing me by starving herself >.>

  3. I love your videos! I'm planning on getting a new addition to our family ( a beautiful siberian husky of course) and had a quick question, is it true what someone told me that the female dogs are more prone to aggression than the males? I assume this is a myth but thought I should ask someone who owns three of them and knows more about the breed than myself. Thanks! Keep up the great videos!

  4. Where did u get the harnesses that they had on in the beginning of video (green)? Trying to find a good harness for my husky thanks!

  5. I love how Shelby and Oakley are chilled out and then Memphis is just trying to bunny hop over to them :3

  6. But that's not nice to dogs, your dogs are putting germs all over the shelves that some other dog could get sick from.

  7. Just realized you have items on amazon. Lots of them i order regularly. Especially the treats . So now I order thru your Amazon site. Thanks ! Big help , the things I order are on the same page. Don't have to hunt around anymore.

  8. Hey I was wondering where you got the harnesses they are wearing and how much they cost. I have 2 huskies a boy and girl and they are about the same size as your dogs. Thank you so much!!!!

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  10. careful in there,I've heard stories of petsmart hurting and killing other's animals so they will buy new ones

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  19. When I take my little rescued terrier mix to the pet store she pulls stuff of the shelf even tho she’s normally very well behaved

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